Sunday, September 2

Father's Day.

Today is Father's Day in the land of Oz, & Aoteoroa.
This is a picture of GOM & the 'kids' taken this evening.
It was the perfect shot, but Honey cottoned on to the camera, & she turned away. Drat! Isn't that always the way??

This was Honey, in abandoned relaxed mode last night. She really does contort herself into odd shapes!
And here, from another angle. Just as relaxed - a shameless pose of total relaxation. How comfortable she looks! With her special blankies, & quilts.

And here is our Dear GOM with his beloved Granddaughter when she was just a little girl. It was a mutual love affair, right from the beginning.

I took this pic, just wish I hadnt got the 'whatnot' growing out of the top of GOM's head! How often do we do that, without realising!
We have had a lovely day. The weather was just magic. It was so mild & pleasant. Our Daughter J came up to visit, with SIL, & SG. Then when our Adult Granddaughter finished work, she came along also.
Our Son B couldnt be here. He moved dwellings this weekend, & is still getting sorted out as his new address.
Events seem to have conspired, to prevent me posting for the past couple of days. Life gets in the way, once more!! haha.
We went to a large School Fete yesterday, which did take some time to peruse. It was very nice, but of course, had it's little sad stories to tell.
It was early, & things were very disorganised. There had been a very heavy dew in the morning, & I was saddened to see a whole bag of newly made aprons, with rick rack, & trims, so carefully sewn. They were in a cloth bag, lying out on the wet grass, & had got quite wet from the heavy dew. I wished they had been given the dignity they deserved, & had been displayed with pleasure & pride.
I bought a most beautiful crocheted cloth, supper size. For the princely sum of $1!! It has a little rust stain, which I am hoping I can treat. There used to be a wonderful product called Rustiban available at chemists. It was truly magic, in that it could banish rust from cotton, silk, & wool, without damaging the fabric. It is no longer available. I wonder why.
The Fete was also a toy paradise, with lovely toys going begging for 'an offer'. We bought Leo a new little toy, which he is delighted to have. And, dare I mention, I got a new basket! Well,....I had to have something to carry my Fete bargains in, didn't I? I have been collecting very small Cabbage Patch kids, & 7 more joined the family yesterday. All sitting in the basket. Very happily.
I hope all the Oz & Kiwi Dads have had a great day!!
Tracy Chapman, Baby Can I Hold You.


anne bebbington said...

You know Meggie if I were as smart as my kids and could use all the fancy photo editing things that they seem to be able to I'd say airbrush his 'hair ornament' right out of that picture - however I'm not so I'll stick to stitching which thanks goodness I can claim to know at least a little about :o)

joyce said...

Happy Father's Day. Ours is in June so long past. I'm glad to see things have settled down after your last post. You really opened up a hornet's nest with that one! Religion and politics in one post! What were you thinking??? Lol.

Bren said...

Happy Father's Day GOM!! Your baby looks very comfy and I understand the pride thing...Carly is always laying on her back all sprawled out showing no pride at all! I think there is a lesson there somewhere.
We have a rust remover similar to what you mentioned it is called Whink and is safe for fabrics. It removes the rust right before your eyes! I love it in the toliet bowls.

Angie said...

Happy Father's Day, GOM! I always love how your 'babies' are with you in your chair---my Badger likes to sit with his 'daddy' in the recliner too. :D

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Happy Father's Day GOM! Great photos of the 4 legged kids.

riseoutofme said...

Happy Father's Day GOM!

Meggie, do you REALLY need another basket??

sheoflittlebrain said...

Glad to see GOM had a Happy Father's Day!
What is it about little girls and Granddad? A special bond there..

Little honey is so cute! A silky, long haired pretzel

And, meggie, about the basket..a girl's gotta have stuff to keep her stuff in doesn't she?

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Father's Day GOM! You look so cute with your furry children. And very happy with your granddaughter!

Josie said...

That is a beautiful picture. What a gorgeous little baby. She looks just like a little happy face button.


Tanya said...

Sounds like a lovely day! I help out with kinderten bazaars once a year and I know about the disorganization that always accompanies! I usually am sewing on a label for the quilt raffle while the numbers are being drawn. That's call cutting it close and disorganization to the extreme!

fifi said...

Happy fathers day Gom.

Meggie, I wish I had visited that fete. I have a copy of "Spotless" if you want me to send you the anti ruststain remedy. One remedy is "CLR" from the hardware, or salt and vinegar paste. I hope the doggy like its toy.

crafty said...

I recognise the fabric of one of Honey's blankies. The red scotty dog fabric, I made a zip up vest out of it for my niece.

I'm a little late for the hullabulloo your last post inspired; but count me in for a cup of tea!

Lee said...

GOM: Happy Father's Day

Honey: Which end is your head?

meggie said...

Hi Lee, While I realise you are probably not familiar with rear ends of canines, it would become abundantly clear, should you approach me. I would rear, barking furiously, should you approach either 'end'. Eventual friendship would be achieved, as I am basically a 'tart'- I just fall in love with men! Can't seem to help myself! However, should you bring Margaret, well, the friendly response could be a lot slower, although I am happy to say, I have a lot more female friends, than I previously did.
Please excuse all grammatical or any other composition errors. After all, I am only a dog!
But thankyou so much for your attention!!
Love & doggy kisses, Honey.

meggie said...

Hi All, I appreciate your comments. Boy!! Do I appreciate a friendly face!
Thank you for all your comments, & Gom graciously thanks you for his good wishes.
And Thanks Fifi, for your offer of that book. I have it too, my Adult Granddaughter gave it to me. I have had no luck with the remedies, but the Whink sounds like a product I could use! So far, I have tried the soak, no luck, the CLR, no luck, the lemon &salt, no luck. I will keep working on it, as it is such beautiful work.

ancient one said...

Late as usual, Happy Father's Day GOM!!