Monday, November 6

Monday's Blue Mood

I pormise I will just play with my toys!!

I cant understand why I dislike Mondays. Doesnt make sense since we are both now retired.

GOM is still not well, & spent most of yesterday dozing & resting. We watched a DVD "Walk the Line" story of Johnny Cash & June Carter. I enjoyed it, after initially thinking I wouldn't. I do like C & W music, but was not really fussy about Johnny Cash. I enjoyed the music though & was impressed with the acting.

In the morning DJ took me over to a large shopping Mall. The idea was, I was going to find shoes, for my increasingly painful feet, & I was going to also find a shirt or 'something'. I used to like shopping for clothes, but now, after surgery, I seem to be an odd shape. I did find a top to fit, that DJ assures me looks good. Shoes were another matter, for another day. I found some T Shirt tops that would be nice for casual wear-- but---they all seem to have sequins & beads & pearls all over them! Rendering them unfit for 'casual' wear.. well to me, anyway. I dont 'get it'. T Shirt fabric doesnt really lend itself that well to beads etc. And if they dont have sparkly trims they have things like 'Active' or 'Working Out' or other similar ludicrous words plastered all over the front of them! One of my favourite old tops I now only wear around home has 'MFC' on it- I wont tell you what the GOM said he thought it might stand for!! Along the lines of, ahem, MO FO CLUB! Which did make me laugh when he told me.

I have a friend who only shops at the Op shops & does very well, always looks so nice. I, on the other hand, never seem to find anything I can use- apart from eyeing it off to cut up for quilty things!

We had SG with us, & he delighted me with his observations about the clothes. He found the little packets with spare beads, sequins etc attached, & he said "Oh look Nanna, you can decorate it!" He was quite excited, & told me he 'decorates his paintings". He was intrigued by the spare buttons too, & wanted to know why they were there. He really wanted an icecream, but was quite patient about waiting, when his mother said he could have one "After". He hid inside racks of shirts, startling some little old ladies by leaping out. He startled me too, flinging open the curtain when I was semi clothed, which was not such a delight.

We walked & walked, & then I limped & limped, courtesy of my knee & one foot! We coudnt find any of the myriad Ice Cream stalls that had previously littered the Mall. Where the hell have they gone?? It seems to be all juice bars & fancy drinks- at fancy prices. We stopped to admire the little puppies in the pet shop, then decided ours were nicer. SG was only interested in the black & white ones, like his Oscar.

The Xmas decorations were a source of wonder for SG, & he was excited abut the trees. He said we needed to get something for Xmas- "Tomorrow". I told him, no it is not Xmas yet. But it is his mother's birthday next weekend. And then it will be his father's birthday. And then he had to stop to read the Map of the Mall. His mother was rather impatient about that, but Nan waited patiently. A chance to rest!!

Finally we found an ice cream stand! SG was busy eyeing off the colours- DJ looked at the price list, groaned in horror- $3.50 for a KID's icecream! She said she could get a 'Maccas' tub for 50c, so off we limped, skipped & walked- depending on who we were, to the car. SG, to his credit, was very good about it, & didnt complain. He almost fell asleep on the way home, so we had to keep talking to him.

He has never had a 'special' toy, or friend, but lately has developed a passion for an Umbrella. He calls it his 'scewer-ity brella', & no one is sure why he is so obsessed with it. He is actually quite happy to use any umbrella, so there is no panic if he cant find a particular one.

I overheard him telling Leo "Leo, you are a scumbag, & you will have to go down" No idea where he got that, & DJ said he came home from Pre School on Friday saying his best little friend is a 'twat'.(BF is a boy) It is not a word they use, nor do we, so we have no idea where he got it. DJ said she explained to him, he couldnt say that, but he insisted it was not a 'naughty word.' He is actually good about not using most of the 'colourful' words he hears at home at times.

We had been downstairs & I said to SG to come upstairs, as it was a bit cold down there. He took my hand, & said "Hold my hand Nanna, I've got special powers!" So we flew up the stairs! Dont I wish!

Had some sad news at the weekend, re a cousin's husband. The tests would seem to indicate he has cancer, & now he has to undergo tests to determine what type, & whether it has gone into his bones. It is very difficult to know what to say, at times like this.

Hope I manage to get some clothes dry between showers!


joyce said...

GRandchildren are a constant delight aren't they. My big regret is that the youngest lives in Australia so far away. We miss all the cute things he does and says. I HAVE to get over there asap.

Molly said...

You have my sympathy for the painful feet and knees----isn't it hell getting old?

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Oh Meggie! You make me miss my mum even more - I am so sad my kids won't get these ordinary every day memories with their nana. It is lovely that you get to share in grandson's special powers !

Good luck with that washing. Our drier's been running all weekend.

My float said...

I'm very sorry to hear abut your cousin's husband. What do you say? I never know what to do or say.

I love your story about shopping with SG and his mum. Can you believe the prices of icecreams and juices?? Unbelievable. My son always asks for juice. I'm going broke!

Kim said...

that thing about your cousin's husband, happened to a very very dear friend of mine today. I am still reeling. He was visibly shaking when he told me. I'm not sure what to say or do at times like this either.