Wednesday, July 16

A Few Free Treats.

This morning seemed a lovely clear day. As I hung out washing to dry, I noticed some free treats, & thought I would share some of them.

Blogger had other ideas about the order of uploading the pics, so something, which I hope is going to be a free treat for someone, is a look at a quilt top. It just has to be sandwiched & basted, quilted & bound.

It is a Dream & as is often the way with such things, it made itself as it grew. There are stars to wish upon, friends for company, & butterflies to carry the owners dreams.

I seemed to suddenly get the sewing mojo back yesterday, & spent most of the day working on this quilt top. It had been bit stalled, but suddenly decided to move forward!

This is a little treat I discovered on the pitiful little Azalea, & so I rushed in fro the camera. I think it is exquisite, & it is sort of cup shaped. Must be a small spider, as it is a small web.

This, last evening. Do we 'treat' our animals?? Do you think? Gom called to me to take the pic, -"You have now show of getting your seat!"
True, they had my cushions, & the quilt I sometimes use, & were indeed looking very cosy.

Another morning treat. The heavy dew on a lemon leaf.

A place where little secret beings dwell...

Vapours, rising like the misty dreams that vanish with the wakening day.

(which reminds me, I dreamt I picked up 2 $2 coins somewhere? in last night's dream. How odd)

Shame about the neighbour's phallic symbol tree, huh? Which is home to Mynah birds, horrible creatures they are. I think the pole is an aerial of some sort.


We have been out to the 'oven' for my skin.

Off to visit the Butcher for meat items. I gag when I enter the shop, & I can't help myself, I feel a little tremor for all the creatures that die for man's greed. I once knew a man who pondered such things, who suggested the animals were happy to die, as long as we offered their spirits thanks. He seemed to feel it was their 'reason for being'.

I am not sure what I believe about that thought. It is a bit like telling a clergy man that "My Invisible Friend is Better than Your Invisible Friend."


I have noticed lately, that some of the Free things we get in life, are not Treats at all.

One is the far-too-loud thumpity music played in shops. It is like being assaulted to have to listen to that! Complaint seems to bring vacant surprise. I suppose they don't even hear it, or perhaps are so deaf from the constant noise, it doesn't register.

When we visited the Market, there was a young band of lads, playing their hearts out. I suspect they were quite talented in a young way. The songs they were imitating were good cover versions. The volume was horrendous though! It was also unfortunate that they were situated beside a seating area, so, being blasted was unavoidable. The stalls directly opposite were far too painful to visit! The sheer noise almost knocked me flat! I felt as it I had been beaten about the head, if I got in line with the full volume.

This day is so blue, & so clear & crisp. I am off to sew some more.

Jeff Buckley, Hallelujah.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a beautiful day. We have cold, wet, still-there-is-no-wind just a downpour rain. I'd love some sun.

Kellie said...

We also have a glorious day here again today so very good for the soul, don't you think!

Linds said...

Great photos, Meggie,and I love the quilt!
I agree re the loud music, and am horrified that I sound just like my Mum and Gran! I never could understand why my kids had to play everything so loud. And heaven knows what the ipods are doing to their brain cells. And I am now morphing into a grumpy old woman. So I hasten to add that I have been known to turn MY music up loud and dance around the kitchen with abandon. To my kids' disgust. Maybe it is just the choice of music after all???

Kitty said...

That cobweb picture is stunning - well done for capturing it.

Lovely shots of you and Gom in the last post - a belated Happy Anniversary wish from me on the other side of the world!


Peggy said...

I love your photos, especially the spider web! You quilt is beautiful

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The spider web is beautiful, thanks for sharing your treats today. I think that resurrected quilt projects can be the most exciting ones of all when they decide to head toward the finish line. I admit to visiting one shop FOR the music they play, however this is the exception, certainly not the norm!

Helen said...

The spider may be small but the web is beautiful.

smilnsigh said...

You have created photographic art, with that spider web photo!!!!!! It needs to be more on display! Somehow. It needs to be. More of the world needs to see it.

So there!

OK, I just get carried away when I see a photo which makes me *jealous.* No not really jealous. Just kind of in awe of how someone managed to capture it. And wanting to know how, so I can go out and do it too. If any of that makes any sense. :-)))))))

And down with loud music to shop by. And weird music to shop by. It makes me want to hurry and get out of there! A bit counter active, hu? -grin-

Miss Mari-Nanci

Molly said...

Beautiful photo of that spider's web!

Granny J said...

Thumpity music -- a great description. As for that spider web, it is a picture to die for!

Ian Lidster said...

As a conflicted lover of animals and a carnivore i try to avoid thinking about the origins of my cutlet or lamb chop.
I know if somebody were to tell me that I could continue to enjoy meat but I would have to kill the animals myself, I would become vegetarian in a heartbeat.
Does this make me a hypocrite? Probably.

Thimbleanna said...

I love your new quilt Meggie and the way each print can stand on it's own. I also love the first shot of the spiderweb -- so beautiful. I tried to take a pic of a web last year and couldn't get it to show up. I even tried misting it with water -- to no avail!

Pam said...

Either that fence and shrub is small or that's one helluva big tree.

Jo said...

The photo of the spider web is absolutely exquisite! Wouldn't it make a wonderful pattern for a quilt?

I agree about loud music. If I go somewhere and they have the music cranked up like a nightclub, I just walk out. It doesn't matter if it's classical, jazz, rock or whatever. If it's too loud, it's not enjoyable.

I had to delete my blog because it was being monitored by a family member, and it started to creep me out. Here is the link to my new blog.

I hope to see you!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty quilt top! You have been a busy girl. The spider web is perfect, I love to see them with rain or dew on, give a magic quality.
Oh yes, I am with you on the music in shops. In Safeway yesterday the music was so bad it put me off my shopping and I came home without half of what I needed.

Pauline said...

thanks for the free treats - spiders give me the willies but their webs are works of art

Tanya Brown said...

You're right - not all of the free things we get in life are treats. However, "Life's Free Annoyances" just doesn't have the same ring.

I think the man who suggested that animals are happy to die as long as we offer their spirits thanks was full of crap. He should feel free to try an experiment in which another creature kills him for food but offers his spirit thanks and see if he feels happy about dying.

There's an award for you over on my blog.

Flea said...

The cobweb photo is beautiful. And I suppose that would keep one from running into it, being so visible and all. :)

ancient one said...

Loved that spider web. That was one of the first things I photographed with my first digital camera. I think it might be still hiding somewhere in the old computer, but I'm not smart enough to find it...LOL

Sounds like you found some good free treats from your life today.

Someone has given me an award and I want to give it to you. Come over and pick it up. Love ya!

Marja said...

I don't like to be treated with loud music either. I adore your kilt and the pictures you made are absolutely gorgeous, especially the web. Hope you have a nice day Meggie

Ragged Roses said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly about the "free treat" of too loud music that welcomes us in stores etc - it really annoys me. However, those photos of spider webs are wonderful. Love too Jeff Buckley, especially Hallelujah

Jeanette said...

Hi meggie. ohh I just love your quilt. and the photo of the spiderweb is beautiful.
Now as for loud music, my hairdresser has just had a
music television monitor installed and plays video clips on it. it was so loud last week while i was there I ask doesnt she have anything else to play as were all oldies in here and dont need that loud music on she said it only plays music but to her credit she did turn it down and we all went Yyyayyyy..

Mike said...

Beautiful photos Meggie.

I totally agree about the music in shops. I love listening to music, but there is a time and a place for everything.

bluemountainsmary said...

I am so glad you have your mojo back. You do seem lighter in spirit.

And your free treats (that spider web photo!) were a wonderful treat for me too.

julieQ said...

Your quilt is wonderful! I too am becoming my mother...everything is tooo loud!

Leanne said...

Love that spiders web. What clever little insects they are.

Tanya said...

You would not believe some of the "music" that we get treated to in Japanese shops. True the shops cater to the young people so I should just get out of there but the pornographic lyrics!!! My oh my! Probably nobody but me understands that the words going with the thumping rhythm is so obscene but I wonder what that does to the subconscious (even if you don't understand it) to be having that garbage drilled into your head all day! My son, shooed me out of a store just the other day because he knew I'd be making a comment about the indecency of it all!