Friday, July 18

A Shambles of sorts...or, Confessions of a messer.

Warning! The following photos may cause extreme anxiety to "Neat Freaks"! or, even just normal folks!

OK. I have warned you all, so I feel I can now safely continue.

Having visited Mike's place, & seen his neat, plus his art, I thought to be a devil & show my extreme messy, along with some almost art.

These were taken evening. There are 3 projects underway, & they are being worked on simultaneously.

I am sure the 'neatniks' among you, will cringe in utter horror! Note the leg of the tired Bear, who guards the remote-come-scissor-holder, near the top left of the pic.
The top of the ironing board, with more shambles on a chest in the back ground. Gom comes to the door, gasps in horror, & retreats off back to his book or his TV viewing.or to tidy his endlessly-being-tidied garage- which at the moment is similar to my mess, because of a leaking shower pipe, in the downstairs shower, & the resulting disarray while the repairs are being very very slowly under-taken. The Plumber has the 'flu, & he is a friend, so no pressure on completion dates!
Now that I have 'bared all' so to speak, I feel better! Ha Ha.

Hopefully, I will have some finishes to show, but the flow has been interrupted today.

We had an electricity outage for most of the day, due to a replacement of a decaying wooden Power Pole. The one right outside our place is actually in far worse condition, but 'they' in their infinite wisdom, decided to replace the other one!

I even scrambled eggs for Gom, for brekky, but he declined the eggs. Oh well, more for me. ( I forgot, & added parsely, which he is not so keen about.) He had the coffee & toast I made him. Because of the power being off, he had to rise an hour earlier than usual, & he was a bit grumpy about that.

After my "cooking" session, in the skin treatment Tardis, we proceeded to the shops. A small business matter attended, I decided to see if it was my lucky day for a haircut.

Now of course, if you read here often, you will know of the agony of haircuts. However I seem to have found a hairdresser who 'knows his onions', so to say. He also seems to train his young assistants to recognise their 'onions'. Last time the girl did an excellent cut. Today, the Master cut my hair, & I am very pleased with the result. It is not too short, & the style is just what I wanted. A minor miracle.

Now, I am a great 'hater' of fast food outlets, mostly because I can't bear the thought of the 'food' they serve. I have never cared for hamburgers in any form. though, to be honest here, I used to make them for our children, & ourselves, & of course chose what I deemed to be 'healthy' versions, & our kids, & Gom loved them! I loathe the buns, & everything else about the commercial versions.

I think the power of advertising has rotted our heads, however. We jointly decided we would not mind trying the Wraps advertised by a certain McD's place. It is perhaps the first or second, time I have ever eaten there, in any country- neither time did I eat 'burger'.

Today, it was rather chilly, & so, having no electricity at home, we drove to the local Golden Arches. We dined in-house. In our 10+ years of living here, it is the first time we have ever been there! We had the wraps, 'Taste of Asia', I think they were called. They were delicious. The coffee, while not wonderful, was drinkable. And the 'fries' were lovely. (We managed to restrain ourselves from buying the current earth polluting plastic toys!)

I spent the remainder of the afternoon, capturing, & trimming Honey. She is a most reluctant participant in any of this. She dislikes everthing about it, the brush, the scissors, the kidding & lying. The nail clipping was not accomplished, so she is still long in the claw. Why does she let strangers cut her nails??

On the other hand, I have a dream of having a pedicure. strangers can cut my nails anytime! I want someone to cut my toenails, & give me a foot massage. I suppose I can dream on. I suspect I might be developing a hip fault, which prevents an easy tending of one foot. One is fine, but the other presents a problem.

I dislike having long toenails. I have a nephew whose 'excitement', or 'tension' activity, was to trim his toenails! I used to go shopping with my mother, who invariably cut her toenails at the end of a long day's shopping. If I have to be on my feet for prolonged periods, I notice the length of my toenails, if they are long.

I do not understand people who can wear their toenails long?? How about you?

My Granddaughter likes to paint my toenails at Christmas. It takes at least 6 months for the polish to grow off! I love to see surprised reactions when she paints different colours, & I wear sandals! Usually, no one comments, but I see their eyes return again & again to the nails. Inwardly, I chuckle.

The Verve, Album, Urban Hymns. Sad I know, but I love the melodies, particularly Bitter Sweet Symphony, & Velvet Morning.


Henri said...

Meggie , I laughed when I read of your painted nails -- Remembering my youngest son , your nephew D. painting my toenails with his mother your SIL's polish whilst he thought I was asleep on the couch --- Our neighbour the strange nervous woman was absolutely gobsmacked & horrified when I answered her knock on our door and as is my wont wiggled my toes nakedly , but painted ,while talking to her -- I wondered briefly why she was so mesmerised with my feet and then remembered the polish --- she probably thinks me gay HaHa -- At least it got rid of her quickly !

The Sagittarian said...

Haha, my kids painted their father's fingernails while he was sleeping off too much Guinness! He didn't notice until he was heading off for work the next day.

meggie said...

I love these stories! A friend once shaved off half the moustache of her drunken husband. In the morning when he went to milk the cows with his father, his father asked if he felt ok? He assured him he did. When he got home & looked in the mirror he bellowed at his wife! He never lived it down, but he was goodnatured about it, & shaved off the remainder- to his wifes relief. She had hated his moustache!!

Kellie said...

Oh Meggie if only you could see my sewing room once I start a project there can be what looks like 100's of fabrics on my cutting table and don't look down ... the floor OMG I am embarrised just writting about it ... I wish I could be tidy!!!

Bren said...

A messy sewing area does NOT count. A sign of creativity is what that mess is. I can't wait to see what you finish.

Leanne said...

You would feel quite at home in my house.

Yolanda said...

Yes , you would feel quite at home at my house too.

Maggie May said...

I love to see all the colours like that together, messy or not. I call it artistic & the quilt in the post below is really lovely.
As regards long toenails......... no! It would be painful having them all squashed in together when I put my shoes on. Have enough problems getting my feet into a comfortable pair of shoes as it is. Like nail varnish on the toes though. Funny this is the second blog I have visited tonight where the talk is about pedicures & nail varnish on toes!

jellyhead said...

Meggie there are so many topics in your wonderful post, I hardly know where to start.

Maybe firstly to reassure you that surely everyone (well, mostly everyone!) has their messy areas. I always seem to have a dining table heaped up with clean but unfolded/un-put-away clothing & linen (we have a kitchen table to eat our everyday meals at). The problem is that I hate to fold and Fatty is even worse than I am.

As far as people gawping at your multi-coloured nail polish - I say keep 'em on their toes with your colourful toes Meggie!

Tanya Brown said...

Your "shambles" piles look so intriguing! So many interesting colors and textures.

Mike said...

And I am sure that their will be something beautiful coming out of all of that "chao."

Trust me though, my shop only looked nice for the photos. It's a mess tonight.

Linds said...

You would be quite at home here too, Meggie. Once i get going on a project, it invades my space and I have absolutely NO idea how to create without being messy! Neat is not a creative word to me at all.
Your hairdo sounds great, and it is always such a relieve to walk out of a salon wihout headign straight home to stick your head under a tap in disgust, isn't it! Been there more than once.

Tanya said...

I too was just thinking about whether I wanted to paint my toenails or not. A few years ago my friend talked me into a pedicure and it was very nice. Most summers that I've been back in California since then I've had a pedicure. Not that I like people working on my body (I don't like going to get my hair done either and would never consider a facial or whatever else people get massaged for) but I did like seeing the color on my toenails and a flower or two painted there. This year my feet were so yucky that I declined to have a pedicure. A year of no care and I'm embarrassed to have someone work on my feet!

bluemountainsmary said...

I found those photos of all your quilting projects very comforting. As you would find comforting photos of my tottering towers of wool !

VioletSky said...

Meggie: I highly recommend a pedicure. It is so worth it!
Am glad your haircut makes you still look respectable, am still thinking on mine.
As for the mess - well, it makes it easier to see what swatches clash or co-ordinate, doesn't it?!

ancient one said...

I paint my own toe nails.. just because I wear flip flops all summer...

Creative people are often messy... just shows your genius side..

Now, I'm having a senior moment... cannot remember the other things I was going to say... oh well...

Christine Thresh said...

I had a pedicure last week. It was a strange experience. It makes me wonder about all the foot washing in the Bible.
Your messy space looks just like mine used to. However, now that I am all cleaned up and organized I find it very hard to get started on quilt projects.

Kitty said...

Call that messy? Pah - that's just normal. One can't work with fabric on three different project and be NEAT about it. It's not possible!

I also love the Verve's Bittersweet Symphony.

I also love painted toenails. My daughter and I do our every Sunday through the summer months. At the moment mine are minty green!


Anonymous said...

That looks like creative clutter - not mess, NEVER mess!

Lucy said...

I went and got my feet done, it was ok but she poked about a bit hard round the cuticles, and I wanted dark purple nail varnish and all she had was red red red or dark brown so I had dark brown, which she clearly thought was a strange choice. When I told her I'd been inspred by my sister having dark blue she looked really quite horrified. French provincial is not very adventurous I came to the conclusion long ago.

The mess is just fine.

Flea said...

I love your mess. :) My Hunny won't let me keep a mess like that with my projects. Oh, I manage to leave small piles of projects around, but I don't have a sewing or project room. It's very sad (do you hear the violins?).

So go have a pedicure already! I had my first one two years ago and it was heaven! Try the nail polish before you hand it to the person doing your feet. Or just choose random colors. Do it! Feels great.

Molly said...

Meggie, take heart! I once heard a saying---"A tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind!" I think that could apply to creative places like sewing rooms too, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Al's mother used to paint the dog's toenails. Bit weird I thought.

I don't like long toenails - not really practical anyway. I do always paint them in summer but don't generally bother in winter.

But yes, you must have a pedicure - wonderful. We must always look after our feet - my Gt Aunt Doris used to tell me that every time I went to visit her and i think she was right.

Thanks for you comments over at mine. Sorry I've not really been responding much lately - I'll be back to my normal self in September.

Ian Lidster said...

There is a fundamental rule in the workplace which holds; Never trust a person with a clean desk. Mess is healthy; dirt is not.

fifi said...

my whole house is a messy area!

and i hate anything to DO with toenails!

smilnsigh said...

Good think you warned me! About all that 'creativity' going on. Me, who needs to have neatness in my immediate vicinity. -giggggles-

Yeah, I know. It sounds really prissy and all, but... It's good for my nerves and so... If Mama needs neat, and she's less grumpy if stuff is neat, then everyone should keep her stuff neat. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ,-)

And I too, can not abide long toe nails.

Miss Mari-Nanci
When Twilight Embraces

smilnsigh said...

I meant that everyone in THIS house, should keep things neat. Where I see them all the time.

Not EVERYONE in the whole world! Yish... Lol.

Miss Mari-Nanci
When Twilight Embraces

candyschultz said...

That is the way my studio looks when I am in the midst of a project. When I finish I must clean it up. Then it starts again.

Exuberant Color said...

I love your mess in the sewing room. At least you found a way to keep GOM out of it, keep it messy.

h&b said...

You *have* to go get a pedicure. It's such a small price for a BIG oomph to your mental health - tell GOM he owes it to you ;)

I always do my mum's toes when she comes over. Hate long toenails, but love a bit of colour