Tuesday, July 1

Mail, Treasure, & Sewing.

We have had some lovely balmy days. Not very Wintery, for this time of year. A gentle warm breeze, & some beautiful blue skies & sunny days. We are warned it is all about to go pear-shaped, so at least we can be grateful we have had such a nice break/

Monday brought treasure in the mail. How excited I was to recieve a packet in the mail from England. I had been told it had been posted, & was quite impressed with the speedy delivery!

Inside the parcel was this lovely treasure from Quilting Bebbs. It is so sweet, & every bit as lovely in 'person' as it looks in the picture. I was the lucky person to win this on a giveaway Anne had.

Anne's work is lovely, so neat & her stitching is perfect. Just the thing to perk up winter days. I love strawberries!

I have been very busy sewing, working away on gift quilts. I have finished, & even labelled one I Spy quilt, ready to give away. I chose a cheqered patterned fabric for the binding, as I thought it a little like a snake to go around the jungly border. I am quite happy with the way it finished, & I have backed it with flannelette for warmth, & snuggles. My daughter made the first I Spy quilt I ever saw, for her daughter, & we all had so much fun playing with it. A good way to dispel some boredom.

I decided to finish this quilt instead of the other I Spy. As the recipients are sisters, I thought they might like something different, & perhaps can share. I love this quilt & am very happy with they way it has finished too. I decided to call it Raspberry Ripple. I love the colours.
It is also backed with flannelette, for cuddles.

I hope both quilts will be enjoyed & loved.


Skin update number blahtey blah blah.

Finally got to see Specialist. He was stunned to see the referral letter was written in February! Perhaps I should have explained how it came to be, that I could not get an appointment until now! Perhaps he doesn't realise how busy he is!

As it was, I apologised for the disgusting letter of referral. It was handwritten, in illegible writing, & the page was covered in masses of blobs of ink, from a leaky printer. I don't think he could quite believe the state of it either!

As it happened when I went to see my GP, in desperation, for a referral for the Specialist, GP was away on holiday. Consequently the Doctor I saw was a relieving GP. He seemed to be very disgruntled with a lot of things, the printer not least, leaking it's ink as it was.

Isn't it funny how we become loyal to those we like. I felt quite indignant at the criticism implied, & offended to think he was making noises of disapproval. It so happens we really like our GP. We feel really comfortable with him, & we know he is a very thorough Doctor.

End result of today's visit is I am to try Light Therapy.
This in itself sounds ok. The idea is, rays of UV light, & UB -I think- light will be directed on my body 3 times a week. Times for the exposure will vary, increasing as I progress, from what I can gather.

After declaring I am not claustrophobic, I was taken to a cubicle to disrobe! Completely! Imagine if you will, the horror of such a thought.

Then, it turns out I have to walk stark naked, from this cubicle with just a mere curtain for privacy, over to a contraption box, Octagonal in shape. Rather like a circular phone box- or the Tardis, for those who like Dr Who.

There are lotions, & potions to be applied to certain -ahem- extremities. N!pples is one location. Not being a male, the other location did not apply to me!

Sunglasses are supplied, with disinfectant to wash them before you wear them. There is a curtain arrangement for the face. This has your name applied & lives in a plastic bag, in a cabinet for future use. I noticed there are cotton gloves, presumably for those whose hands dont itch.

I cringed out into the light box/cabinet. I was so traumatised I had forgotten to remove my knickers. They lay on the floor after prompting from the nurse to remove them.

Huge elements turned on & glared rays at me. Quite a warm sensation. Quite short blasts. I was assured the door is able to be opened, should sudden claustrophobia occur.

I thought to myself, it is very lucky that it is not Gom who suffers this ailment. He is extremely claustrophobic, as he discovered when he had to have his head scanned for fractures, after being attacked in the Hotel.
The plan is, I will recieve this treatment 3 times a week for a time. I was told it is not a quick result. I was also told I can actually wear my underwear to walk to the Light Box - if I feel embarrassed?? WTH?? Who wouldnt feel embarrassed knowing all it takes is a twitch of a curtain to expose your *all*? Sometimes I think they become so blase, they don't realise how traumatising it can be, to have to suddenly 'grin & bare it'!!
Not much comfort there, but better than nothing!

I have new tabs to take. Hope they work. "Itch Pills" the Professor called them!

Hope the light works. There is no readily available parking in the vicinity. Stressful to say the least!

Roberta Flack, Trade Winds.


The Sagittarian said...

What wonderful quilts, Meggie. You are so clever. I just don't have the patience or head for that at all, mores the pity! I'm pleased your itchy-bits are getting some treatment - fingers crossed that it works eh? Would be a shame to bare all for nowt! Good luck!

Joyce said...

Good luck with the light treatment. I love your quilts , especially the pink one. Gorgeous colors on that one. I'm sure they will be well-loved.

Peggy said...

Hope the lights work also. I like you would be very embarassed to walk naked or lay naked for those treatments. What one must go through. Love, love, love your quilts! You should make them to sale.

Stomper Girl said...

The quilts look great. I hope the light therapy works. And that the nudie walk gets less confronting. Maybe you could bring a little robe with you?

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie, Oh I do hope the light therapy works for you.awww how embarrassing to have to walk or lay there naked.surely they could have a gown to walk in.

And I just love your Quilts your a very talentd lady to be able to mix and match all these Materials then border them..

Molly said...

Should we call you Lady Godiva??Hope the treatments work....Your quilts are lovely---lucky kids!

anne bebbington said...

Love that jungle border Meggie - just the ticket - is it all one fabric or pieced?

Tanya Brown said...

Great quilts! I predict that the sisters will be pleased and that there will be no sharing.

Here's an article on the light therapy thing, although I don't know whether it's written by a quack or a shill for some pharmaceutical company:


Down in paragraph five or six, it mentions a study demonstrating that the skin cells of people with severe itch had high concentrations of phosphate ions and blah, blah, blah. Evidently the purpose of the light is to reduce the concentration of phosphate ions and thus the itch.

I hope this treatment will prove efficacious, if embarrassing. Medical people do get blase about modesty, perhaps because they see so many human bodies. And yes, as someone else commented, it would have been nice if they'd given you a gown for the stroll over to the light box, particularly if it's some distance away.

P.S. Your live traffic feed thing is cool.

quiltmom said...

Hi Meggie,
The quilts are terrific- I love the jungle border is really wonderful and it just makes the I spy quilt. I am glad to see that they have finally found something that might help you not have the itchy skin.
The light box sounds like an adventure- what one has to endure to feel better- I sure hope that it works for you. I remember when I had my son I got poked and prodded and checked by a whole line of resident doctors - it felt like the whole world was watching. Privacy was not part of the package. I don't like confined spaces either- I hope it is not too uncomfortable for you.
Time for me to get quilting too. Summer vacation has begun here in Canada and the temperature is hot. I need to get a quilt made for my niece's wedding- the blocks are made and the rows beckon- I am starting Row 3.
I will send you photos when I finish..

ancient one said...

Loved the way the quilts turned out! I know a few people who have to get into light boxes.. they say it really helps their skin conditios.. I hope you get some real relief soon!!

That was a very pretty gift you won!!

paula said...

Well. You'd think they'd at least offer you a cocktail before they told you to take off you clothes!

Isabelle said...

Great quilts but I was traumatised for you about the naked walk thing. I don't do naked. Still, I suppose it'll be worth it if it works.

Anonymous said...

The mail and the quilts are lovely. The light therapy...not so lovely by the sounds of it, but I hope it brings you quick relief.

Ribbonwiz said...

Gorgeous quilts Meggie!
My DD has bad psoriasis and has the light treatment, it works great for her, she has it every year about this time and that keeps her condition in check over summer.
Hope it works for you Meggie!
Hugs Julia

Mike said...

In some small way, the treatment sounds worse than your skin ailment Meggie.

Good luck and I hope the treatment works.

Ali Honey said...

Ah Meggie, you've seen the light! ( just kidding )Oh, how I hope it helps.
I agree that you must be able to take a robe and drop it out once your in the light box, and retrieve it on getting out.

Great quilts you are finishing!

bluemountainsmary said...

Those quilts will be well loved - they are so lovely and I am a big fan of flannelette!

I have everything crossed that finally, finally they might have found something to work for your itches. My own exczema dements me so I cannot imagine what your skin condition must be like!

Andrea said...

Great quilts for the kids - bet they'll love them. Hope this light therapy malarkey works - will be worth getting your kit off then - lol !

Kellie said...

I love the two quilts Meggie especially the pink one ... I am sure you have worked out that I am a pink girl! Light therapy .... hope it works and that the naked stroll turns out to be worth while!

Maggie May said...

That was terrible having to strip like that. They usually provide a gown for your dignity. I think you should complain. Hope the light therapy works.

Quilting is beautiful. They will be well loved!

smilnsigh said...

Hope the treatments and the 'itch pills' work!!

'Smlinsigh' blog

Kitty said...

Good luck with the light treatment - hope it works for you. I had to laugh at your description of the light chamber.


Thimbleanna said...

I'm catching up with your last week Meggie. I always enjoy your stories and writings. I hope your skin itching has finally found a solution. And love your quilts! Especially the pretty Raspberry Ripple!

Granny J said...

I found myself imagining a run direct from your car to the chamber of light...oh, my!

Working mum said...

Light therapy? Hope it works and is worth the embarrassment.

btw your quilts look so gorgeous I could just climb under them and wrap them around me!

teodo said...

I hope your new therapy works well for you.

These quilts are amazing and the gift very very nice.
ciao ciao

Pauline said...

The quilts are delightful, the light box story dismaying and the cross outs funny - good read as always

Christine Thresh said...

Perhaps you could just wander around in your birthday suit in your own enclosed garden on sunny days.
I hope light works.

Bren said...

The quilts are wonderful, and the basket of strawberries is beautiful. What a nice surprise!!!
I am so glad you are finding some relief with those itch pills. The light therapy reminded me of a tanning bed. I LOVE to go tanning. Very relaxing.

Exuberant Color said...

I think that was a good idea to send 2 totally different quilts. This way they can quickly identify their own.

It sounds like a stand up tanning booth! I hope it works for you.

Katie said...

I hope it works and is all worthwhile! :-)