Monday, December 17

As I trundle on, paving the road to hell....

Don't be fooled by the long sunny shadows, lying across the balcony.
Look up, & see the gathering storm/rain clouds, coming from the South, bearing rain, again!
It is 5pm here, & now the rain has started. I took these photos about 10 minutes ago.
Just lately, this is often the pattern of our days. We are forecast to have rain, but that doesn't mean much. Some days it arrives, some days it bypasses us.
As this is such a dry continent, & we have been having a 12+ year drought here on the Central Coast, & worse elsewhere, we are not knocking the rain. We are very glad of every drop. Some of it has actually gone into the catchment areas for our Dams. We rely on Dam water for our daily water supplies, or it has to be pumped in from the Hunter Valley, so rain is essential.
I washed laundry today, but forgot to get it hung on the line. Shame on me!
Gom is so obliging, he pegs it out for me, but he didn't realise I had washed. He tore out & tortured the remaining grass roots. I am not sure why. Perhaps a couple of dandelion heads had popped up!
I had begun to doze off, when I heard furtive noises in the kitchen, then thumps. I went out to see what the hell he was meddling with he was doing this time! He was once more going through tinned goodies, & rearranging the pantry. I was waiting for the gleeful shout of triumph, when he found an out-of-date can of something... or packet. He decided to quit while he was ahead, & he put it all back.
Mind you, his suspicious mind is not altogether unfounded.
I am still suffering with the mystery itches. We have eliminated the medications.
My blood pressure sky-rocketed, which I knew it would.
"Get straight back on your medication!!"
It remains a mystery, with promise of Skin Specialists, if the condition persists. I am wary. As my GP warns me, 50% of the time they cost a semiload of money, & they don't find the answer! He should know, - his father was a Skin Specialist!
I had some commercial Alcohol Rub which I thought may relieve the itch. So I applied it liberally. It smells nice, & is cooling, so I figured it wouldn't hurt.
We discovered it is 10 years- yes folks TEN YEARS -out of date! I laughed & laughed. It still smelt ok, & seemed to do no harm. The cap has been tightly closed. We debated about it, with friends. After all, you can keep wine for years??!!
Do you have things like that? That sit in the back of your bathroom cupboard, or on some forgotten shelf, but you know in your mind it is there, should you need it?
I thought of Bren, & her Tackle it Tuesdays. I am sure she would never have Out Of Date goods in her cupboards!
Yes! I am paving the Road to Hell with all my Good Intentions.
I had good intentions of getting some Christmas stockings made. I have not even drawn the shape! How slothful of me.
The table runner lies in blocks, waiting to be trimmed to size. Scratch scratch. I had thought to get the blocks together today.
I played about installing new music on the blog. Incidentally, if you find it irritating you can turn it right down, or hit the play button to pause it.
I love Ode to Joy, & it is for BFJ.
Other worries include checking Gom's dishabille.
If we are going out, to, say, the Hardware Store, he is likely to have the most unusual raiment about his person. Often quite badly stained, with various days 'events' in evidence on the shirt, or the trouser garment.
I read a post today about learning not to eat chocolate whilst ironing. Well, I would add a warning about Goms eating chocolate coated icecreams! Or biscuits, or Chocolate blocks. They tend to drop lumps of the brown deliciousness, unseen by themselves, upon their shirts. If said shirts are light cream, the evidence later resembles leakage from slit throats, or at least bloodied noses.
Oh Hell! I am enraged! The "Cheery" fecking voice of the pre-news announcement, says "Five members of one family were killed in a road smash today!"
Why doesn't someone teach them how gross this is????
WTF is wrong with Bloody TV Channels? Who do I contact to scream about this hideous custom!!
Now, it is the delighted lead story of the news.
I want to vomit.
Don McLean, Respectable.


Aunty Evil said...

I think my multi-year out of date product would be calamine lotion. I buy it, then never use it.

Like you, I suffer from itchy skin. I always have. I have been thinking lately of finding a skin specialist to see if he/she can locate the cause.

But one thing I have always found gives me relief for DAYS is paddling in salt water - the ocean kind, not the stir it in a warm glass of water kind.

peppermintpatcher said...

Isn't alcohol used to preserve things in jars at the museum? How could it possibly go off?

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie I just looked in the medicine chest my calamine lotion
is 11 years out of date I patted a bit on a mozzie bite it worked and im not throwing it out, Hehehe

joyce said...

I'm afraid to look in my medicine cabinet in case something jumps out at me! I'm sure some of the containers are eons old.

Bren said...

I am cracking up!! If I had no expired goods, I would need no tackle it tuesday!! I just threw an entire 13 gallon garbage bag out with the contents of empty (old) cans and bottles. I think the alcohol would just lose its potency, not become harmful. You poor thing. Itchys are terrible. I get them seasonally (spring and fall) and take Benadryl liberally.

Angie said...

Ah, Meggie Darlin', you have succeeded once again to induce in me a state of 'crying with laughter'! ROFL You are a jewel, and you are right-on when it comes to the GOMs (as well as a number of other things, I might add ROFL). :D I agree with you regarding the end of your post...see if you can find someone in the news business and give them hell for all of us that deplore their idea of 'news'. Happy Holidays, my dear friend!

Angie said...

Ooops, forgot (intentionally ??) to tell you how old/long some of the stuff in my cabinets/pantry/shelves have been here. We've lived here for 5 years now---some of it came in when we moved in...does that give you an idea? ROFL

fifi said...

Pleeeeease send GOM to my house: my pantry is full of antique specimens.

This rain is great: but I cant get used to the washing things...keeps getting rained on!

Mike said...

I'll trade you your rain for the foot of snow we got yesterday.

I had a friend that came down with an unexplainable skin itch. She had it for some time and it kept getting worse. They tried all sorts of medications and creams. Someone suggested to her that she change her laundry soap and/or her fabric softener. She did and all of her skin woes went away.

Lee said...

Treasure the rain! Sorry about all the other 'ills'. Every so often I have a period where I don't listen to the news. Now the election is over I suspect a relapse shortly.

Marja said...

Oh it looks so dark over there. We had around 30 to 35 degrees for a couple of days. It is nice to cool down today. Have to check my stuuf too for outdated medecations and food. Didn't do that for a long time so I will find lots.

paula said...

You know there are many of us on that road right along with you babe, so at least you won't be lonely. Heh-heh.

I do hope your itches go away soon...

ancient one said...

We got some good rain this weekend!! about 2 1/2 inches.

But now our warm December has turned C-O-L-D !!

I'm guilty of the out of date stuff...

Enjoyed your blog!!

Lucy said...

Good shadows.
The alcohol rub's probably OK if you don't drink it...
Brenda's patchwork scraps look delicious.

bluemountainsmary said...

The cheery voices of the radio announcers as they read out such disasters gets me. They are clearly not thinking about what they are reading.

Jorja's Nanna said...

My seriously out of date item was a jelly which I found at the back of the pantry a few months ago. It was use by 1993! I don't know how it got missed for so long but it did. I nearly had to have a ceremony for it when I threw it out!
I must agree with you about TV announcers, I reckon they are not human. It's like watching an episode of Dr. Who sometimes. LOL

Tanya Brown said...

Another excellent question - what's the most out-of-date item in our medicine cabinets/larders?

I was startled to find our bottle of rubbing alcohol was out of date. I suppose they have to put a date stamp on it, but for heaven's sakes! It's alcohol! It isn't like it's going to go bad or something.