Tuesday, September 25

In the Lemony Light...

In the Lemony light of today,
it felt like we could all drift away,
on meringue puffs, no substance.

With small bitter-sweet pieces of lemon,
the rind,
to remind us, all is not total sweetness.

There is the sly sour,
the rough skin, intruding on the
shape of the fruit's gifted sweetness.

The wonderful scent of the blossom,
belying the tart, sharp rein of the juice!
Checking unfettered tastebuds,
on a journey of wild possibilities.

The light, the lightness,
the perfume, the sweet memories,
Days gone by, Spring fruit,


There were friends to share the day.

This girl is Lemony, & she cries if you tip her world upside down.
She is very sweet, sad, abandoned,... to another life.

Sweet Lemony, you can stay with me,
until you find another home,
someone who truly loves you.

Here is Good Golly Ms Molly.
With the sad 'Ball That Nobody Wants'.
Ms Molly has had some tough moments,
shoved deep in the cupboard.
No one wants to see me sitting,
with idiot grin,
waiting to be loved.
Do they??


Ah my Son, my beautiful son.
Your gifts & talents, ~treasure.
Proceeded with your life,
Thinking only of your pleasure.
You threw them all away,
Riches without measure.

Face and physical form
Grown to perfection.
Your mind was captured,
Stunted, stilted, on rejection.
A mother mourns , the choices made,
The sad, misplaced, selection.
Los Indios Tabaharas, Amapola


bluemountainsmary said...

meggie - such beautiful words and so much you are saying and not saying. Hugs to you poetess

caramaena said...

Oh Lemony is very pretty

sheoflittlebrain said...

A bittersweet post, Meggie, and
I love your lyrical writing..
I have to admit though, your lemony poem left me with a craving for my favorite..lemon pie!

ancient one said...

Miss Molly looks so happy.

You are such a talented writer. You make me think, and think, and think...

tracey petersen said...

A sad sweetness.

I hope that you are feeling ok

Tanya Brown said...

Is it an uneasy, contemplative day? Big hug: ((( )))

Aunty Evil said...

I hope you feel happier soon, Meggie.

meggie said...

I feel I should apologise for "Streaking" in public.

But it is my blog, my choice. For me.

Though, I do love to get your comments, & the laughs you bring.
I realise they are your gifts, to give, or not.

Henri said...

As usual Meggie a mixed bag - A little sad , a little mad a little funny and always something to think about .Some good lines there . Cheers.

smilnsigh said...

I love the "In the Lemony Light" poem!