Monday, January 22

Awful Reality.

Yesterday our garden Temperature Gauge said it was 50 degrees Celsius in the corner, where it sits. The one on our fridge in the kitchen declared it was 30 degrees, & that was with the curtains closed, & the airconditioner roaring away.

My lovely Birds Nest ferns, which had been looking nice, got burnt. A flourishing tree fern also got badly burnt. It is heartbreaking to see plants you love, get so badly damaged. I know some would say, they are only plants- but to me they are more than that. And any that actually live for me are extra special!

I have spent the morning bailing out a tub full of rinsing water from my washing, & I used the water to give the plants a small chance of survival.

I also watched a programme about Global Warming. It is so depressing, - the arrogance of big business in Amerca makes my blood boil.
It is all ONLY about MONEY & sod the people.

The North American Natives, whose land is crumbling to the sea as the ice melts, & they are losing their homes, & will now have to relocate to the mainland. I could just sit & weep, to think that man's greed can be so great.

It makes me think it seems a futile exercise for us to do our little bits, thinking we can effect change. Somehow it is like a mouse raping an elephant.

I watched footage of President Bush, "swaggering" strutting, grinning that seemingly vaccuous grin-- I just can't voice the dreadful thoughts that went through my head, and what I think of a man such as he.
I know- the "Puppet" answer.. but it doesnt answer it all...does it??

O hell, I promised myself not to rant about any sort of Political items or events. I dont want to get into it all on here.

I want flowers & bright colours, & some cool breezes, & some beautiful rain!

I dont want to have to think about the fact that fires have closed the F3 down to Sydney, & even the trains have been stopped, because of the smoke.

I dont want to think of how badly we need water, - yet councils conitinue to approve the building of more high density housing blocks.

I need to change the way I am thinking about things.

Sorry for such a miserable post. I couldnt seem to help it.


Stomper Girl said...

Lack of water when you need it is a very depressing thing, I don't blame you for feeling angst-y. It must be a prehistoric instinct in us, because water is so necessary for our survival!

keryn said...

I was snorting in disbelief the other morning when I heard on the radio that, although there is at the most two years of water left in the Wivenhoe dam before it runs out completely, the government had no contingency plan because 'they didn't think it would happen'. Their mascot should be an ostrich....

A contingency plan is there IN CASE in happens you twits!!!! Don't get me started.......

Emma said...

Keryn, I couldn't agree more!

It's ridiculous, the complete lack of infrastructure to support the population boom in Brisbane (and Sydney). Think about the water BEFORE you build the darn houses!


aunty evil said...

I understand your frustration Meggie, as I feel it too.

It just seems to me we get talked "at" a lot, and nobody is telling us the truth anymore. They are all too busy trying to get our vote they seem to overlook the fact they aren't giving us reasons to vote for them.

Argh. Like you said, don't get me started!

joyce said...

Politics is the same the world over. Here we have all the warming problems in the north and the government doesn't want to sign the Kyoto Accord. You are right. Money and power run everything and there is no thought to future generations. It's so frustrating.

Tracey Petersen said...

At 50 degrees you are entitled to some justified outrage.

Today I heard that 'education is important to economic development'. What?? Why is it that we appear to only value money? Why aren't our kids so important that we will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that they are safe, happy and able to live in a healthy world?

Molly said...

You only have to look at New Orleans to figure out how much worse a disaster can be made by the lack of a contingency plan.....Plans for more and more building here in Florida, with its delicate ecosystem, seem to barrel on's all about the money and the power and the greed, and to hell with future generations......Politicians---we should tie them all up in a bag with some big rocks and dump them way out in the deepest part of the ocean......sorry, done now.