Monday, January 29


I have been tagged by My Float to do the Six Weird Things about myself.

I must admit I have had a lot of enjoyment reading other people's weirdnesses.

I dont know where to start- some days I am all weirdness- totally.

Other days I just seem boring norm.

Here goes

1. I really dislike the colour red. Not red food, like Tracey. But clothing in red, or decor items. I have a friend who loved red passionately, & she had a red kitchen. It made me feel somewhat panic stricken to be in it! From time to time, I tell myself I will wear red, & I have even bought clothing in red- but I cant bear to wear it. I like to use red in my quilts, but not as the major colour. My mother used to make me a red dress each year, when I was a small child. I once cut my finger really badly on a barbed wire fence, & I screamed all the way home, & my little red-with-white-dots dress, was just all red when I got home. I have never forgotten the horror of it.

2. I have had little 'brushes' with cancer cells. I had to have a tumour removed from my left parotid gland (which is the one which gets infected when you get mumps!) These tumours always turn to cancer apparently. I dont like the hole that is left, but the scar has disappeared! And they cut right down the front side of my ear, & under my jawline! I dont like the sort of numb feeling that never goes away, or the sight (on Xray) of all the little metal staples they left inside the wound.

3. I have a growing harmatoma in my left lung. It has been there since at least 1989, but was not discovered until 1995, so it is not going to kill me. Well the Drs dont seem to think it will. It just sits there, quietly growing.

4. I had an umbilical hernia- which by the time they operated, had become something else again! (The secret life of your body!) Requiring extensive repairs all down my left side of insides. I noted some bloggers reported their problems with health matters or broken bones etc, all seemed to be on one side of their body. Mine would seem to be all on the left.

5. I dont know if this is really weird, I dont suppose it is, but I was born without once gram of sporting interest or talent in my entire being! I loathe it- all of it. And when I had to participate, my face goes redder than beetroot, & remains that way for about 3 hours afterwards. Why would any normal person put themselves through that?? I just dont 'get' "Sport". Ever.

6. I couldnt bear to think of life without music! I love music ranging from classical to country & western (if that is the other end of the scale?) The only form of music I am not so keen on is jazz, but only certain types of jazz. I once went out with a man who loved jazz, to the extent he would go to those little dark gloomy caverns that were so 'cool' in the sixties, & he would sit in the candlelight, & get positively frenzied in his twitches & jerks, & he really ended up looking as if he had uncontrollable little seizures. I had to stop going out with him, because I just couldnt take any more smokey little caves with twits jerking & shuddering. Quite put me off jazz for life! I do still like the fun jazz though, or what I like to think of as fun jazz- is it 'trad jazz'?
Oh but I dont really like Heavy Metal or Rap- to me that is just noise, black noise. And I dont mean anyone's colour of skin when I say that!

I do have another weirdness, it is about people who harm children. I once plotted & planned to actually try to get to the court to kill a father who had murdered his little child, in a drunken stupor. I was convinced he needed to be killed so he could never ever do such a thing again. And he will, there is nothing surer, & he will find another stupid girl who will let him. Dont get me started. I cry every time I read of a child being abused- the ones who die are the lucky ones. And that is a major crime.

I wont tag anyone for the Six Weird Things, but if you do it, let me know, & I will come to read your 'weirds'!


joyce said...

You have had a lot of health problems. I'm with you in the sports department. I can't throw, catch or hit a ball or a puck (in Canada hockey is the most important sport). The only one I ever did with any success at all is curling and nobody anywhere else in the world has ever heard of it. We made my Australian SIL play it when they came here. He had to meet about a hundred relatives the same day. We had a big party at the curling rink. No wonder he had a migraine.

meggie said...

Joyce, coming from NZ where there are several settlements of mainly Scottish extraction folk, I have heard of curling, & they even have competitions down in the Sth Island, where it gets bloody cold!
I have never tried it though!

Shelina said...

You do have a lot of health issues. Seems like you have them all under control though. I don't have any sporting talent or interest either. I love music, have it on all the time. And I do obsess about the things people can do too.

Stomper Girl said...

I've been enjoying all the weirds too! Have found it funny when you 'out' something as weird and a whole lot of other people say they have the SAME problem with their little toenail. Hilarious.

Your wearing-red phobia is a good one. Wonder if there is an official phobia title for it?

nutmeg said...

Na, your music mania is not weird! Now if you said you DID like heavy metal - then that would be weird.

These conditions which only present themselves down one side of the body are really mind bogling. I can feel a "new" reading interest coming on!

tracey petersen said...

Oh my goodness...I am with you on point five. I often wonder why someone who is good at throwing stuff, hitting stuff or kicking stuff is so highly valued in our society. Sports people are paid more and receive Australian honour roll mentions for those completely useless skills!

So you would eat a tomato, but not wear that what you are saying???

meggie said...

There seems to be a name for any phobia there is...hmmm I wonder if dislike of a colour has one? Youve got me thinking SG, & also the one sided thing Nutmeg. Curious.

Yes Tracey, I will eat tomatoes any day, but dont really fancy wearing them...though I have done so. As a child SJ & I went tomato picking, & being young & silly, we got bored, & ended up having a tomato fight! We were not popular!

telfair said...

I'm with you on the sports thing. Although I do force myself to jog occasionally...

Oh dear. If you don't like red rooms, you wouldn't like our dining room very much...but if you ever came to visit, we could always eat in the living room. ;)