Sunday, November 12


A hot Sunday afternoon, following on from a very hot Saturday.
It has been overcast in parts, today, but the sun sure shone hot upon my hatless head at the Market Day.

We met up with Nice Exneighbours, who told Nice Neighbour they knew she was coming- they had read it on a blog.!!

The Market was fun, & there were lots of goodies to look at. We got some plants- I wont be touching those -you know, in case the brown curlies attack them! GOM can deal with them, he seems to have moderate luck, as long as he remembers to water them in my absence.

We also had a very nice lunch at a lovely airconditioned Club. Thank goodness for airconditioning, in hot steamy weather. and Nice Neighbours beautiful, immaculately clean car, so comfortable to ride in! With lovely airconditioning. Just lovely to be 'taken out'.

Which brings me to the NFFPV aspect of today's blog.
Not Fit For Public Viewing, is what the NFFPV stands for. It relates to my clothing. My post outing clothing. I ripped off the hot clothes which were ok for public viewing, & have now replaced them with my NFFPV set, which are for private use only!

These include unironed shorts- my daughter has taught me to only iron when it cant be avoided! And my sleeveless top, which does not hide the batwings that flap from my arms!! Where did they come from, & how long have the been there?? Off came the crippling shoes- which I darent let on cripple, as they are new! And GOM gets very annoyed if yet ANOTHER pair of shoes prove painful.. But hell, everyone knows you cant tell till you have worn them for at least 2 hours. And shoe shops dont like customers doing laps in the shop!! Test-driving shoes is not an option.

Nor is test driving bra's. My gosh how I HATE having to buy new bras. And they are another item that always seem to fit beautifully in the shop, in the hot airless little change room with those ugly mirrors, that everyone knows add kilos to your very body. And are probably under video surveillance, in case you try tuck a pair into your bag or something. So you shuffle about trying to 'hide' while you sneak sideways looks at the mirror image. Then you take bold looks up, to see if there are cameras in evidence. Finally you make your purchase/s.

And when you get home, you discover the expensive one, manufactured under a high Profile Famous Beauty Queen's name, seems to make you look like you are armed to do dagger fights, or Madonna impersonations! Or take someones eyes out with the sharp bits!! How did those 'pointed' bits get there?? You never saw them in the shop!!

And the other, equally famous-brand ones, seem to suddenly be 2 sizes smaller than they were in the shop. Their vice like grip nearly kills you, & you can hardly breath by the time you reach home. The 'comfort' staps kill you. What cruel swine designed these.

So, you may have guessed by now, the bra gets ripped off too. Oh the relief. Of course you are now left looking like some lumpy old bag of spuds with weird lumps in inappropriate places. But Hell, you are home, in the privacy of your haven. Cringing about, avoiding windows, which might show glimpses of the dishevelled untidy wreck you have now become. Should visitors arrive GOM is instructed to use delaying tactics, while Meggie rushes off to re-robe, & don the torture suit again!

Our airconditioner has undergone a nervous breakdown, & is no longer working. We have been advised it will be a very very costly exercise to get it either repaired or replaced, so we are praying for cool weather, or at least an absence of humidity.
We have fans on full blast to try to keep cool. And I am resorting to looking like the old bag of spuds!

This was a decietfully cool looking sunset!

And this was taken a little later, -tried to catch the sun on the clouds, but my little camera was not really up to the task. Still it looks nice & cool.

It has been a very nice day. We enjoyed our birthday bash yesterday at DJ's, too.
Small Grandson had a great time, then told me " We are going to have Karoaky Nan, so Go Home!" He gave me a great big hug, then said, "I love you Nan, Now Go Home!!"
So off we went. Karaoke is not our 'thing'.


Angie said...

I'm laughing so hard I can hardly see to type, Meggie!! You are hilarious, my new friend, and soooo good for the soul!! I can identify with this whole hilarious post of yours!!! Wish you were my NiceNeighbor...oh my, what mischief we could get into!! :D You are just a pleasure...:)

joyce said...

Our weather is just the opposite. Cold,cold,cold. However, remember that bundled up for the cold is no more attractive than undressing for the heat. Very cold weather does strange blotchy things to your skin too. However, comfort before beauty is my motto.

Sheila said...

Wow... could I ever have written this post at some point(s) in time!

Isabelle said...

What a lovely cheering post! (I'm feeling somewhat gloomy at the moment.) I too wish that you were my Nice Neighbour.

In answer to your query on Suse's blog, VPL is Visible Panty Line - that which one wears thongs to avoid. Not me, I hasten to add. I just wear baggy clothes...

meggie said...

Hi Everyone, Thanks your nice words. As you may see, from todays post things are not going swimmingly!
And thanks for the VPL info- my mind was boggling & I was wondering if it could be something about Panty liners of the huge type! Which is not funny, I have had bladder surgery, & it was no joke prior to surgery!
Perhaps TMI!!
And yes I wear baggy clothes, too!

Molly said...

Not nice to laugh at the misfortunes of others...but I can so identify.... with the bra shopping especially!

My float said...

This was hilarious. I am exactly the same, especially when I am frantically working all day from home. I'm lucky if I get out of the pjs!! But isn't it a great feeling?