Wednesday, July 9

Another view, from the window...

To me, this vista is spoilt, with the telegraph pole in the scene. It is a fact of our modern lives. It is to be 'lived with'. Ugly though. I don't have to like it. May have to accept it, but the 'hippie' in me protests.
This next photo is the wider view. No telegraph poles. Is it real?

I hear the TV bleating about brain disorders. Alzhiemers. A subject close to my life. A Mother-in Law who suffered, &, eventually died from the disease. It took years. Who knows the pattern of this terrible disease.

I tend to see this as the vista, more preferred. No Alzhiemers. No dementia.

Just huge threats?? Perhaps the wrong end of the telescope. I am sure. But...


We have very different tastes, the Gom & I. In all sorts of areas.

He likes RED meat. I don't. He loves Red, as a colour. I don't.

We can mostly overcome our differences, & agree to disagree. Certainly about food, ... as a rule.

I cooked a chicken dish, Coq au Vin. A Classic. Which I have cooked, & served, to acclaim, to guests.

Gom's verdict was.... "Bloody awful."

Wha???this man obviously has a death wish!

If you have ever cooked a classic dish for someone, & been met with such a response, I wonder how you felt/would feel?

The hurling of food is foreign to my nature. Occasionally, I will be forced out of my comfort Zone.

I was about to say I have never hurled food at the Gom, but I take that back. There was that one occasion, when he wore mashed potato, on his eyelashes, as he blinked-in utter surprise!- & it jiggled in his nostrils, & eyebrows, as they rose & fell in rage. But happy as that image may be to contemplate, it was shortlived. He blinked it all away, & sneered as I cleaned the extras off the cupboard. The joys of early marriage are such treasured memories!!

I would like to think it taught him the limits of my tolerance. But WTH?? He is a man, & they just don't get those warning signs.


On other fronts, I narrowly missed being annihilated under a car, this morning, on the way to Heat/Light therapy. I cursed the slowness of the f***ing driver. I could have been dispatched to the land of the lost! Bugger!

I told the nurse, enquiring of my feckingnon progress, that I will be divorced before a cure or answer is found. Sympathetic clicking noises were heard from her throat. I had the heat. I left, feeling more inclined to think it some sort of ^$***%&*%%% con!!


Beatles, Strawberry Fields Forever.


bluemountainsmary said...

I threw a plate of food at J once years ago.

I did have to clean it up but for that brief few seconds as it flew threw the air goodness it felt good!

Thank god that car missed you!

Henri said...

Meggie , I suspect we almost all have food throwing stories to remember -- A friend of mine once told me that early on in his marriage his wife threw beans at him & hit him full on -- his response was to tell her she could at least have removed them from the tin first ! haha .
Stick around , don't go falling under passing cars , keep passing the open windows too ! Hang in there , we need you .

Peggy said...

I am guilty of throwing but it usually was my cuppa tea or cocoa on the floor. Better the floor than his head. Now if he doesn't like what I cook he knows where the kitchen is and cook something himself. LOL

Emma said...

Nope, haven't thrown food at my spouse, tempting though it may be. I know which sucker would have to clean it up.

Dementia is a horrible, horrible thing. We lost my Dad a couple of years ago to Lewy Bodies Disease, a less common form of dementia. It's like a cross between Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Just awful. It steals so much from the family.

Pauline said...

There are days and then there are DAYS (and by the sound of it, a waste of perfectly good mashed potatoes :) I never threw food but I did throw a phone at my ex - unfortunately I had a bad aim.

Don't go getting yourself dispatched!

Wishing you only happy moments

Kellie said...

My dad used to throw his meals on the floor quite regularly when I was a kid. No reason other than he was an a@#$hole ... or maybe mental illess. Somethimes I want to but know it would be me cleaning it up. Have you researched the light therapy ... I am sure you have ... what is it ment to be doing? Is is on medicare? Sorry for for the questions.

Joke said...

Were TFBIM to ever say this I'd reply:

1- "Great! More for me!" and
2- "What are YOU cooking for dinner for the rest of your married life?"


Finn said...

Hey Meggie, great post. I'm with you on the telephone poles...geez, wish they didn't have to be seen!
Love the pictures fave, sky pics.
Lots going on in your life it seems, not sure what could be done about GOM and the 'bloody awful'....LOL Fun to think about.
Kind of a 'mares-e-dotes, and does-e-dotes' thing I think. If you've stood it this long, you no doubt wil go the distance GF, and more power to ya!!
So happy to hear the quilts arrived safely and were appreciated and will be loved. Big hugs for everything, Finn

Mike said...

I'm not proud of this incident, but it came about as a result of my utter frustration with my wife's cooking.

First of all, I hate celery with a passion. It is the most God-awful tasting thing to me in the entire world and how people eat it is beyond me. My wife, on the other hand, would put celery in everything she makes. It is a constant battle here at my home.

One year at Thanksgiving she made some stuffing and swore there was no celery in it. I bit into a huge piece of it and the only response I had was to spit it out. Violently.

It has not resolved the great celery wars, but she is now a lot more careful about where she puts it.

Rosie said...

meggie I love your turbulent skies.

...and your stories of GOM. They ring very true for my marriage of 19 years. We have not ever thrown food at each other yet, but the children are soon to leave home so there will be no referees...I think it is only a matter of time

Marja said...

I have thrown a plate and a cup on the floor out of frustration. Ate the food first. We ahve no food disagreements but yes money and kids are daily on the agenda.
Always have a good laugh when I read your stuff

Christine Thresh said...

I've had a glass of wine thrown full in my face by a "friend" that was tired of my nasty comments.
Oh, and my dear husband did throw a bottle of salad dressing over my head and hair. I think I said something unkind. Salad dressing is very hard to wash out of hair.
I am much sweeter now.

ancient one said...

I cannot remember any food throwing or criticizing.. My man loves to eat and will eat anything. He eats so fast he probably doesn't even taste it.. ha ha

Please be careful around moving cars. We don't want anything to happen to you. Whose wonderful stories would we read then?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thanks goodness you dodged the car. I hope you're feeling better today maybe you need a little QUILT therapy. Sorry to read about the food criticism, that's infuriating.

Angie said...

Your photos are gorgeous, Meggie! With or (preferably) without the phone lines. I always laugh out loud (and usually with tears running down my face!) at your and GOM's antics. OMG, the mental picture of your darling GOM that you just painted with your words is absolutely priceless!!! ROFLMAO You are so dear to my heart, dear Meggie, and I'm so very grateful that you didn't end up under the freakin' car!! And I do truly wish they could find a way to ease your miserable itches!!! :/ What an utter state of MISERABLE you must have to live in right now!!

Tanya Brown said...

I'm sorry about the ever-present worries. (Unless I'm interpreting your post wrong.) Wish I could find my magic wand and wave the darned things away.

Can you please tell us the story of how you came to hurl mashed potato at GOM, or is it the sort of thing best kept private? I got such lovely vicarious pleasure from your description. There are a few people I'd like to see with mashed potato "jigging in their nostrils and eyebrows".

Glad you weren't run over by the car. Glad for you, and glad for me because I'd miss your colorful stories.

Pam said...

Love your stories Meggie. Can relate to them all, and you're right, some of those early married years adjusment times can be...well..memorable.I like the mellowness of a guy that's been married for over 20 years, they know more what not to say than what to. Hope I've trained mine well,even if it's for someone else should I kark it, which I nearly did running across a road for him him on a strictly designated task. Remember thinking "I could have died for The local Veterans Cycling Club and my husband's swapped/replenished water bottle.("You must go to the country pub first and get ice in it" he said."You must be at such and such a spot at such and such a time". We're not talking Tour de France here.In amongst all this I was nearly written off by a car, and the wrong cyclist took the holy bloody grail drink bottle.I would have been one "p*#!!d off" angel if I'd lost my life to that.

Frankofile said...

You might enjoy - more great cloud photos.

Exuberant Color said...

I love your sky/cloud pictures. I have a telephone pole right in front of my house, so I agree, they ruin the view. I'm glad your quilts arrived safely and the girls liked them. Especially happy that they didn't both want the same one.