Sunday, December 31

It is New Year's Eve.

We have invited some friends to spend the evening with us. And DJ & SIL if they wish to come. DJ has to work in the early evening, so may not feel like going out.

Past experience has taught us that low key, quiet NYE's suit us very well. Some years we are even in our beds sleeping!

GOM says he will be glad 'when all 'this' is over, & we can get back to knowing what day it is!'
I suppose that sums it all up, really. You do lose track of what day, & where in the week we are.

When I was young, BFJ & I used to go to dances on NYE. As I recall they were fun filled affairs, & alcohol didnt really feature in them. Occasionally we would go on to a party, after the dances & there must have been alcohol, but it doesnt stand out as a primary feature.

The holiday period would be spent lying on the beaches, with the current man-of-the-moment, going to further dances, & reading, & generally lazing about. At that time I was working as an assistant in a shoe shop- yes, I loved shoes, & had 36 pairs. And I am so glad I wore all the lovely high heels, & ridiculous fashions that there were... because arthritis prevents it now, but at least I can say 'once upon a time'.
The shop owner gave the young staff the full holiday period off, & we made the most of the time, I think.
We didnt seem to have time to be bored. But we were single then, & I suppose our thoughts & dreams filled our heads.

I wish everyone a safe & happy New Year.


h&b said...

We usually spend NYE at home too .. or maybe in the quiet backyard company of friends.

We're not so trendy, and fighting for tables, bookings, and getting lost in crowds aint usually our thing.

We're quiet sort of people.

This year we're doing something a bit different .. and it makes me laugh as it looks like it might rain - ha ! Typical !!

Have a good one, Meggie !

joyce said...

Oh to be young again. As the saying goes, it's too bad youth is wasted on the young. Have a happy new year and all the best in 2007.

Angie said...

Oh Megs, I have to admit to feeling a bit like dear least in getting back to knowing what day it is. LOL I too loved those heels. We would have been a pair together, my friend! *S* I also agree with Joyce in that youth is usually wasted on the young, but OMG I would NOT want to back up and do mine again! ROFL Happy, happy New Year, girlfriend, and thank you so very much for that lovely card!! I too count myself as very very lucky indeed to have you as a "ship". *G*

aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie,

A happy new year to you!

MDH and I are off to a party tonight, but we are both grumbling about it, so I guess that means we are getting old!

Although, as I told MDH, me not wanting to go tonight is a good sign, I usually have a wonderful time at the parties I don't want to go to. Of course, that also works in reverse, I usually have a rotten time at the ones I was looking forward to!

Have a safe and happy one, whatever you do.

Tracey Petersen said...

Happy New Year! I find that the new year begins whether you have been to a party or asleep in your bed! Do whatever makes you happy.
PS I favour the quiet night myself.

Liz said...

Oh I agree with GOM too. I don't know what day it is or what I'm supposed to be doing. I'll be glad to have the oldest back to school, he'll be glad to be there; and maybe I can finally get some order going around here. The chaos is making me jumpy! Here's to a nice quiet new year.

Isabelle said...

Happy New Year, Meggie. We're vacating the house for the young ones and various friends to have a party and maybe go into Edinburgh for the street party - in the wind and rain! Or they may just stay here in the warm.

My husband and I will stay up at my mother's house with the oldies...

verniciousknids said...

Happy New Year!