Thursday, November 16

How small we are.

These photos were taken last evening from our balcony. I couldnt resist trying to capture the spectacular colours.
It is a shame to think these colours were caused by fire in the Blue Mountains. These photos were taken facing west, which is where the Blue Mountains are, though they are not visible to us, from here.

The evening air was smokey & we could see & smell the smoke quite strongly.

There was also an amazing cloud formation visible between hills, which is a view we get facing South. We can see approaching storms in the gap between the hills, and last evening a southerly change in the wind, which had been from the west, bringing the smoke from the Mountains, in the afternoon. The light on the clouds from the south made them appear to be boiling, & it is a shame I could not seem to capture them on my small camera. I have the loan of another fancy camera, but as yet I am still getting to know it!

The beauty of it makes me feel we are very small & insignificant in the 'wider picture'.

We are having really strange weather at present. Yesterday's temperature got up to 27 degrees Celcius, & it is predicted to only reach 16 degrees today! There has been snow for the first time ever in November in Ballarat which is in Vicotoria. It does seem we are having a much cooler November than we normally do.

I had my eye check yesterday. Satisfactory, so I am glad I dont need a new prescription. The pressure in my eyes seems to fluctuate a little, but it is not really a concern at present, so that is a relief.
I took myself off to see my nice GP, & she has given me something for my throat, so hopefully I wont have ear problems flying on Saturday. For some reason I seem to have developed 'Tennis elbow' in my right elbow, & consider myself lucky to be left handed.

DJ is leaving for a few days break with SIL & Small Grandson, so I wont see them before I go. We called down to say goodbye, last evening, & SG thought I should not go on the plane, but go with him. He told me I could sit on the carpet in the car, on the floor, when I told him there would be no space for me. He is so excited about going, he loves 'camping', though they will be in cabins this time. He will also get to see his little cousin, & they seem to get along very well, so he will enjoy it all. Granddog Oscar is recovering really well, since his second surgery, & he was very excited, - I am sure he knows he is going too!

AA Granddaughter is going to 'babysit GOM'. She is coming to stay with him for some of the time I am away.

I have promised to bake some things before I go, for the freezer, so I had better get off this, & get onto cooking.

Have just had an email from my dear Cousin telling me to ask for help- again. She had lectured me about asking for assistance, should I be overcome on my travels alone! I told her noone wants to assist fat old ugly dames. She tells me 'fat ugly old bags, have to look helpless!' If my knee gives out, I might BE helpless!! haha.

Listening to Leonard Cohen- love his poetry. Suzanne is a favourite

"Suzanne takes your hand
And she leads you to the river
She is wearing rags & feathers from Salvation Army counters
And the sun pours down like honey
on our Lady of the Harbour...


Helen said...

Hi Meg - stunning pics you took last night - been meaning to comment for ages - you made me laugh so much on some of your previous postings - another one of your many talents "to be able to laugh at ones - self" Dad used to say that you can ALWAYS find something funny in every situation...I do try to use that myself & find you can it does work. - You look like you live in a beautiful area - with those spectacular views.....Enjoy your writing & like many others will miss you when you go to NZ - but I know we will all be waiting to hear your stories/adventures when you return..Enjoy!!!

Angie said...

Meggie, Meggie, those pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Such a shame that so much beauty is wrought by fire but oh my they are spectacular! So, Miss Megs, you're off to NZ? How did I miss that post? How long will you be gone? Will you have computer access so that you can entertain all of your devoted fans??? LOL I do hope you have a safe, fun trip...when do you leave? When do you come home? ROFL Yes, I'm playing 20 questions with you now. LOL

meggie said...

Hi Helen & Angie,
Thanks for the nice comments.
I was really pleased with the photos, & how they look. Hmmm perhaps a quilt idea??

Answers for your questions Angie.
Yes I am going to New Zealnad to my Beloved Brother's 60th birthday.
I fly over on Sat 18th & will be back on December 2nd.
So I will be gone for two weeks.
I am really looking forward to seeing all my rellies!

But I am sure I will miss my blog- haha also the GOM, & my two woolly 'babies'.!!

Anonymous said...

The photos from last evening are outstanding. To bad about the fire and strange weather. Here in Chicago, Illinois it is cold, grey and raining. This has been a very wet year.

Henri said...

Henri said ,
And she shows you where to look ,
Among the garbage and the flowers ,
There are Heroes in the seaweed ,
There are children in the morning ,
They are leaning out for Love ,
And they will lean that way forever ,
While Suzanne holds the mirror
Magic photos Meggie !!
Counting the hours literally !!

My float said...

Those photos are absolutely beautiful. But how about our cold snap? I think my teeth have fallen out with chattering!

I hope you have a fantastic holiday. Take lots of pics on the loan fancy camera and make sure you tell us all about your adventures. By golly, I'm going to travel, even if it's through someone else!

Alice said...

Just brilliant sunset photos. I hope those fires are under control soon. Very strange weather we're having indeed. I got caught in the sleet in the city this afternoon. I don't think I've ever felt anything so cold.

I have you have a boringly uneventful trip and and wonderful holiday, Meggie.

jellyhead said...

What vivid colours you have captured in these photos! I love sunsets, too.

Have a happy holiday Meggie!

Nadine said...

Fascinating is the right word for these beautiful pictures ! (Too bad they were caused by fires).
You're right : the weather and seasons are changing. It will soon be winter, here in Belgium, and we had 17 degrees Celsius today, whereas we normally should be around 5 !
I'm glad you had good news for your eyes...
Smiles !

h&b said...

Wow - those pictures !

The colours are amazing.
Bushfires make me nervous and scared, but I must say it does make the sky *spectacular* !

slap me happy said...

your pictures were awesome. Well taken. It is sad such colours are coming from something that causes so much fear in our hearts " bush fire season".
On my way home from pcikiung up the kids at school on tues there was a fire near our place, was scary as we got closer for the smoke was over the road.
but all was well