Friday, January 12


Does anyone out there in blogger land suffer from 'comment envy'??
I sometimes go onto a blog where I enjoy the content, laugh along, & think to myself, well I will just make a light, or admiring, comment.

And then I see there are 29 before me, so I decide they dont need my ha'penny worth, & I become a 'Lurker'. Which means you watch & read, but dont comment.

I have seen on some blogs it has been de-lurker week, or something along those lines. Encouraging folk who heretofore only 'lurked' to come out of the closet, as it were, & comment.

I see lots of 'weeks for' things, & I wonder, -is there some secret blogging society out there who notifies bloggers of these 'special weeks'?? And, if there is, why dont I get notified?? And how late in the week is 'too late'??

On completely different tack, (& an illustration of how flea-like my mind can be) have you ever, or do you now, take note of the clothing 'styles' of your colleagues?

I used to always notice the dress style of the men who worked in our offices, when I was employed by a Swiss owned company. We had so many men of European origin employed there, it was very interesting to see the various styles of the different males.

A Mr Green, who originally came from Yorkshire, was always so sartorially splendid, I was moved to compliment him one day. He was totally startled, & so I enquired if his splendour was due to the fact that he lived in a household of females. Having one wife & three daughters. He admitted it was his wife who chose his ties, suits etc, but assured me it was not without his 'approval'.

I found the best dressed to be a man of German origin, who had the most gorgeous bum- & believe me, I am not one to admire mens bums as a general rule. But his wife was an artist of some talent, so perhaps she deserved the credit. I was never bold enough to ask who chose his suits! He, being the 'Financial Controller'- & not one ounce of spare flesh upon his body!

I was not really surprised to find the Australian males were the least 'snazzy' dressers, -but they won hands down for cheeriness. Or, most of them did. The PM, was an uncouth, ill dressed, crotch scratcher- it was so embarrassing we female staff wondered if he had contracted 'crabs' or some other hideous disease. No one ever found out, as they sidled out of his office as fast as they could!

As for sheer charm, the Frenchman, who was neither well dressed, nor goodlooking , took the top award! I swear that man could fake interest in a discussion of an electrical insulator!

And the award for pomposity went to the MD- he was Swiss. And an immaculate dresser, -but somehow 'sterile', if you get my meaning. I mean no disrespect to the Swiss, for my direct boss was a Swiss man, who was the most even tempered, laid back, calm man, I have ever met. And his style of dressing was more casual, & he was married to a very lovely Indonesian woman, so perhaps she influenced his 'style'?

Oh well, how much do 'clothes maketh the man'? I think not much any more?


nutmeg said...

Oh Meggie, you got it in one there. The other day I turned up to Bec's for RSM and was so late and I think, there are already 30 odd comments, and I thought what could I say that would add anything here? Lesson - get in early! I'm not generally a lurker though, I generally get in there and give my two cents worth. I'm sure some bloggers think "Who is this nutmeg? Where's she from again?" Oh well :-)

Alice said...

Oh Meggie, I can visualise you so clearly frantically searching through the blogs for one that isn't all commented out - and I can laugh about it because it all sounds so familiar.

These last few months I've been so slack about reading and commenting, even when I really want to. Then I find 30 comments and, like you, think "it's all been said". Which is total rubbish, and not the point at all, as bloggers are happy to hear from anyone who cares to leave a comment.

You've been so busy lately passing on some wonderful emails with funny messages, etc. Thank you.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This post really made me laugh out loud. Lurkers and ill-dressed, uncouth men. You didn't work with any Americans,'least attention to appearance', hands-down; no disrespect for my nation however I sometimes wonder when I'm out in public and see how people are dressed (or not) if they even own mirrors.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Hi Meggie, clothes don't make the man, nor do comments make the blog - although both can be fun!

I love reading your stories. Keep 'em coming.

joyce said...

I was a lurker for a long time before I started commenting. THen when people started commenting on my blog I returned the favour. When my husband and daughters were doing portraits in Paris, I had the job of luring in customers. After a few months I found I could tell a lot about whether they would sit by looking at their shoes. Shoes can actually tell you a lot about a person.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I have such blogger comment envy I can not begin to tell you. I have enough trouble posting to my own blog and then when I read other blogs I end up just lurking. I am always in awe of what talented people are in bloggerland.

I love "guy" watching. By the way a guy dresses, walks, his hair cut and facial expressions, I make up all kinds of stories about him. Hum, wonder if any of my stories are true?

meggie said...

Hi everyone.
Wow Joyce, Paris sounds interesting. Perhaps when you slow down with the quilts you could blog about that?

I get enormous fun out reading all the blogs I try to regularly read, & I do love getting comments too.

I do enjoy reading all the comments on other blogs too. I am sometimes a lurker out of necessity- damn blogger wont let me comment!

Lois R. said...

Meggie, I must confess to being a lurker on your blog quite freqently. You have so much interesting stuff to say that I'm too intimidated to pick out one thing and comment! I also lurk when there are already 30 comments.

By the way, I love the quilts you showed yesterday!

Quilting Kim said...

Meggie - You have a wonderful way with words and I so enjoy your posts, especially the one about clothing and men. I was laughing so hard, I had to go back and read it again. So, should I comment twice? (he-he)