Sunday, September 9

Men In Skirts.

Sadly, there are no photos for this post.
On the other hand, it was not a pretty sight.
Somehow, men's hairy legs, do not look attractive in a skirt. Nor do they, under those just-below-the-knee pants, which seem to be the new style.

The eight to twelve inch stretch of hairs between the hem of the pants, & the top of the socks, on white & spindly male legs, are quite repulsive to the eye!

But I digress. Back to the skirts.

As I previously wrote, the Welcome Party for Mrs J's sister & new Bil, was held in Mr & Mrs J's split level home. While it was a nice home, it was in perpetual renovation. Mr J was a builder, & at any given time, he would suddenly have an idea for improvement. So often, whole walls may be moved, or sudden arches would appear, where doors previously closed.

Now Mr J needed to work 2 jobs to keep buying material for his constant renovations. Mrs J also worked another job, besides being mother to her 2 sons, adopted daughter, & the dog & cat.

Mr J's second job, was as a barman, of no mean flair. He worked for GOM who was still HYPH, (happy young publican husband). Mr J was responsible for inventing some wild & wonderful drinks & he was quite the showman, serving them with flourishes, & witty remarks delivered in his wonderful Scottish brogue.

Since the Hotel was a busy Inner City Tavern, the clientele were the equivalent to "Yuppies." A lot of young lawyers, dentists, accountants, business men from all sorts of interesting retail outlets, or the 'Sales Reps' for large companies. The Young & Beautiful People of the inner City. Plus a good smattering of Doctors & Nurses from the nearby Hospital.

Since there were so many business 'contacts' among the patrons, there was always a chance to purchase wholesale jewellry, clothing, shoes, furniture, almost anything you could think of. There would be someone who could supply your every need or requirement, at suitable discount rates.

Often, when HYPH & I were invited out to parties or events, HYPH would be working, so he would arrive after the Hotel was closed at The night of the party to Welcome Mr & Mrs J's relatives, happened to be a night when HYPH was working along with another invited guest.

It just so happened that one of the Staff was a clothing Rep. He had brought in some sample items of clothing, to see if anyone was interested in buying some. So of course smarty pants pantless clowns decided it would be much more fun to arrive modelling the clothing, rather than just having them hang limply off an arm or hanger.

For some reason I now cannot remember, another guest & I had been discussing the unfair fact that men often seemed to end up with more shapely legs than women. So you may imagine my horror, when I looked up to see HYPH & M arrive showing plenty of leg under very short skirts.

Of course Mrs J was not amused, & even Mr J had the clenched-teeth grin, as he introduced his idiot friends, to his new brother in law, & sister in law.

Life was certainly never dull living with HYPH, who is now GOM. He is still apt to surprise, so life is still not dull.

I have been tagged for two memes. I will have to think about those Joni. I have a middle name I won't own, so might choose something I do like.

If you would like to see some lovely New Zealand Quilts, have a look at Ali Honey's blog, "A Quilting Orchardist". She has very generously shown us some wonderful displays.

It is raining here, sneaky, shivery, sharp & spiteful little showers that chill the air & mock the Spring!

Travis, Why Does It Always Rain On Me.


Henri said...

Meggie - I am old enough to remember when quite a few women showed hairy legs too , never mind just the men!
I am also well aware of your middle name, haha !

bluemountainsmary said...

I love Henris hairy legged women comment. Your last sentence about the showery rain is a poem. And I am trying to avoid the last bit of packing up of the old kitchen!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I actually went to a party once in a negligee. What was I thinking!!

meggie said...

Haha indeed. Dont dare divulge that name Henri, even if you are bribed!
Mary, I dont envy you the packing, having just about recovered from our carpet laying packup!
LGS, Very intriguing!! Do tell us more!

sheoflittlebrain said...

I've noticed many men seem to enjoy parading about in women's clothes at the drop of a hat. Why, pray tell do you think that is?
When we were rafting the Colorado one of the river guides, a good looking, muscular, young guy prepared the evening meals wearing pretty little dresses.

mereth said...

But what about kilts, Meggie? I love a man in a kilt, thanks to my Scottish heritage. You've got to admit Liam Neeson in Rob Roy looked pretty damn fine!

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for the link Meggie.

In my limited experience of men in dresses they often look amazing but can never find shoes large enough for their feet so often spoil the look with awful footwear.

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for understanding this entry of mine.


smilnsigh said...

Guess you won't want to be reading this, hu? ,-)

And if you scroll down on this page, you will find the line; "No one loves this enough to add it to their favorites :(" Guess a lot of gals don't go for men in skirts. -giggles-


Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie,I also love a man in a kilt but then theres not a lot of leg showing with those long socks.
But most Men in those long shorts look revolting...

joyce said...

Men do love women's clothes. When I was teaching I had a costume box for rainy days. The little boys ALWAYS went straight for the princess and other girly clothes. It must be a universal trait. Maybe because their traditional suits are so dull. Sounds like your life was never dull either.

paula said...

It's not the hairy legs I mind but the armpits I can do without.

I'm just sayin'

meggie said...

Hi All, Yes! I too, greatly admire men in kilts! I also have a very strong Scottish ancestry, & something about the pipes & the image of men in kilts is very stirring.
And yes, Liam Neeson was very sexy indeed, in Rob Roy. I loved that movie!
And the armpit thing... well I once lit some of HYPH's armpit hair, whilst we were lying sunbathing. I have never forgotten the smell!! And before you all panic, & think what a cruel hag I must have been, it was more of a singe than anything, & he was not hurt!

Molly said...

Meggie, darlin', have you been hitting the bottle? Or did you read a recent post of mine extra quickly?? There was no cause for concern. Everything was above board and normal. Just not my favourite way to spend a morning....And I guess these tests are to keep us healthy[and to line the doctors' pockets!] will be back on the morrow,at library, to read this further. But if I linger this thing might blow up!

Fairlie said...

Skirts as part of national dress (kilts, grass skirts etc) are actually quite good. But skirts on men in our day-to-day life? Not such a good look. I was always amazed when I was a student how readily the blokes would grab any opportunity to wear skirts as fancy-dress...they all seemed to like it just a little too much!

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Such visions I am having and laughing very hard. Love GOM title when he was younger. What was yours?

Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie,
I'm back from my travels and enjoying your post once more. I have to say that sometimes I see men's bare legs and have been known to say to whoever is with me, "They would look so much better covered up". LOL
Keep on making us laugh Meggie.

ancient one said...

Nope, don't like the men in skirts, but the young ones in the long shorts look fine to me...especially if their legs are tanned. LOL But I prefer them with no socks or the low socks inside their shoes...or wearing flip-flops!

Tanya Brown said...

Men. Skirts. Dear God!

Well, maybe if they'd learn to sit without their legs splayed apart it wouldn't be so bad.

Aunty Evil said...

Ooooh, I don't know that I agree with you Meggie about the men in skirts.

I took quite a shine to Orlando, Brad and Eric in skirts in Troy.

I think that a man who wears a skirt, kilt or otherwise, looks kinda .... yum?

But yes, Tanya's comment about sitting with their legs apart is also valid...

Henri said...

Would that be mens hairy armpits Paula was referring to ? or womens ? -- I can remember more than a few hairy armpits being flashed around by women in my youth also ! I never minded one way or the other really HaHa Good grief, girls with plucked eyebrows were looked at askance weren't they ?

jellyhead said...

I love that you say GOM can still surprise you after all these years (and still makes you laugh). So despite the fact that he drives you mad with his kitchen-overtaking ways, you still enjoy his company and find him interesting. To me that's true love!

Ragged Roses said...

Meggie you should be writing a book , I have never known anyone with so many amusing little anecdotes!
Kim x
PS I feel the same about those short trousers too!

MargaretR said...

I was going to say exactly the same as Kim, Meggie. Have you ever thought of writing one? I'm sure you have.
I don't think women's knees are particularly aesthetic either, I find all knees make me want to laugh, especially my own, which are getting worse the older I get.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, what interesting comments you've caused! Sounds like GOM has a wonderful sense of humor, which imho is the best quality to have for a long and happy marriage!

Molly said...

I love men in kilts, as opposed to men in tights....Maybe Isabelle could enlighten us as to what her countrymen wear under their kilts---especially on windy days....Just curious, as, if it's anthing like Ireland, Scotland must quite often be COLD!