Monday, January 1

Is this an Omen??

Sitting reading a few blogs, catching up with news & laughs, music playing softly on the compter for background ambience. ( Martha Wainwright- new Chrissy music gift)

Sudden onslaught of LOUD noise! Voices! Television c***p!


Venturing forth from the computer's comforting prescence.

"GOM what are you doing Love?"

GOM looking sheepish, lowering his body into the seat, no answer. An odd 'look'- can a look have a 'tone'??

Meggie, gently, " I dont think the neighbours want to listen to our TV. It is deafening! Lovey, let's turn it down a bit?"

Meggie lowering the volume by many degrees.

Sheepish looks & further 'cringeing' body language.

Meggie suddenly noticing the absence of hearing aids in ear cavities.

"Where are your hearing aids?"

Even more sheepish look..."I thought I would give my ears a rest"

What??!! So you could deafen me??

But I refrain from making that smart-arse comeback.. it is New Year's day after all... let us start as we mean to continue....

"Well it wouldnt seem to me to be 'resting them' with full volume?"

And, also gently, "What about my nerves, ...the shattered 'peace'?"

Sheepish look, foolish grin. Gotta love him -the dear old GOM!


nutmeg said...

Good to read you again Meggie. All the best for the coming year.

Our NYE celebrations were wonderfully low key. The most important thing was the girls were in bed and asleep and we watched a nice movie, ate home made pizza and still had a time for a quiet read and lights out around 11.30pm. I must have fell asleep very quickly as I didn't hear the pounding from the city as the fireworks went off. BLISS.

jellyhead said...

Meggie, this story is so cute - I can tell from your fond tone how much you love your dear, ear-blasting GOM!

Happy New Year!! May it be a wonderful year for you and yours.

joyce said...

He probably wouldn't have heard the comeback anyway. Lol. Happy New Year.

aunty evil said...

Next he will be telling you you are mumbling! :)