Saturday, January 20

At Play.

These two pics of SG were taken in the lounge last evening. It is not often he settles to such quiet play, so I just had to grab the camera. He looks so thin in the pics, but he seems to be very healthy - in spite of telling me "I dont eat vegetables"We had him for a few hours in the late afternoon, & he was so happy. He is usually such 'high maintenance' to care for, but he seemed to be particularly happy yesterday, pottering about with his blocks, making houses & garages.

Here he is on the floor, with GOM's foot close by, ( yes, it was attached to the leg, & not disembodied & just placed there for effect!) & Leo's tail, a floor cushion, & the dog's basket of toys. I heard him tell Leo, when he attempted to sneak a block, "Dont even think about it!"

We had a great morning, went to a garage sale promising 'material, & sewing items'. Got some good bits & pieces for when the quilty muse arrives back. Now all I have to do is wait for COOOL to wash & iron them!

I also got another 'tired' & 'retired' Teddy for the Hug! He is a sheepskin old chap, & has a music box, which has ceased to work. I am sure with a bit of TLC & a new ribbon, he will look comfortable among the other refugees.
His poor old nose has been 'loved' right off his face! No, Leo didnt do that, it was already missing! along with a chunk of his arm fur.

Later, we went out with a friend for about an hour, & I foolishly left new 'Old Ted' on the table. When we came home Leo had brought him downstairs. Thank goodness he didnt eat him!
Or maul him to death!
When my children were small, (& not so small, too) it was a habit of mine to make up stories about toys & 'things'. I can even remember some of them, & so can my adult 'kids'. I wish I had written some of them down, but some of them are still in my head.

It is fearsomely hot here today. There is a little breeze, which just about saves it from being one of those 40-something days.
It is 30 degrees C in the passage, even with the aircon going in the lounge end of the house!


h&b said...

We don't have A/C, so have really been feeling the effect of those 40deg+ days...

As for the thin boy, he looks fine. Although I recently babysat one of those, and worried I was going to snap him in two - he seemed so fragile, even though almost a whole year older then my stongly-built-boy.

They'll win in the end though. No doubt the heftier models will be weight-watchers in later years ...

joyce said...

I think he looks just about right. With obesity such a rampant problem I think we sometimes think normal looks too thin. A sewing garage sale-just my kind of place. Or any garage sale for that matter!

telfair said...

I hope it cools off for you! When we lived in Melbourne, we lived for the "cool change." Having no A/C at all during our 2 years there.

I love the new bear and the fact that his nose has been "loved" off. Reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit!

Quilting Kim said...

Thanks for posting the photo of your bear. Bears that have been 'loved to death' are the very best kind and worth of keeping for the memories.

It's bright and sunny in my corner of the US, but bitter, bitter COLD. I only wish that we could share some of your warmth for some of my freezing cold.

SG looks so happy and content playing with his blocks.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

You are warm and I am cold. The sun is very bright here today in Chicagoland, but still very cold.

My sons loved playing with blocks and told the dogs more times then I can count "NO".

Love the teddy bears!

jellyhead said...

I love SG's comment 'Don't even think about it' funny!

Hope today is not so stinky-hot for you. Happy Sunday!

Blue Moon Girl said...

Too cute! I love the pics of SG! He seems very healthy and quite busy!

I love garage sales for "bits & pieces." And I really like the teddy. He has been well loved.

I hope it cools down for you! It has been incredibly cold here! Lots of snow and highs of around -4C or so.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That is one precious teddy bear, can't even imagine the suffering of having one's nose loved off. Your little non-veggie eating grandson is adorable! It's sleeting and freezing rain here today if that helps you to feel a bit cooler!