Tuesday, July 8

Trivial Scribbles

A collection of the everyday trivia, that makes up most of our lives.
I was so happy to recieve an email yesterday, informing me that the gift quilts had been recieved, & were duly allotted to their recipients.

Raspberry Ripple was claimed by the eldest girl, & I could just imagine her with this quilt.

I Spy went to the younger sister, who was delighted to discover she could play with it as an I Spy game. I am told they went to sleep last night, respectively covered by their quilts, & so I hope they enjoy them.
I was very relieved to hear they had arrived safely, as I made a silly mistake when addressing them, but no harm was done, & their safe arrival was good news.

The weekend was lovely, with Sunday being one of those 'out of the box' days. Clear skies, warm sun, little wind, & warm warm temperatures.

We travelled up to the Hunter Valley, to the Maitland Markets, which are a once a month event. It is a huge Market, with many traders. It takes some stamina to 'do' the Market. We overheard a man on his mobile phone telling someone it is the largest outdoor Market in the Souther Hemisphere. I dont know about that, but it is quite wearying to cover, & I confess, we didn't manage the whole of it!

We travelled on further up? down? the Hunter River, to a small historic town called Morpeth, which is faithfully preserved, in as original state, as it can be. This was once a busy port for the Hunter Valley, & has many lovely old buildings, which have either been restored, or retain their original condition. Lots of Antiques for sale- for large sums- equating to their age!! A lot of Craft stores too, & old wares for sale. A township which is not 'done' in a mere afternoon. We have vowed to return on a quieter day. It was very crowded, & some of the small shops, crammed with goodies, could not be inspected at enough of a liesurely pace, or enough viewing space, to be done justice.

We lunched outdoors in the hot sun, & really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, & the wonderful sun. Considering it is Mid Winter, it was very mild! Food is quite an industry, in Morpeth on a Sunday, with many wonderfully fresh meal outlets competing for custom. We were very happy with our choice of venue.

I did take my camera, & was dismayed to discover most of my photos did not register. Idiocy on the part of the photographer I am sure, because 2 of them are excellent! I had hoped to include some, when I did a post. Oh well, next time, as they say.


Another little matter of interest, is the 'hoarding' of 'things'.

Recently Gom & I have been having some 'serious' discussions. Maybe even 'grave' discussions is a term which could be used. he will be in the grave, if he doesn't lighten up!!

I have .... well, yes, I will call it 'mess' in my computer/sewing machine room. I don't regard it as 'mess', but it seems Gom does.
He has become so obsessed with neat that he puts the hairdryer away, while I am in the middle of drying my hair!! WTH?? & he used to be such a slob! His shoes might have spent weeks where he left them, had I not become fed up, & moved them. His clothes, shed at odd places, could languish in dirty disarray, had I not come along, & in exasperation, washed them.

When he was moaning about the ironing board being up, & looking 'untidy' when guests arrived, I pointed out to him I was using it, for my quilting. I also pointed out that I live in this house! I am not running it as a show home! I am actually living here! It is clean, though often untidy. It is lived in!! He used to be so untidy before he retired. He never cared what 'visitors might think'. I still don't worry. If they came to judge my house, well, ....they can leave.

There is just one grizzle I have. All the pictures we have on our walls are crooked, as a matter of course. No matter what I do, or how careful I am, they never remain straight. Of course I have given up caring, mostly, about this fact. Occasionally when someone comments, I will tell them that I can't fix the problem. If it really bothers them, they can try to set things straight.... or they can leave! Simple really.


A footnote to the light torturetherapy.
There is no relief. My GP was quite surprised I have been given no diagnosis. The blood tests offer no indications or answers... which is a disappointment! I had to undergo that trauma for nothing??
Anyhow, the naked trauma goes on. The staff are very, very, very, nice!! I am bolstered by their lovely manner, & hope the feckingblinkety blink treatments work!!


We had SG -Small Grandson- for the morning today, & what a treat he was. He did all sorts of things, & helped me do some dishes. He asked me if he was a good helper, & I assured him he was excellent. I had not seen him for a time, & it was lovely to have him here.
He gives me so much joy, just by being!

Ben Harper, Diamonds on the Inside.


Frankofile said...

You have a very productive 'mess' if that is what it is in your house. Quilts, relaxed visitors, happy grandchildren.

Kellie said...

I am pleased that your quilts went over well, but of course they would really! My husband said last week that he was 'worried' that I was not getting enough house work done ... even he was laughing by the rediculousness of the comment by the end of his sentance ... he should know better than to go there!!!!!!!

Joyce said...

I'll have to put Morpeth on my To-do list for our next Australian visit. THere's nothing better than an outdoor market. We went to the one in Byron last time but it rained shortly after we got there and we had to leave.
I hope your light therapy soon starts to work.

Mike said...

In regards to collecting things, my wife and I have been having similar discussions. I think there is a fine line between collecting things and hoarding. She doesn't see it that way. I don't know that we will ever resolve this, but right now it is a pretty serious disagreement.

Nice quilts Meggie.

Pauline said...

still chuckling at your cross-outs

Interesting that Gom has changed his perceptions of messy now that he is retired. Maybe you can interest him in a hobby that require a degree of mess so he'll be more empathetic...

nothing beats a visit from the grandchildren!

Stomper Girl said...

I think GOM needs a proper hobby. If he doesn't want to learn knitting maybe he could start a model railway, or whittle wooden toys for SG.

Jeanette said...

Im very pleased to hear your quilts got to the right destinations. they sound like there going to be well used.Looks like Gom needs a hobby now he has retired...

ancient one said...

Isn't it funny, that things we have been doing all our married life, now are not done correctly? Even with an outside job, my husband has suddenly become my supervisor. Well I'll just leave that alone.... I'd be writing a book!

The quilts are so nice. I'm sure they will be treasured.

Have a good day/night!

Kitty said...

I'm with you on the 'mess' thing - I have a clean but untidy home. Yet I know where everything is. My ex hated it. Tough!!

So glad the quilts were well received - so they should be too!


Thimbleanna said...

Ah, Meggie, I do so love your posts! I can certainly relate to the perils of having a tidy hubby -- mine drives me nuts putting things away -- I'll be using something, go into another room for a minute and return to find it put away. Grrr! I hope those light treatments work soon!

Molly said...

Maybe there's a renovation job you could get GOM interested in doing?Preferably at the opposite end of the house from your sewing room?! If you could get him interested and usefully occupied he might be a little less compulsively tidy!

Lucy said...

Seems to me it's your sewing room...

Lovely quilts.

Tanya said...

Two beautiful quilts! The colors on that raspberry quilt are so cheerful and uplifting. The I SPY quilt just fun! How ever did you collect all the little blocks for it with interesting things to look for?

Marja said...

My hubby cleans up behind me and it drives me crazy. Would have to lock me in a mental institution when he was around 24/7 Happy you had a nice time The kilst are absolutely gorgeous. Wow

Tanya Brown said...

Thank you for the colorful mental pictures. Your outing sounds like a wonderful adventure. Relaxing, strolling along and seeing things.

I am sorry about the relentless tidying. Send GOM here. I have a multitude of bushes which need to be murdered and messes which need to be evicted. After a couple of weeks here, he'd have no energy to set foot in your Cave of Creativity.

Stomper's idea about a model railway is also a good one. What about a garden railway, one which would have to be built outside?

So sorry about the horrid itching. Is there no justice or mercy?