Friday, November 10

Friday Fever

This is a pic I tried to take of the crescent moon, on it's back. It illustrates how I feel today. Not quite 'there'. The perspective is all wrong too. The palm was closer to me, & the Lilly Pilly tree is actually huge. And I love it. Gom keeps wanting to take lower branches off it, but I have threatened him with loss of one of his limbs, if he does!!

This next pic is GOM with our 'kids'. They like to get on his knee, & totally rule his movements!

This is Leo as a baby. He was such a little boy!

This is Leo now! He likes to sit in the window on the Blanket box, & watch the passing parade. His eyes look sad, but really he is such a happy little dog, & so full of life!

I am feeling a bit blue. There has been an accident in the family. SIL is in hospital, with a badly damaged hand. There will be, or has been surgery. Poor DJ, it is her birthday tomorrow. We had the grandchildren here last evening. I have tossed & turned all night.
My appearance resembles snow, with Yeti prints for eyes.
I had best be off, in case there is news.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend.


aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie, it's very hard to capture the beauty of the moon in a photo, I am sure those breathtaking ones you see done by professionals have been enhanced. Your one still looks good though!

Your Leo is a little cutey, I love his fur, can almost feel how soft it is.

I'm sorry to hear about your SIL, hopefully all will be well and she will still get to enjoy her birthday. Give her a bottle of Scotch for a present, it satisfies 2 problems then, 1. what to get her and 2. it dulls the pain of the hand.

meggie said...

Hi Aunty Evil, Would have been a good idea if it was, but it is
It is a shame, as it is our daughter's birthday tomorrow, & was the 7th anniversary of them meeting this evening.
Tha hand is badly damaged, & will be a long time healing I suspect.
He is still in Hosp, & is on Antibiotics, as well as on the "Urgent" list for surgery.
I have just been up to see him, & he looks miserable.
Never rains, but it pours.

Molly said...

So sorry about your SIl's injury Meggie.i'll be hoping for things to cheer up for all of you...

Paula said...

Meggie, I hope all will be well soon.

Your pups and your GOM are sweet.

Isabelle said...

Hope your SIL makes a good recovery. Also your tooth. Also your bank balance.

Lilly pilly tree - this is the second blog mention of this tree (I don't think the first mention was your blog, but it might have been). What an amazing name for a tree!

Isabelle said...

I've just Googled lilly pilly trees. One entry said, "The lilly pilly is surprisingly hardy. It only needs a subtropical climate to survive."

You have no idea how funny that sounds to a person in Edinburgh. Surprisingly hardy to us is something that lives through frost and snow!

It's all relative, I suppose. Still, bang goes my fantasy of having one in the garden...

meggie said...

Hi Isobelle, The lilly pilly do well here in Australia, & seem to be ok in NZ also. They are very similar to the old Crab Apple trees I remember from childhood in NZ. Our tree doesnt have very big berries, but some do, & people make Lilly Pilly jelly & jam from them.

The SIL has had surgery on his hand, & has a wire inserted to support a bone. Not a nice thought, they tell him it will have come out again one day!

My float said...

Ouch. That sounds very painful for SIL. I'm sending you lots of blessings for a speedy recovery - you can pass them on to him!

That pup of yours is darn cute. And that's a big thing coming from me - I was bitten by one no bigger than my hand when I was 15.