Thursday, January 25


Just some pretty pics to start the day.
A Grevillea I planted soon after we came to live here. I am so thrilled it has actually lived, & the birds enjoy it immensely. I can see it out of my kitchen window, & I watch the birds taking the nectar. There are several different birds that come to feed, but the most common ones at present are Blackheaded Shrikes- I am told this is what they are, by some dinky di Aussie friends.

And this is a bract on one of my Bromeliads. I used to dream of owning one just like this, when we lived in New Zealand. (Proof- dreams can come true!) They were very expensive, & I doubt they would have survived in the cold Southern City. However they almost grow wild over here, & I noticed my SIL had some in her garden in Auckland.
This one is growing at the base of a Bandana Palm, & there is Devils Ivy trying to grow up the trunk of the palm. I have pulled some of it down, but it is very determined once it gets growing! And at least it makes for green foliage in the hot garden, & perhaps provides some shelter for lizards to hide amongst.
DJ & I seem to have been born with similar powers of observation. We will notice the odd quirky little things going on about us, & later compare our observations, & are always amazed to find we have taken note of the same odd little things.
We would often travel home by train, after working in a coffee shop GOM used to own & run. We always seemed to notice the oddities going on about us, & in some respects it could be a curse of sorts.
The man with the immaculate, grey, knife creased trousers, & grey slip-on shoes- & filthy, naked ankles!
Or the boy sitting in the corner picking his nose furtively, & surreptitiously smearing the snot on the sides of the seat!
Another child, quietly licking the streams of snot as they poured out of her nose.
A woman sitting knitting, who kept holding the knitting up, & shaking it at everyone, as if to say, "Look at Me! I am sooo Talented, please applaud!"
A man pretending to read a newspaper but secretly checking out the breasts of all the girls who got on & off the train. His mouth moving as if... what??
Another man, in business suit, immaculate white shirt, tie neatly tied. And a huge tuft of gingery hair sticking up out of his collar! Was he a werewolf?
A large dark woman with a small whining child. It suddenly wailed loudly to everyone's surprise- except DJ & I - we saw the mother pinch it viciously!
A young couple wispering in a seat, close together, fumbling at each other. She, suddenly pulling away, as he took what might be called 'a liberty'.
A battered, world weary, shattered looking man, who fell asleep, & slept right past his station, & woke swearing & cursing when he realised his mistake.
The youths full of bravado, swearing loudly, possibly using forbidden words for the first time, watching for reactions from fellow passengers. Obviously hoping to get a rise from someone. But we all sat & studiously ignored them.
A young mother with a very small new looking baby, holding the poor little thing upon her shoulder & almost bashing it to death! I think it was meant as a soothing pat, but almost winded the poor little thing.
The grandmother took over... & proceeded to do the same! Why do people do that??
And when we reached our destination, seeing the naked & surprisingly clean looking, exposed buttocks of an old woman who seemed to live permanantly at the station, & lived in filthy rags, & muttered constantly to herself.
She did not expose herself deliberately- her old trousers just fell down, but not to the ground.
She was well known to all in the district & even had a nickname.
When I read in the local paper, of her death from cancer, I hoped she had had someone with her at the end.
Yes being too aware can be a curse. You can often see things you wished you never did.
And sometimes see things that are so beautiful they almost break your heart.


h&b said...

Lovely pics - look at the colour !

BTW - you totally turned me off that grape - I meant *I* was being anal .. not that the grape reminded me of an ... um .. anus.

But now it does.


joyce said...

There is no place like a train for seeing oddball people. Once I was sitting across from a man who stared and stared at me. I was about ready to slug him. When his stop came I realized he was sleeping and that the staring eye was glass. Good thing I didn't hit him. Lol.

Diana said...

It's amazing what you can see when you really look. I always wonder about peoples' they became the way they are.

meggie said...

H & B, I knew perfectly well what you meant...but I just couldnt resist!
I laughed about the glass eye, too.
And yes, DJ & I used to sometimes make up stories about people we saw passing, as we waited for the train.

Molly said...

Felt immediate empathy for the muttering old woman at the station whose old trousers fell down....ummmm.

henri said...

Meggie , I remember Juicy Lucy too , A clean ' end' indeed .Poor old thing .
Your SIL has the exact same Bromeliad as the one in your pic, as well as some , what seem like ,dozens of other varities too -- Some she has been selling at the Market , when they ' pup '. She nurtures them at her work then pots and sells them .