Friday, January 26


Do you collect 'things'? I have developed a collection of owls. This pic shows just a few of them. My son often gives me a new one, & my daughter has given me some nice ones too.

For some reason I have always been intrigued by owls, & I love pictures of Barn Owls, in particular.
In N.Z. I used to lie in bed at night listening to the cry of the Morepork- which is what it sounds like, "morepork, morepork"! (I dont know it's correct name.)

I was very interested to see the Frogmouth birds at the Australian Reptile Park, they look so owl-like, & they are quite tame, we could get very close to them, & look them in the eye!

Perhaps I was what was known as a witch in a former life. Or, if you believe in reincarnation, perhaps an owl??

I once tried some 'past lives' hypnosis, in my quest to give up smoking. Which may sound like a very odd thing to do, but the hypnotist I went to, was convinced we do certain things in this life, because of our past lives. So off I went, on a few 'journeys' to see who I might have been.

It was very interesting, & certainly the 'lives' I found felt very real, whilst I was reliving them!
In some I even cried, & felt pain, heat & extreme cold- as in dying in a snow storm, but I ended up feeling lovely & warm as I actually 'died'.

In one, I was regarded as a witch, because I would not marry a man designated to be my husband, & I used herbs for treating ailments. So I was put to death for being such a wicked witch!

It is very difficult to describe the sensation of living a 'past life'. I am still unsure whether I believe it, but the feelings were very real. My son scoffs totally, & says it is all the mind playing tricks- which could well be the truth.

I eventually stopped smoking but I tried for years to give up the habit, & in that journey to smokelessness, I tried acupuncture, - several times, hynosis, again several times. Finally the gum did it for me, but I ended up addicted to the gum, so I then did the patches to get off the gum! The patches did work!! And, because I had long since given up all the rituals associated with smoking, I found I didnt have those habits to give up. Only the dreadful addiction to nicotine, which must be among the worst addictions there are.

My DJ loves pigs, & she has a large collection of all sorts of pigs- from porcelain to the stuffed fluffy variety. SIL knows how to get in her good books- he buys her another pig!

GOM doesnt really collect anything, though he has some elephants we hoped might bring good luck. I think they must be non working elephants, because we dont seem to have had much good luck from them!

We are still car-less. I was quite disgruntled that the repairers didnt bother to let us know we would not have the car for the long weekend. It is Australia Day here, so a holiday. We are stuck home. I would have liked to have a walk along the beach.

I have done some sewing though, so I suppose it is not time wasted.


joyce said...

I have accidentally ended up with a collection of teapots. I didn't plan to collect them, it just happened. We have Chinese, Japanese, English, hand made by local potters to name a few. I posted pictures of some of them last year when I did a teapot wall hanging. I think most collections start by accident.

Molly said...

How could you forget to mention your fabric collection?? I have become addicted to a certain kind of Polish pottery. It's simple lines and beautiful blues and greens just stir something in came on very gradually, but is now a full blown addiction. And I'm not really a "collector", seeing most things as just another surface for dust to accumulate on.

meggie said...

icab=n relate to the teapots- some have sneaked my way, but my cousin J has some lovely teapots- I think of her evert time I go to a garage sale.
And as for the 'dust collectors' haha, mine now have resident spiders, judging by the webs hanging off some of them!!

meggie said...

And OMG, what the hell happened to the spelling germ in the last post,
It would seem I am severely disabled, or cannot spell to save myself!

Both could be true, of course!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Dishes, strawberries (motif, not the actual fruit!) and, of course, fabric. Your owls are delightful.

henri said...

Meggie --
Morepork - Maori name Ruru --
related to Aussie Boobook .
What swine behaviour over your car .

Jeanette said...

love your owl collection
I used collect teaspoons . but got so many when we shifted to a smaller home I gave a lot away
now just collect a few fridge magnets from my travels.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I collect anything Coca Cola, John Wayne, old wooden spools, hanukkah menorahs, drinking glasses, fridge magnets from states I have visited, mystery books and fabric. I now have my Mom's cat, needle point and thimble collections.