Monday, January 15

In the Blink of an Eye..

These little succulents are in my SIL's garden in NZ. I have some the same over here, & poor specimens mine are, compared to hers. I watch the weeds flourish & fail to understand what cosmic force causes all my 'plants', that I want to live, to curl up & die, yet the 'weeds' burst forth with viguor! Are they not all plants together?? How does the 'force of nature' know which ones to kill off?
I had been eagerly awaiting my little Autumn Crocuses to flower. They looked so healthy this year, & were flourishing. The Garden Vandal mistook the brave leaves for grass-- & yanked them out!! I could have wept, but anger prevented me.

In the blink of an eye, today was gone.

It was a beautiful day really. Fine, not toooo humid, & lovely beach weather I am sure.

I am not sure where it went. I paved the road to hell again, I guess.

Full of good intentions.

I wrote several blogs in my head, designed further of my latest quilt plan, & found a really nice sounding Creamy Chicken Soup at Judy's Sunshine Quilting. I really wanted to make it, I had all the ingredients... but of course it is far too bloody hot here!

Gom took the car to see about the repairs- which wont be started until next week, & will take approximately the whole week. We wont get a loaner this time.

Never mind, yesterday was nice, spent in good company with plenty of laughs.

I got to see my grandchildren in the morning, & friends in the afternoon, so not a day wasted.


Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie
There well cared succulents at sil.gosh i would be hopping mad if my plants were pulled out .TOOOOOOOOOOO hot for beach here 41c today, but then im a long way from the beach.

verniciousknids said...

Look at that aloe vera...spectacular!

joyce said...

If you can figure out what separates the weeds and cause them to die, you will make a fortune selling the recipe to farmers! At -30 this morning, the beach seems like a far-away dream. Have a great week.

Angie said...

HI Meggie! Don't you worry about traveling that 'road' alone, girlfriend, cause I'll be there holding hands with you!!! ROFL What is it with 'Father Time' that he can't slow down long enough for me to get my head on straight and catch up with 'him' for a few minutes??? LOL Those plants really are beautiful and soooo healthy looking! I have one aloe vera plant in a pot that continues to hang on in spite of my neglect. :)

meggie said...

Yes, I too have an Aloe that is clinging desperately to life in a pot. I am intending to put it in the garden, but in view of the Garden Vandal's habits, I am reluctant. He doesnt often touch the pots, though I caught him emptying my Grape Hyacinth bulbs out of one, into another- with the intention of throwing the lot out! Grrrr.