Friday, September 28

Sweet Bird Of Paradise.

This is a pic of our Strelizia, or Bird of Paradise, which is currently flowering. If I look at the natural colour of flowers, I see how well unexpected colours go so well together. I love these exotic looking flowers, & I pleased we have a plant that seems happy.

This next pic below, is of the Grevillea which grows just above the Bird of Paradise. I had a Golden Gem too, but it died, with a little help from someones clodhopper boot. The native birds love these flowers, but we only seem to be getting Shrike at present.
Another Bird of Paradise flower. The bright foliage are the new leaves of the Lily Pily tree, with the dark spindly leaves of the Grevillea in the background.

This is a bracken fern frond in the back yard garden. It grows by they gate, & I love the green fern leaves, they remind me of home.
And humble Geranium leaves. I like the lime greens & the individual patterns.

Can you tell, I am feeling disgruntled. I remember my Grandmother's words. "If you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
I went out into the garden to sooth my soul, with the greens, which seem to me, to be healing colours.
And here, this little flash of red, hiding under the Grevillea. Like I hide my anger. Domestic.

Here is the beloved Maple. I love this tree. I saved it's life. When the Garden vandals began the makeover in the front garden, they wanted to remove this tree. I would not allow it. And for the past 10 years, I have loved every minute of it.
It is the Anniversary of our move to this, our very own house, again, at last, 10 years ago today.
This is the first year, of my love affair with the Maple, that I have noticed each seperate large limb 'came out' seperately. The lower branch was the first to burst into bud & unfurl the leaves, then each other branch in turn did the same, as if they waited in a polite & orderly queue. I can't believe I have never noticed before.
I wonder if other deciduous trees do the same?
Perhaps I can get off to a nusery today, & further sooth my soul with some plant purchases. I am reminded of my Grandmother again, & how she used her garden as a tonic. She would leave the dishes in the sink, & go off out into the garden. Therapy of sorts, I guess.
My mother on the other hand, could never go out leaving the dishes in the sink. I have seen us loaded up in her car, ready for an outing, & she has disappeared back inside to 'just put the cleaner over the floor'.
I am more a girl -haha, I use the term frivolously!- after my Grandmother's heart. I can shut the door & happily leave such things if a chance for an outing or some fun arises. I do exagerate slightly. If I was going out for the day, the dishes would be done, & the beds made. But to leave it for a few hours in the garden... why not!
Ah well, perhaps the crisis is averted. Perhaps I have calmed down.
Here is another pic of the Clivea. I am so pleased with the flowers.

Schubert, "Trout"


joyce said...

The Bird of Paradise is an amazing flower. We can't grow it outside here. I am a leave the dishes for later kind of gal. Quilting comes first. Dishes come last.

bluemountainsmary said...

My J has always loved Bird of Paradise. And I really love geraniums.

I am a bit schizoid when it comes to leaving the house tidy or untidy - some days it must be tidy before I leave and other days I couldn't care less!

Stomper Girl said...

Your garden photos soothe my soul too.

ancient one said...

Just what I needed... I had just left another blog...mad! Mad! ANGRY!! I started to leave a comment, but decided to just slink away and go back when the subject changes...LOL

And then I see your beautiful flowers. And I calm down. I have never noticed how maple trees bud out, but I will notice next year to see if mine do as yours did, one branch at a time.

Have a good night/day Meggie!!

Marja said...

What a beautiful flowers. I recognise the fern. We love ferns and got lots of them in the garden.

Josie said...

That bird of paradise is exquisite. How I envy you, just going into your summer. It's our fall here now. *sigh*

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry, you're in a bad mood. Hope your garden therapy worked for you. For us, it was fun visiting in your garden.

fifi said...

Lovely garden, the cream cliva is nice, very elegant. I only have the orange ones, but one is a very dark orange.

The geramiums have a quaint feel, I love the little rim around the edge.

Good on you for saving that tree. I have a neighbour who wants me to pull one of mine out, but I refuse. I fear he will poison it.

My honey gem is going great guns, thriving on neglect. I also have another very nice grevillea, apparently an "original" from this area, I got it from Wirreanda at terrey Hills. its really unusual.

Hope you've cheered up!!

fifi said...

oh, and as for leaving the house tidy, well, ....forget it.

Lee said...

I have mixed feelings about the bird of paradise flower. I love them when they are fresh out but they seem to become scrappy quite quickly. Mind you I don't have one; perhaps if I did I would cut off the flowers after they had peaked rather than leaving them on the plant.

Ali Honey said...

Love that Clivia. The lemon one is very expensive here; the older orange ones are still great in the shade and the berries that follow.

Hope you are feeling calmer soon.
Hugs from Ali.

riseoutofme said...

I am very jealous of you living in the southern hemisphere where its springtime now and summer soon to come .... Think I might be getting a little touch of the grumps myself ...

Hope your grumps have disappeared into the foliage ...

My float said...

Oh Meg, my friend. A big big hug from me. You manage to write beautifully despite your blues.

Ian Lidster said...

Bird of Paradise blossoms remind me of the tiny greeb bird, the Japanese White Eye, which loves to hang out among the blossoms on Kauai.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Thanks for sharing your garden, Meggie. I love seeing the exotic flowers we can't grow and to see your trees unfurling leaves as our trees lose theirs.
I hope you're feeling better.

Tanya Brown said...

You have quite the botannical garden going! Thank you for sharing it, despite having the blues.

Mike said...

Beautiful flowers! I wish we could grow those here.

Melinda said...

Beautiful.... especially love the Birds of Paradise, which we don't have here of course.

I love reading your blog. Somedays I'm too full to comment. You give me so much food for thought. Lovely pictures AND words.

Pauline said...

being out in your garden soothed MY soul - thanks Meggie!

Henri said...

Meggie , those photos are food for the soul -- Spring is my favourite time of the year here in NZ - The magical myriad of greens always takes my breath away .Both native and exotic flowers,plants, shrubs and trees gradually start to emerge from winters grip and before you realise it the landscape has changed and the land seems softer and happier , more welcoming, vibrant and alive in its new clothes.
Good one !

Exuberant Color said...

I didn't realize the Bird of Paradise flowers had so many colors in them. I have never seen one in person.

I can leave the dishes in the sink any old time. I usually only wash them twice a week, but then I only have one person making a mess.

Sheila said...

Gardens do have avery soothing effect...I'm glad it worked.
You have some beautiful and very different flowers there Meggie. I have a maple in my garden,I grew it from a seed, about 10 years ago.
I never noticed the leaves coming out in order, and now I must wait until next spring to find out.

tracey petersen said...

Your photos are beautiful.
Yay for the weather getting warmer!