Tuesday, January 2

Just Tired

A very tiring, enervating day!
We had SG here for 6 hours, & he was constantly on the go! He is really missing his 'school days' & also missing his favourite little friend from Pre School.
We spent some time downstairs, listening to some old music. SG was quite intrigued by the old records, & how the record player works.

While we were down in the rumpus room I was looking at my wallhangings, & an old quilt I made at the beginning of my obsession with quilts.

This is a pic of the 'Houses' wallhanging I did some years ago. I blanket stitched all the houses & flowers & really enjoyed the whole process of making this.

The pic doesnt seem to have turned out very bright or clear. Perhaps I should have put the lights on in the rumpus room.

This next pic is the very early quilt. My family gave me some Charm Square packs, & this gave me the idea to use them all in a quilt. So I set about designing - a new experience, & I tried several variations before I settled upon this idea, which I called Four Seasons.

I currently have it on the sofa bed downstairs. It is a good utility quilt, with a nice cotton batting, & is light but warm. I still love all the fabrics in it, & am always reminded of my 'children', when I see it.

We have not been lucky enough to get the rain that Sydney has had, but the humid heat is very tiring, & the light is strange & overcast. A bit glum, really.

Old music may have brought back too many memories. Phoebe Snow, whose voice I still love.
Connie Francis with some country style songs- dated but I have so many memories of people who loved her music too!

Now I am onto Bob Dylan, who is always good for melancholia!

Tomorrow we have SG again for some hours, so I must prepare with an early night!


Stomper Girl said...

I like that house quilt.
Record player? Ah, yes I remember them. Isn't it funny to think of the number of things the young kids just won't know about - like record players, typewriters, those telephones with the round finger holes (what do you call them?). Technology moves us so fast...

aunty evil said...

I love the quilts Meggie! I also love Connie Francis, MDH was very surprised to find a double album in my cd collection when we got together, but I have managed to convert him as well. I just love the way she sings "Crazy".

joyce said...

I absolutely love your house quilt. Such great fabrics! We bought an old car once with an 8track tape player. Our graddaughter heard one song and asked us to back up and let her hear it again. SHe couldn't believe they didn't have that technology then. We had to listen to the entire tape and get back to that one. Lol. We soon replaced it with a CD player and now replaced the whole car, first taking out the new CD player that is now in a closet waiting to be installed in the new (old) car. We always buy low-mileage old cars, preferably owned by an old widow that only drove it to church on Sundays. Lol.

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, your house quilt is just wonderful! Applique is my favorite thing to do, and I do it by hand. I'm just no good at machine applique. And your Four Seasons quilt is equally as lovely. That name is just perfect for it! Better rest up, dear, you know those wee ones can run us ragged, no matter how much we love being with them! ;p

Finn said...

Hi Meggie, despite all my good intentions, I've been a bad girl about getting over here to see you! Gotta get a plan!
I love your house quilt..what a great use of fabric, and it's sooo much fun to look at, love the butterflies. I think you did a really great job with the lattice and setting blocks too. Very daring to use so many fabrics.

Connie Francis was a favorite of mine back in the 1950. She sure could sin. It's kind of funny how a line from a song connects us back to "that time" again. So many song deal with just that aspect of life.
I do wish we lived closer so we could do the "cuppa" thing and have a good chuckle and a good cry together. You aren't long in the tooth at all my friend, you're just right!! Hugs, Finn

anne bebbington said...

Your 'little house' quilt is so pretty - a lovely design