Monday, September 24

Today felt like cake...Red Warning! Please turn away, if you only like pretty or funny!

So, if you are going to ask me what the hell do I mean? Well, I am not going to say. About the cake. Or maybe I will.

But you must know that, 3, 4, or 5-year-old, feeling, when it is your birthday, & you just know you are going to get cake? The level of excitement builds up, & you think you will burst? The cake comes after the presents... the presents were nice, but you were too excited to concentrate on most of them.

The cake, with candles, & the singing~ Just for You!! The lights go dim, the curtains or blinds are closed to simulate darkness, in the small family room used for family meals, celebrations, & the candles are lit. You stand there, anxiously, ~knowing you have to make A WISH. You have to blow all the candles out, or it won't work! Your wish won't be granted. Oh! The pressure!!

Or, if you are living another life, not nearly so nice, you know, when it is your birthday, you will be lucky not to get a biff under the lug, for daring to mention it. "Who would be glad you were born?" "You snot-nosed little snivelling brat!" "Shut your whining you little sh!t." "Dont come near me, or I'll kick your scabby, sorry arse! Give you something to whine about."

The picture those words conjure up, is just hideous. But sadly, it is all too common now, with fractured, broken, & divided families. A mother who may love her child, but 'loves' the new partner more, sides with the de facto. So she won't lose that modicum of 'comfort & love'. Which is nothing more than tyrany, & domination. Often with cruelty, & harshness, for her own-born child, as the result. I cannot fathom how a mother can 'sell' her child out for 10 2 minutes of lied-about shabby lust passion. What has happened to our society, that young girls & mothers seem to think & feel they are defined by a man's dick, penis, call it what you will. As if he honours her by using it, in her, 'for' her.

In my case, as a child, I was very loved. I had cakes, which I have forgotten. I know they didn't work, those wishes. Because I always made the same wish. It never came true. But I sure knew I was loved, & cherished. What more could a child want?

But I digress a little here, darkly.
I intended to post about how light I felt this morning,
As if the Season's ponderous change has lifted, & I am now "Being In Spring"

It has been a lovely warm day.
I have had fun conversations. I have been assured the "Boob Eating Itch" I am suffering is probably nothing more than eczema. Treatable. Not Boob threatening. Which may be TMI ....but too bad! It is my blog, I will say what I like!

****** Converstion from today, that reinforced my "Cake" feeling. With outrageous laughter.

MD.- Did I tell you about the dog eating snail bait?
me- No.
MD- He was having dog Parkinsons. I rang PMD, who rushed home.
Indeed dog was displaying Parkinsonian behaviour. Twitching, shaking uncontrollably.
PMD- Have you got a thermometer?
MD- Yes here it is. You hold him while I insert said thermometer.
PMd- He has a temperature, we must treat him.
Proceeds to administer treatment, which shall remain secret.
MD thinks to throw out the thermometer. Then thinks she may need to reuse it.
So MD leaves large notice beside thermometer. "DO NOT USE. HAS BEEN UP DOG'S ARSE"
MD, returns to work.
PMD returns to work.
Bossy Daughter of MDs arrives home.
Placid Daughter of MDs is nursing sick dog. Has not touched thermometer.
Bossy uses thermometer. Bossy rings Mother. "This dog is not well. I am taking dog to VET!"
MD meekly- Yes well we realise his is not well. Hurry they will be closing soon.

Phone call from Vet to PMD. Some hostile discussion ensues. Dog remains at Vet overnight.

MD goes to collect Dog, on the morrow.
Young Vet hastens out, to inform MD it may be "Funny Little White Dog Syndrome"!!
Ye gods. -What??
Young Vet- Well it seems to be something the small white dogs get... we are not sure what it is. But it can be treated......blah blah blah, coritsone, blah blah blah.

It turns out PMD had laid snail bait. But didnt want to admit it. Problem solved with small white dog. We all hope.

So, I had to tell tale of Granddog, who has some skin condition. Chew the hair right off his bum, back, most of his hind legs.
I told MD he looks like some bare bummed invitation to gay dogs!
MD knows the look.
Their Female has the same problem. Only she is a she.

I have no idea who sings this, but, Who Let The Dogs Out!


bluemountainsmary said...

Meggie - welcome back - the clouds have obviously lifted as you have posted the craziest funny story today!

And so nice that you wrote about cake today. Maryx

meggie said...

Happy Birthday Mary!!!

h&b said...

I wished for the same thing every year, and eventually it came true.

All I can say is the 'be careful for what you wish for' comment is so true.

joyce said...

I was lucky to have a wonderful family. We weren't rich but we always had birthday cake.

Bren said...

My son has the cd! It is Baha Men who sing "who let the dogs out."

Your story of moms who put men before their children hits a nerve. I have seen it SO many times. My own mother lived it all her life, along with her sister, whom my mother brought home with us when she (my aunt) was only 8 years old. Grandma's boyfriend hit my aunts kitten in the head with a hammer, killing it before my aunts eyes. It changes who you are suppose to be put behind a man in your mothers Meggie, write something about children who's mothers prostitiute them at the age of 3 for drugs!!! I can live out my anger through your posts...kinda like therapy! Fortunately I had a mother who put me first.

ancient one said...

Too early in the morning for me? I didn't quite get the dog story.

I did understand the woman putting up with stuff over taking care of her children. Too much of that going on.

In all my years at home, nothing was done at Birthday time. Maybe the Sunday closest to your birthday we would have a store bought cake and they would say this is "which ever one's" birthday cake, but no candles or presents.

The only thing we celebrated was Christmas. Then all the stops were off... and we were given as much as they could afford... several presents for each of seven children.

On my 30th birthday, I received a card. My mom started sending all her children cards on our birthdays with gifts of money inside. I guess, once everyone left home, they had more money to do things with...LOL

smilnsigh said...

I'm glad you are now "Being In Spring"!!!

And I'm also glad you don't worry about TMI, 'cause your blog is thus, so much ding-dang-fun. -evil giggles-

But anyway, what's the matter with "calling a spade a spade", as they say??!!?? Or a penis, a penis? Or a breast, a breast? I guess I do have to have my own view of the word 'boob,' and it's that I don't like it that well. But hey! That's just me! And it's YOUR blog! Boob-away!!! ,-)


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

An extremely passionate post. A slight surprise but a great delight. Interesting rant and funny dog tale.

riseoutofme said...

So glad the blue, black has lifted!!

Lovely, sunny, funny yellow post!

Ian Lidster said...

I love eclectic musings, and yours today, Dear Meggie, was a delight. So happy you're feeling better. Patience is always a virtue, especially when one's feeling crappy. Mustering that patience can be a challenge sometimes, however.

Guðrún said...

It is sad but true what you wrote about those children, some women/men shouldn´t be allowed to have children they use them, beat them and god knows what else.It is the most horrible thing you can do to destroy a young soul.

Thimbleanna said...

You're too funny Meggie! What a mixed post. Like you, I'll never understand women who choose a new man over their children. Ever.

Marja said...

Good on you to think about the children, because others, even their mums forget.
And ha ha I had no idea small white dogs have to go through all this.

Josie said...

I cannot fathom any mother selling her child out like that, but it does happen, doesn't it? Thank goodness it has not happened to anyone I know.

Quite a mixed bag you have here :-)

Tanya Brown said...

I wish you could come here and shake some sense into people's heads. A major factor in many of the child abuse stories I read is the mother hooking up with a new boyfriend/husband who treats her kids like crap, and she puts up with it. I have zero respect for such women. Zero.

As for the rest - heaven save us from "Funny Little White Dog Syndrome!" Snort!

fifi said...

hello there itchy-bazoomas,

I meant to say that when I read your kings cross post, I had just read a lovely poem about kings cross by the "kings cross muse" was great!
I have a link on my site if you want to read it, I think you would like it.

Anyway, I hope you didn't have to take your owm temperature with that thermometer.

I do feel sad for the pooor liitle children. I always had a birthday cake, and was very loved so I'm lucky.