Thursday, September 13

Smoke Signals

We descended upon the Southern City
With it's forboding, -or promising ?
Steeple Spire.
Where would we fit?
We have no Belief. We have no 'University'?

But we run, in the woodsmoked evening air.
full of joy,
& perhaps, sly deception.
wearing our thick,
black tights.
Passing as Students.

Calling into a Pub,
The bar, warm, inviting,
Filled with Students.

Who spy our warm, fresh faces,
gravitate to drink in our innocence.
Ask questions.
We answer, with lies,
Knowing we are unknown.
Do not have to care,
can tease, lie, laugh.

Run away, unknown, annonymous.
Knowing we may be searched for,
on Campus.
But we cannot be found,
By subject, name.
Lost in the misty,
woodsmokey, eveing air,
As we run off, laughing.

Later catch sight of vaguely familiar faces,
who look,
with puzzled, questioning glances.
we laugh, together in our secret sisterhood.

Our Secrets are safe.
We stick together.
Laugh. Laugh.

For BFJ.
I never knew a truer friend.

Ben E King, Stand By Me.


smilnsigh said...

A lovely and evocative poem. Such a wonderful word-picture you paint.

"...the woodsmoked evening air." Oh I want to keep that line!! I so love woodsmoke!!! When someone has a real wood fire going in their fireplace, it's like heaven to sniff it when one goes out their door.

And of course, any self respecting Pub where there are students... should have a real wood burning fireplace in an old, old bar area. Oh yes!!! As in this entry in 'Photos-City-Mine.'


riseoutofme said...

Lovely poem Meggie!

Nothing like the conspiracy of friendship to brighten ones life.

ancient one said...

You write so well.. I enjoy every post!! I could smell the woodsmoke.... used to love it... now I have a fit whenever any is burning around me... As I age my sinus problems get worse... When my husbands burns the leaves, I suffer. Friendship Memories are the Best!!

sheoflittlebrain said...

A wonderful poem, meggie...I found myself completely absorbed by your descriptive words..and by the innocent conspiracy of those young girls...

Finn said...

Great narrative Meggie! Took me right back to campus days...the carefree joy of youth, daring, not being afraid to try anything within reason...LOL
And yes, the woodsmoke filled air, autumn bonfires, the sheer joy of being alive and seeing the harvest moon climbing higher. Thanks for all of it, Hugs, Finn
P.S. Love your tree and Mr and Mrs Black and White...*VBS*

Isabelle said...

So where is this? Enjoyed your poem too.

Aunty Evil said...

A true friend is a treasure.

crafty said...

I love it Meggie.

leslie said...

truly enjoyed this poem considering I'm not really the "poem type."

fifi said...

Really lovely piece of poetry, I felt as if I were there with you!!

bluemountainsmary said...

Your friend is very lucky to have you as a friend. Woodsmoked evening air is part of my day to day life - it is a wonderful scent

Bren said...

Great memories.

Come get your award!