Tuesday, September 18

A Trip to a Mall.

We took Leo to be professionally clipped today. I warned the nice little Groomer girl, that he is a naughty boy, & she might need to muzzle him. He looks oh so cute, but he is anti-social. I blame us for that, because we dont take him out with other dogs, & though we have tried to train him, somehow it hasn't worked.

We have friends who come to visit, & some he is accepting of, but some he continues to be rather hostile about. He wont allow them to touch him, in spite of being given treats. Honey, on the other hand is everybody's friend, once she gets over her initial bark.

It has seemed a long day to Gom, who has become Leo's best friend. Leo suspects me of wanting to groom, or clip, him- which is true! He is so woolly, & his wool had got very tangled, since he wouldn't allow brushing either. He does let me trim his facial wool, so I told the girl, if she had to muzzle him, & couldnt clip his face, that won't matter.

So after dropping the little monster darling off, we went off to a Mall, to fill in a little of the day.

We wandered aimlessly about. People watching is about the best thing to be said for Malls, unless of course, you are there to shop.

We went into Target & strolled past all the electrical gadgets. Great stainless steel contraptions, that looked as if you might need a license to operate. With myriad levers & buttons. Enormous great things, looking rather like the panel in a small plane. Or a small vehicle you might almost drive down to the shops. Gom looed at the monstrous price, disdainfully flicked some levers, & said, "It's only a toaster!"

We examined a new-age 'dust-buster'. Trying to work out how to get it to look as it did in the picture on the box. Trying to see how it could possibly work. Gom pulling out nozzles, & extending bits, & twisting knobs, & then unable to get them back. Better put it down, & slink away, before we break the darn thing!

A youngish man trying on caps. The kind that have the adjustable strap on the back, & the bill out the front. His bald patch gleaming out through the hole in the back. I am not sure if he bought it, but he will be nastily burnt if he did! I decided against telling him about it.

I looked at the shoes. All those wonderful pointy toes, the lovely colours. I sighed & felt glad, that once, I had worn shoes like that, & loved them all. I never will again, but once upon a time... I danced all night in shoes just like that!

An elegant looking, slightly older, mother, with 2 lovely looking children. A girl & a younger boy. The boy having a minor tantrum. Mother must have been tired, because she whacked his little bum, quite hard. Of course he shrieked louder. I was a little surprised, because she looked so ...well,... good looking, ..& ..elegant. You dont have to be nasty looking to act nasty, I suppose.

We purchased some lettuce & tomatoes. Salad this evening with our dinner. I really wanted to buy a beautiful large eggplant. Gom wouldn't eat any, so I decided to wait until I have some guests to share. I don't know if the vegies have risen in price in anticipation of the drought or if they are genuinely drought affected, but they sure seem to have doubled in price since last week.

It does seem rather strange & quiet here in the house with no Leo roaring about, playing with his toys or following Gom about. We have watched some TV, & done a little reading. Honey has cuddled up to both of us in turn. We wonder if she is missing her boisterous 'brother'.

The Waifs, How Many Miles.


bluemountainsmary said...

First to comment again! This is a good time for me to fit in some blog reading as the kids have been fed and are off playing or getting ready for bath. Or fighting. Which as you know I ignore.
You will not recognise Leo. Photo please?
I found the story of the well dressed mother smacking her son disturbing. In that I worry for women who are so at their wits end that they smack their kids in public ( esp in this day and age where that is so not the done thing). what is happening in private?

Sheila said...

I too remember dancing all night in pointy shoes. Those were the days. One time my feet began to throb and rather than stop dancing I took them off, only to lose them in the crowd and have to go home in bare feet. I returned the next day and got them back, I felt silly until I saw about 10 other pairs waiting for their owners.
Leo will look very smart, but I don't blame him for getting snippy, I hate having my hair cut too!

Joni said...

I hope you show us Leo's new haircut! Whenever I would clip Corky's hair we always thought he looked so spiffy. Just like a little gentleman! I miss my little dog.

Thimbleanna said...

LOL -- your life is much like it is here for us! And here I thought you led an exotic life down under. People watching at the mall and Target. Just like here! ;-)

ancient one said...

Typical day at the mall. I hardly ever go to the mall. I once worked in a store in the mall. I would gaze out at the people outside walking through on their merry way. On slow days I would think I was the animal in the cage. Others could walk out the door and get away, but I was stuck in my cage until time was up. I saw them buying those swim suits and I imagined them heading on to the beach in beautiful weather and I was stuck in the cage.... People watching goes both ways...LOL

Tanya Brown said...

Giggle! Great anecdotes and observations. Can't wait to see Leo's new do. I'm sure he'll have some great stories for you of being clipped and smelling other dogs.