Tuesday, July 22

Blinked- or is that Blinkered?

It seems I blinked a bit, & there was a whole new world of blogs waiting to be read, & I am dragging the chain, here.

Firstly, I was awarded again, by Ann of Ancient One's Place. I humbly thank you Ann, for the Award. I have been given this attractive award recently, but I still appreciate the thought. Please pay a visit to Ann. I am supposed to award this to 7 other awardees, & share it about. I find I cannot limit myself to 7.. it just wouldn't be fair.

I was also given this Award by Tanya, The Art Butcher. Thankyou Tanya, I love this too. I do in fact return the award to you, as your posts either have me choking to death or at least wanting tissues to mop the tears- laughter mostly, but not always. I would urge readers to visit Tanya, also.
I know the rules state that I should nominate other 7 & 5 other bloggers, respectively, & pass this along, but there are also a lot of folk who don't wish to be awarded or go through the agony of choosing recipients, so if you are reading this, please take the awards, & I know you will be worthy recipients.

I have been quite busy, head down, bum up, as 'they' say.
Saturday was a beautiful sunny day here, very mild. I found it rather chilly in the house, but outside was beautiful. I basted a quilt ready to be quilted, outside on the patio table having cleaned off the assorted bird poo, & the dog pee stains, where Leo had jumped on the table, because Gom forgot to tilt the chairs.

I wanted to sew, so I decided to give the 'new' garage-sale-find-sewing machine a good workout. I took it outside, & set it up on the clean table, & sat for the afternoon quilting in the sun. It was wonderful, & the 'new' machine sewed like an absolute dream. It seems to have a hair-trigger foot control too, so it is very zippy indeed. I love it, & am very glad to have it as a backup should anything untoward happen to my Janome. The new one is a Brother Electronic, My Star 3. I paid $25 for it, & it is worth every cent!!

I am still hell bent on keeping up the sewing. Spent Saturday evening binding the newly made quilt, & Sunday morning I made a label, & it is all ready to be gifted to the recipient.

Sunday afternoon, we had welcome guests over, & we had a great time. Fun, & laughter. Laughter being the best medicine, I could not understand why I felt so tired yesterday.

I still sewed a good part of the day, but sat down to watch a DVD, & dozed off where I sat. Gom prompted me awake several times. I was off to bed early last night, & yet I am still really sleepy today. It might be the antihistamines, but I only take them at night, for the itch.

Here is progress on the back of the next one to finish I think. I had never made a Rail Fence block before, but looked at the extreme scrappiness of my stash, & decided now was the time to make one. It is very bright colours, & I think I might give it to my daughter, who is always wanting more quilts!

Here is "A Dream for Jas". It is completed, & ready to be gifted. I am pleased with the result. I feel it will always have the sun inside it, as I sat outside to quilt it, in the wonderful warming rays.
Honey 'Test drove' it on Sunday morning, & she gave it her approval. She looked quite peeved when I told her it is not for her.

Perhaps she is feeling the cold snap we are now experiencing, since her clipping. She certainly looks a smaller dog, but I have not clipped it too short, so she shouldn't be too cold.

>>>>>A side track here. I often think about the English language, & the use of words, some of which have many meanings, which I am sure makes it difficult for others to learn the language.

I find there are many words I dislike. For no particular reason. One of those words is 'scant'. There was a scant amount. She was scantily clad. There was scant space for a foothold.

No, I just don't like it.
Have you got words you dislike?

Joe Cocker, Hitchcock Railway.


Mike said...

"Head down, bum up."

Yep, that'll keep you busy!

Catalyst said...

"Scantily clad"? I like that.

(Would have thought Mike would have beat me to the punch on that one!)

Frogdancer said...



Thimbleanna said...

You've been busy Meggie! How fun that you could sew outside -- I should try that when we get past mosquito season -- if that will ever happen. I get tripped up more on phrases than individual words. Can't think of any off-hand that I don't like, but I know there are some 'cause when I hear them it's like fingernails on chalkboard to my ears!

Jonah K. Haslap said...

"Head down, bum up" eh? I've heard that before, but in a different context.

Oh is that too risque a comment for your blog? I'm sorry, I don't have a filter. Or, in less polite words, I'm a loudmouth jerk.

The Sagittarian said...

I dislike more of a phrase than a word.."To be honest"..what, you're less than honest the rest of the time? Nope, don't like it.

meggie said...

Hi All,
When I wrote that 'head down, bum up' I did have the thought that the rest of the world might find that an odd thing to say. It is in common usage in NZ & Oz! Just means nose to the grindstone, nore or less.
It is OK John, really broadminded over here!
Yes Moist is pretty ugh!
Yes again, phrases can be infuriating.

Anonymous said...

You have been highly productive of late!

bluemountainsmary said...

I love the idea that your quilt has caught the sun and will keep the recipient warm and happy I am sure.

smilnsigh said...

-hehhhh- So glad a man replied that he liked 'scantily clad'!!! >,-)

Miss Mari-Nanci
When Twilight Embraces

Ali Honey said...

Oh you asked for that meggie!

Working in the sun at this time of year is delightfully soothing.How do your itches feel in the sun?
The words that make me squirm are those some folk mispronounce.(inventory; secretary; proformance instead of performance ) Never ask a teacher about that sort of thing! ( you'll probably hear more than you wish ).

candyschultz said...

I find myself grinding my teeth at the way the pronunciation of words is changing lately. The planet Uranus was pronounced one way for several hundred years and now we have to change. Who decides these things. I think we want Babel. At least in the states we do. I actually heard someone on television pronounce leaf as leav a couple of days ago.

Anonymous said...

Mis-pronounciation by people who should know better, is to my mind pure ugly! Newsreaders do it so often. It's like a hangup from school days when everyone mis-pronounced 'H' and made it 'Haych'

Love words and one of my favourites is; Autumnal.

Anonymous said...

So hung up on the word thing I forgot to mention that I like your quilt. It has come up well and the border works perfectly with that inner dark red and black.
Well done.

ancient one said...

Love the quilt! I would never have thought of sewing with the sewing machine out in the sun...I'm sure there are words that I hate... but today I'm in the senior fog and cannot think of a single one..

Pauline said...

Your patience seems infinite. I sew three or four seams and I'm ready to leap out of my chair and DO something, anything except sew another seam (it used to take me all day to make a simple garment lol). Your quilts are lovely.

I haven't met many words I don't like but when I come across one I'll let you know :)

h&b said...


Just makes me feel a bit ikky.
( it was also a word an ex-work-collegue used to hate, and we'd use it on each other randomly just to make the other feel ill .. funny days .. )

And I *love* Hitchcock Railway - that is an awesome song. Perhaps you should make a MixTape, Meggie - i'd love to hear it, you always make me remember so many good tunes ;)

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats on the awards Meggie, Glad you've had some good weather and found time for some sewing, It sounds like a good weekend to me

Tanya said...

Guess I don't like words that have to do with chance. "Chance" "Luck" I have quite a few Japanese words I dislike, though they translate into phrases. "It can't be helped." "What a bother."

Kitty said...

'Scant' is a scratchy word isn't it? Not nice-sounding at all. I love words - 'gusset' is one of my favourites!

Lovely sewing there Missus. Glad you're getting some sunshine. x

Rosie said...

Love your quilts. How wonderful to have such a talent. I can sew a little bit but I dont have that"flair"

Yolanda said...

These are all so pretty and you derserve the award.