Monday, January 1

Good Luck For 2007.

This is my little Golden Girl, Honey. A friend took this nice pic, with her whizz bang, wonderful new camera. I really like the pic, as it shows Honey's golden personality. She is worth more than gold to me.

But this morning, the 'treats' from last night are proving less than favourable... she has a terrible flatulence problem! Poor little girl is paying the price of everyone 'treating' her.

And here is Leo, pic also courtesy of Friend. He was a rather antisocial boy last night, so I had him on the lead until he learnt better manners. I think our friends' young son's prescence upset him, & we are not sure why, because he loves SG. It was the first time he met the young man, so perhaps next time he wont be so hostile.

This next pic is looking down from our balcony. Friend also took the pic, & it makes things look nice & green- not a true indication of how much in drought we are.

But here on the Eastern Coast we seem to have got some regular falls lately, & everything has greened. None of the rain seems to have gone into the Dams, or catchment areas, so we continue to have water restrictions.

I seem to have got the pic a little small, but if you click on it, you may notice there is a huge old Magnolia tree in the garden below. I love this tree, as when there is a breeze, it brings the wonderful scent of the huge cream Magnolia flowers wafting up the hill, & into our open windows.
And about now, our Nice Neighbours have a beautiful Orchid that flowers, & it has a very strong perfume like vanilla, that perfumes the whole neighbourhood. I must see if I can get a pic.
A family I know, live next to some Clowns.
You might think this a joke, but I have never noticed anyone laughing at having to live next to these Clowns. They make their neighbour's lives a misery.
There is Mr Clown, who I dont think spends much time at home, or 'in character'- he is often absent, in an Institution, 'in treatment'.
Then there is Mrs Clown, who is certainly larger than life! -& dare I say it, twice as ugly!
Then there is Son Clown No 1. A larger-than-life 'Lump' of a 'lad', who still lives at home with Mr & Mrs Clown. He is aging, but still plays the part of the Junior Clown.
Then, there is Son Clown No 2. He is not so large, but equally 'clownish', & none too young any more.
Said Clown family are available for parties & goodness knows what other events could want clowns. I think sometimes they just show up, free of charge, just because they are Clowns, & want to keep 'practising'. They have a ClownMobile, & can be seen in various locations in full 'character mode' careering about.
They are vexatious neighbours, & as I said, no one does much laughing when they are about. I think they actually stop short of wearing full costume when pestering the neighbours about petty matters. But they think nothing of poking their clownish faces over fences, & into people's private gatherings & whining about trivial imagined -or to them real -niggles. Raucous Clown voices are raised & neighbours knock each other down, trying to flee! In the past neighbourhood meetings have been dominated by Clowns- who were not exactly invited to attend, but they seemed to discover the meetings by osmosis -or something.
And Mr Clown could be heard proudly proclaiming that he was 'mad, & I have to go into the bin every now & then!'
Son clowns dont usually attend these meetings.
Son Clown No 1 actually started the Clown dynasty. He was a fool at school, & I think he took it literally when the teacher told him he was a "Clown!"
He took it to heart, & regarded it as career advice!
Soon he was imposing his Clownery on all & sundry!
And soon there was a whole family of Clowndom!
However, in a ray of sunshine, it appears that Clowning around does not lead to matches made in Clownville, so there are no little, budding, Clowns, & not even any partner Clownettes, so perhaps they might die out.


aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie,

Your babies are beautiful.

How come I can click on your pics and get a larger shot, but that doesn't work for mine anymore?

Not a happy beta-blogger!

Oh, happy new year by the way. :)

meggie said...

Hi Aunty, I dont know about the photo click..
I thought I had spaced my post with lots of 2 line sentences... when it posted it is like a monologue...

Yes. Best Wishes for 2007!
I look forward to reading you this year.

joyce said...

Lol! Now I know why I live in the middle of nowhere. No clowns in sight or even neighbours within a mile.

Angie said...

OMG, Meggie, one of the highlights of my 2006 has been 'meeting' you through blogdom! You are an absolute delight, and I do love a good chuckle. And yes, you might say, I can chuckle since I don't live near Clownville BUT I'm afraid we have a house full of similar 'clowns' too close by for comfort. :( I always enjoy my visits with you, dear Meggie! ;p Happy happy New Year...It's 11:25 p.m. here on Sunday night, our New Year's Eve. I am greatly anticipating a wonderful year of friendship with you! :)

meggie said...

Hi everyone,
I couldnt resist posting an addition for will see why.
I hope everyone has a wonderful year, & my personal wish is to recapture my 'absent' muse for quilting!!

We are supposed to be having RAIN. They lied!!! the clouds amounted to NIL!! Bugger!!