Thursday, September 20

Black Is Black

I probably don't have the right to say I am feeling Black. Or Brown. Or Blue.

I am all of the above. I am physically feeling lousy. I have a headache, my lip is painful, a tooth is aching in a way that cannot be good.

All the glands in my neck are enlarged & painful. I am going to drink some wine, to dull the pain of it all. Self medication of an idiot perhaps. But who cares!!We have had a grey, wet day. With rain. With brilliant sun. With clear blue skies. For about 10 minutes. Then the huge grey rolled back. Rained on us.
Heavily, from a seemingly great bl**dy height! I know, the ground needs it. The farmers need it, desperately. But I am not sure they got any of it.
The main effect, for us, was the poor shorn Leo, shivered & whimpered all morning. He cuddled up to us all night long, & was glad of a blanket to warm his skinny body this morning.
He sought refuge on my pillow, on our bed. He was a wimp. Fair enough we told him. It was unkind of the weather to turn so nasty, just as he got shorn. He was like a Samson, stirpped of his strength, & superior being. Honey took advantage.
She has not been clipped yet. She still has her woolly coat, to protect against those sneaky spring chills, & showers. I suspect she has been rubbing it in, in some doggy fashion. Leo tried to keep her from Gom's knee. He became the most possessive of the knee, that I have ever seen him! But Honey ignored all that & jumped up anyway.
It didn't help my mood, when I read this post, at Lone Grey Squirrel, this morning. I weep at the incomprehensible beasts who roam the planet, & can perpetrate such monstrous obscenities on helpless innocent children.
I take it as a personal affront. I hope they catch the beast/s. I fear it is the many headed monster, & it will never be stamped out.
My son is equally despairing over such things. We fear such heinous creatures can never be irradicated or stamped out. What is the answer?? There is none.
We had Small Grandson here for some hours today. We had a delightful time. He played all sorts of games. He has become quite inventive in his play, setting scenarios for me to act out. He told me I needed to remodel his 'Castle', which was a plastic castle given by a friend. He also received a tool set. So out came the hammers, the pliers, the screwdrivers, the pipe wrench, the nuts, bolts.
I was instructed on "Technique". "This is the technique you need to use Nana! You need to move this level to there, & take this tower here, & I want it all done when I return". "Here, here are all the tools you will need!" Hammer, nails, bolts, various other vital needs.
He spent a long time MIA. Calls elicited the answer "I am in the toilet. I will be back soon." Loud singing ensued. Poetry was quoted. Conversation was heard, but not the exact theme. He reappeared. Isn't it nice when they are almost 5, & they "don't need help in the toilet!" "I am just going to wash my hands"
"Have you flushed the toilet?"
"I am just going to do that!"
"My first tooth came out. I am a big boy now. The Tooth Fairy gave me $2. I am saving for a Play Station Game!"
Holy Moly, the tooth fairy must have won Lotto!! When did she start paying such high prices??
SG's mother eventually arrived to collect him. He had been such a good lad. Full of fun. "Can you smell something peculiar?"
I think one of the dogs had a gas accident.
He seems to have learnt so many large words since we last had him for a few hours. He was such a delight.
A shame I was feeling so physically lousy.
Never mind, the wine is beginning to kick in! I begin to feel better for the evening.
And this little Azalea is doing it's level best to cheer me. It is totally neglected, but still it struggles to bear it's blossom. Of course the showers keep it flush.
It can only be
Joni Mitchel, Blue.


bluemountainsmary said...

Meggie _ I am sorry you are feeling so lousy and hope that the wine assists. I can read in the tone of your post that you are not feeling great.

Hope you"re feeling more Meggieish soon. X

jellyhead said...

I'm sorry you've been crook Meggie. In typical Meggie fashion, though, you still managed to find some fun in the day, with SG entertaining you (and now us, too!) with his antics.

Hope tomorrow is a brighter day - in every sense of the word :)

Tracey Petersen said...

I hope that the rain brings you a rainbow tomorrow!

Stomper Girl said...

Poor sick you and poor shivery Leo. Hope the wine helped you, maybe panadol would also help?

Bren said...

Anytime I am having a bad mood, Sweet Hubby says "Go see the grandson." I always return with a smile. The weather can play havoc on your sinus causing tooth pain and headaches. Hope you get some sunshine soon!!

Katie said...

I hope you feel better soon. Your azalea is lovely. Autumn starts on Sunday so I have a while to wait and see what the azaleas are like here at our new house.

ancient one said...

First a comment to you! Hope you feel better soon. Hope your self diagnosed meds work..LOL Enjoyed your grandson's visit almost as much as you did. Now I'm going to go read the post you mentioned. Feel Better!!

sheoflittlebrain said...

I wish I could send you some of our blue skies today, Meggie..
I love the way you write about your Grandson showing you the proper technique..
Hope the wine and that beautiful azalea have cheered you up!

Melinda said...

Sorry for your misery, I'm there mentally, if not physically.

Rob wanted to leave J.T. $10 for his first tooth! My husband is an only child and has no clue about what is truly an appropriate amount. We comprimised at $5 (I was thinking $1) for the FIRST tooth and $2 for subsequent fairy offerings.

Jeanne said...

Hope both you and little Leo are feeling perkier soon. Wine is one of my favorite medicines :)

Anne Ida said...

Hope you will feel better soon, Meggie! And the same goes for little Leo - he looks so small and naked... but it will be good not to have all that wool when the summer comes. Glad you got to spend some time with your grandson!

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Feel better and I am sending my well wishes your way.

Andrea said...

Hope you pick up soon - I'm sure the wine will help but not as much as a visit with the little chap. He sounds like quite a character.

MargaretR said...

Sorry you are feeling blue Meggie, I'll join you. Let's be blue together? I have a bad cold and a tight chest. Better still how about we both try and feel another colour, a brighter one tomorrow?

Marja said...

Thanks for your visit. I loved reading your story. Aren't these little ones adorable. I work with children and we have always fun.
Did you live in CHirstchurch?
BTW I added you to my site.

Tanya Brown said...

I hope you're feeling better today. Argh, another toothache!

Leo is looking very handsome with his new haircut, but it's understandable if he's a bit shivery.

It sounds like SG is quite a sparkplug, and that's a good thing!

smilnsigh said...

WOW, you have been having a time of it. -sigh-

And I've had a bout of full side of the face sinus issues. -sigh-

Do we live under the same sign or star or something? Not a good one, either. Bahhhhh


Alice said...

So sorry you've been feeling so lousy - I hope physically, mentally and emotionally you will soon be 'on top of the world' again.

Alison said...

Leo and Honey...make my day. My Chalky is getting a bit wooly and time for a trim.
Read with interest your story on customers. Variety is there for sure and some of my favourites are the one's that are shy or quite but when you get to know them they are the most interesting of people and often make my day.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry that my post brought your mood even further down. Here's hoping smiles are around the corner.

My float said...

Sorry you're feeling so blue...