Monday, September 3


The brown skin you stroke.
so perfect, so hairless.
The wonderful honey hue ,
imbued with sun,
captured, bronzed perfection.
No hairs to mar
this beautiful bronze, lovely skin.
A satin skin, so silky, flawless.

Lean down, lick, this flawless beauty
your skin could be so smooth, so wondrous.

He is totally unaware,
of his perfect beauty.
His perfect body, skin, facial feautures.

You cringe, at your gross pinkness.
You hairy skin.
While his perfection, gleams.
So hairless, smooth, & beautiful.
And brown.
And you are so nakedly
And hairy.

And you cringe,
At your ugly, whiteness.

Is this to be our future??


jellyhead said...

Intriguing....tell us more?

bec said...

more please.

ancient one said...

Waiting.... (Do you know someone told me that Native Americans don't have much skin hair?) You must finish this...~Ann

fifi said...

meggie, who have you been licking so early in the day??

Lee said...

Tease! Come on, tell us more!

bec said...

the grandson?

your son - when he was little? Because I've been known to lick my children, surreptitiously, and not just in retaliation for them licking me (ew) either.

you really have to spill, sometime, you know.