Friday, July 11

Any Day Now..

Any day now, I will change my headline banner. Any day now, I might change the photo signature I have.

Everyone gets bored. They want change, the new, the different. The novel.

This does make me wonder about the average life of a blog. I read it is about 2-3 years at most. Perhaps I am at the end of my 'tether'?

I have gone to visit some, I felt I had some connection with, only to find it is either shut down, or 'invitation only'. And, you know what is coming... I am 'not invited'. WTF???
OK moving right along...

A question I have pondered, is, when do we learn to become 'embarrassed'? It must be a learned behaviour, emotion, state,- call it what you will.

A friend once told me his small girl-child- under one year- sat in her highchair, broke wind, loudly. He said he & his wife laughed, & when they looked at the child, she was blushing! He said she continued to be so sensitive, & he had never imagined a child to be so aware. How do we learn embarrassment?

How do we learn, what is socially acceptable , & what is not?

And when we learn we are not invited on the basketball team, or the secret society for blah or blah.
Do we laugh, or do we cry?

I think I tend to laugh. Rather after the mode of

I never wanted to be a 'joiner'. I don't suppose I will ever want to be a 'joiner.'

Today, we watched a movie. Helen Hunt. "Then She Found Me". I loved it. Gom hated it. Chalk & Cheese. As usual.

The Glow.

We all know "the Glow".
You feel it when you meet someone, & instantly you feel 'the glow'. You know this person is magic, beyond your wildest dreams.
You know this person will transform your life.
Their thoughts, their ideas, ... & yes, their body, will transform your life. Forever.

If you are lucky, you languish in that glow. You enjoy the sensual moments of that glow.
You can actually 'wallow', in that glow. wallow is such a sensual word, when you stop to ponder. You can feel that ebb & flow, the wonderful currents, swirling about your body, in giddying eddies...How intoxicating.. How intriguing. The comfortable 'wallowing', better than a bath...

The perfumes, of seduction.. the wonderful scents, of delights, yet to be found...
Perhaps, the smell of the perfect being's body. How can you define desire? lust? longing? sensuality?
Perhaps you can't define such things??


Neil Diamond, Barbra Striesand, You Dont Bring Me Flowers AnyMore.


Pam said...

You are such a great observer of human nature, subtle undercurrents and in- your- face honesty. I love what you write.

meggie said...

Oh, that perfume, so lustful, so luxurious. I can smell it still. It stirs a primal emotion on the centre of my being...
Emtions & perfume..such a strong combination.

Joyce said...

My blog has been going since Oct of 05 but I don't feel that I'm near the end yet.
Too bad you couldn't package and sell that glow. You'd be rich!

Henri said...

Ah , Meggie , you must remember Fridays Motto --- " When you reach the end of your tether , tie a knot and hold on "
I am sure you have many posts left to write that people need to read .

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie, Hang in there Im sre you will finds lots of craft and things to talk about..
Oh a storm was brewing in those clouds below Did it pass by cause that happens here you think theres going to be a downpour but it passes right over us.. clouds

Thimbleanna said...

Dang it! I rarely change my header, etc. -- I figure most people are reading through bloglines and rarely see that stuff anyway. Guess I better work on a new photo here or there!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

This is a very interesting post. Unfortunately, it being Friday night after a looooong week, my brain is not capable of forming a good response. I like todays song too.

ancient one said...

I was going to say you probably first experience embarrasment when you realize others are mocking you... but before one year old is 'kinda early... My SIL still blushes...(a lot!!)she just can't help herself... I don't blush as much any more... just don't care, I guess?

Change anything on your blog that you like, but please don't not post and if you go private, please, please invite me...LOL

The Sagittarian said...

Meggie, my husband has also started on about "mess". Our kids are still quite young and it does get messy. The Scowly Teen does need a lesson or three on how to tidy up after herself but apart from that, like you, we LIVE in this house. I think maybe there are other things going on with the males we know and perhaps they are just trying to get our attention? Either way, its blimin' annoying eh?

Granny J said...

Interesting about that glow that you mention. I recall many, many years ago at a political dinner I attended when I really experienced a roomful of people absolutely radiating, crackling. A trade association had invited its pet congresscritters to thank them for their help on legislation. That was when I realized an important aspect of being a politician -- radiating charm intensely. Being low on the totem pole, I was seated with a little toad of man, a representative from the Ohio boonies -- yet he, too, had such an aura! This was a most eeucational experience for me, as you can imagine. PS -- don't go away, Meggie.

Tanya Brown said...

I have wondered about the lifetime of blogs myself. I suppose it gets down to why one blogs. In your case, you have lots of interesting stories and observations, so I hope you hang in there for a good while.

The other thing I'm wondering about is how one loses bloggy friends. For example, visits and comments are being traded on a regular basis, then one suddenly realizes that it has been a couple of months since so-and-so left a comment. Oh, dear. Is so-and-so busy? Is she no longer reading one's blog? Has one inadvertently said something offensive or, worse yet, simply been a bore?

Perhaps if I'd ever learned what was socially acceptable, per the rest of your post, this wouldn't be an issue!

Ali Honey said...

" Nature," is the most successful perfume manufacturer ever!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Not invited??? It is silly. I'm not a joiner either.
Yep, know the glow...
Thanks for reminding me of it.
How is winter?
I am hot and ever so humid. The bugs are keeping me entertained.
I enjoyed visiting you!
Thank you.

bluemountainsmary said...

Don't go.

That is all.

Linds said...

You can't go. This sort of post is just why everyone keeps coming back. I know some bloggers who stop after about 2 years... maybe they run out of things to say. Or perhaps it depends on the reason they started in the first place. I love it. It is fun. I make friends. I laugh a lot. Cry too at times. Sigh. And I also hate finding out blogs have suddenly gone private, without warning.
Keep talking, my friend.

Catherine said...

I just found your blog and hope that you don't stop! I have loved what I've read so far -- really loved it!

Pattie said...

Hi Meg - thanks for the kind comment on my blog. It's nice to meet you! You can't go - I just got here!

Ah, The Glow... ain't it wunnerful? :-)

Ragged Roses said...

Do you know I've never thought of changing my header, now you've got me worrying that I should!!!! I didn't realise that the average life of a blog is just 2-3 years. do you think they just lose their "glow" after that time?

Josie said...

Yes, there is definitely an ebb and flow to blogging. I go through days - weeks - where I don't visit any blogs at all. I just find other things to do, and then I go back to it again. I think it is like any hobbies we have, we take them up, we put them down, and then we take them up again.

And yes, I have met people who give me that "glow". It is a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Almost as if we connect with them on a spiritual level. I love that feeling.

Josie said...

Also, some people close their blogs, but save them, and that is done by putting up the "invitation only" thing. It is not that only certain people are invited, it is that the blog owner is taking a break, but doesn't want their blog to lie dormant but open, and they don't want to delete it entirely. so they put up the "invitation only" option, in order to save their blog. Lots of people do that. It is the only way to save a blog, unfortunately.

VioletSky said...

Oh don't stop now. I've only just discovered you! It is always so sad to find a great blog only to see a "I've decided to put an end to this" post a week or so later.

I change my header and the colours probably far too frequently. But then, I get bored easily and feel a sense of accomplishment in making even small changes.

Love your bit about the 'glow'.

Exuberant Color said...

I had been noticing quite a few people changing the picture in the header and I was just thinking this morning that maybe I should change mine. Then I read you are ready to change yours.

People get busy and they get out of the routine of writing for their blog. I think they just forget to come back. For me it is part of a routine which I enjoy. I like being in touch with everyone every morning.

Kitty said...

I get bored with 'the look' of my blog regularly - which is why I change all the colours and the banner every 3 months or so. I'm toying with putting 'me' on my profile picture too.

I guess a blog evolves with it's owner/author. We all change all the time, according to the circumstances and people in our lives - if our blog is true to 'us' then IT changes too.

If you're tired of writing, I guess a blog has outlived itself. But I can't imagine ever tiring of reading you - your're so good with language. It's a pleasure to read your blog. I hope you continue.

Take care, xx

smilnsigh said...

Change your header... If and when you choose.

Yes, change seems to be desired by humans. I know it. But some places don't need it, to an individual. Something like, I do like lots of change, in certain things. But for instance, I'm pretty 'stuck' with my header for the time being. Even though it's been the same rose for ages now. Individual choice. Yeaa for individual choice. :-)

I suppose we learn to be embarrassed by how we are treated at home...

Good thing I'm not much of a joiner. I never did get 'chosen' for much. Hurt then. Now, it's totally freeeeeeeeeeeeeing!!! Just my experience.

Wow there Girl, I love your piece on 'The Glow'!!! Just goes to show, the old saying of 'There may be snow on the roof but there's still fire, down below!' It's such a relief to find someone "of a certain age." who stands right up and writes something like this. Yessss!

May we 'Women Of A Certain Age' never let ourselves not notice 'the glow'!!!! Or at least, remember it.

Miss Mari-Nanci

Karen said...

ahhh! This is why I love reading your blog, your words paint such pictures! Blog on forever Meggie!

smilnsigh said...

I forgot to address your ponderings on 'the life span of a blog.' I don't see them as having any sort of set life span. And I've had many! Not here in Blogger, but on LJ.

I've found the reasons for moving on, are very personal. And of course, since I have done 'the unmentionable' and deleted blogs on LJ, and made new ones... I have there been *guilty* of being EMO. Eeeek! Worst thing that can be said about LJ'ers is... "She/He's EMO." -gigggles-

Here in Blogger, I'm fast approaching my 2nd complete year. And along the way, I've begun {too many} other blogs, sort of connected to my regular 'Smilnsigh.' But I've not deleted them.

The ones I'm not posting in for a while, I've marked as "Presently Inactive,' so as to be fair to people who still stop by them. But.. I just began again to post in one of them! So, I'm now active in 3 of my {too many} blogs in Blogger! Again!

Things change. I change. My blogging changes with me. But so far, I've not felt the need to go inactive, on 'Smilnsigh.'

Please don't let those who do drop their blogs... convince you to do the same. Yes, it's damn disappointing when someone we feel a bond with, up and disappears. But... Often, we never know the real reason why. It's personal and they don't 'tell.' It's no less confusing, I know. But.......

Please don't let this push you in this direction. Hang in there. Go with your own flow. You keep having lots to share. I dont' see that ceasing, any time soon.

Miss Mari-Nanci

Joke said...

FWIW, I'm with you 100% on the whole "by invitation" thing.


Diane of Crafty Passions said...


Just wanted to tell you that i enjoyed reading your posts , you tell it like it is and its funny to boot.I will be back for more.Thank you for visiting my blog.

Mike said...

I think 2 to 3 years at most is the life-span of most blogs. Maybe we (the authors) lose interest in them after a few years. Sometimes I feel that way about mine.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh - I hit an "Invitation Only" blog today too. Yet I have been reading and commenting there for quite a while. Hard not to feel a little slighted isn't it? Yet silly, all the same...

When I moved blogs, I did not want to put the new site link there (for a reason). I offered a link, "email me here and I will send you the address"... there were half a dozen who did not ask, yet the stats show they still visited. If they visited, and returned to visit, they must want to read me, yet they asked not where I was.... Very confusing.

Kellie said...

What is with the invitation only? Kind of doesn't go with the whole 'out there' internet world does it ... also what are they doing behind those closed invitation only web doors ... maybe I do want to know!!!!!!!