Thursday, December 13

Seriously Strapped for Time!!

My Gosh! I seem to have been inundated with Good Wishes, & Good Fortune, from wonderful Blogging friends!

It has all been while I seem to have been rushed off my feet, as far as finding enough hours in the day, to attend to all the things I want to do!

Bren, from Pieces From Me, gave me this award. I was amazed to receive this, as I just putter along. Bren & I have many differences in our ideas, but we each respect the other, & though we stand for differing beliefs our aim is the same in the end, & as she says, we are very very alike in a lot of ways.

Thankyou Bren. I will have to think about awardees.


Tuesday's visit to the Coalface of Christmas, was rewarded in a way I find very hard to describe.

When we arrived home, I noticed a square cardboard box on the doormat. I could see it had a Customs declaration, & was so excited to find it was a package from Wanda, of Exuberant Colour, who had sent me the most wonderful collection of scraps of some of her wondrous stash!!

Wanda has been one of my first calls each day, ever since I first discovered her wonderful Blog, to check up on what lovely colourful creations she has posted. I love her quilts & her wonderful fabric stash, & her sense of colour, so vibrant, & varied.

Blog Friends have to be the most wonderful, generous people on the planet.

Feast your eyes on some of the fabrics Wanda sent me.

I have gone through them over & over, & have got all excited, dreaming up ideas of how to use them.
I spread them out on the carpet, & flexed the arthritic knees, to get down & really enjoy them!!

I feel I have displayed them poorly here, & have not done them all justice, so I will have to get sewing & show them in all their glory!
Of all the fabrics in the huge package, there are only 2 I have seen before, or have, & they are different colours, to the ones Wanda sent me.
I guess only another quilter or Fabriholic could understand the almost orgasmic thrill I got from all these wonderful bits & pieces!!

Gom sat in his chair, watching me happily playing about with them, & even he was impressed, as he loves colour, - the brighter the better!
Here is a Wandaful Block that Wanda has already constructed, which is lovely as it gives me direction on how to do those blocks. I have never tried them before...

Give me space & time!!
I thought I had a day to spare, as it were, yesterday. Gom was taken out & away by our Daughter J, & I had 'time on my hands'.
Be sure the Cosmic Conspiracy To Piss People OffCCTPPO came out to play with me, & before I knew it the day had gone, & I was greeting the bleeding but happy happy shoppers home again.
Best laid plans & all that!
"A Day Well Spent" they said! Well goody for them!! haha.
I did manage to approach the sewing machine. I did manage to sew a little.
I did manage to fondle & admire Wanda's gifts.
I did rather enjoy the solitude, & the peace, & the music of my choice. So, not really a day wasted.
Today has been another Allsorts Mixture.
We were to have SG, & we did.
A Sister, in NZ phoned me, - we spent literally hours! on the phone, catching up with each other's lives.
SG entertained Gom, whilst washing the outdoor setting. I think they may have quarrelled, judging by the body language, as a small boy hurtled past the computer room!! Huffy shoulders could be seen, washing hands, in very hostile mode!! Body language is sooo telling!!
We had visitors, another phone call, a meal to organise..
Where did this day go???
Now. We are having thunderstorm activity again! Leo has come to lie at my feet.
The chorus of cicadas is quite deafening, as they seem to be hatching & singing? playing? roaring? croaking?.... what does that noise sound like??
Summer in Austalia?
Chris Isaak, Think of Tomorrow.


bluemountainsmary said...

The bliss of a thoughtful and generous gift.

The bliss of some time to yourself.

The bliss of a SG even in a huff!

meggie said...

Oh Mary! You are sooo right! His little shoulders were all hunched up, & his hair bristled in indignation! He is such a cute little chap, & we love his little ways.

Generous gifts are usually so unexpected, they leave me gasping.

Time alone... I dont seem to get enough!

I have replied to you in reverse order! sorry.
Can I use the excuse I am lefthanded??

Henri said...

Meggie LeftHandedness is no cause for excuse it is cause for celebration !!
How about a " Cacophany of Cicadas " ??? - ( Which rings in my ear most times .)

Kris said...

A cacophony is right. They are the sound of summer, Meggie. I still remember driving back into to QLD as a child of about eight, going through rainforest and the sound hitting us. We have them here in Tas. but there's not so many; even one is as summer-ish as a Test on the radio, for me.

joyce said...

Congrats on the award.
Wanda's fabric is to die for. Wonderful!

Bren said...

I can't wait to see what you do with that fabric!!!

ancient one said...

A wonderful day, to be sure!! Unexpected gifts will do it everytime. Have fun deciding what to do with your new fabric!!

Sheila said...

What a riot of colour. You must remember to show us what you make with these.
Hubby is off this week and I am working at my daughters, so I gave him a list and asked for help. He just phoned, he managed everything, but has a new appeciation for Crimble shopping and the CCTPPO..LOL

Fiona said...

Great coloured fabric - a bit like you, I think, bright and cheerful.

Christine Thresh said...

An Award. Fabric treasures! A day to yourself! A long chat on the phone! Sounds pretty good to me.

Mike said...

One thing I will never understand is why is it when I have things to do, the day just drags on endlessly yet when I finally get a day to myself, time flies by at the speed of sound?

Marja said...

Congratiulations with the roar of the lion. You deseverve it. Did you know that this lion was designed by a Kiwi.
I love the fabric you received. We had lots of that stuff when I was young. My parents received them to be able to choose and buy clothes for their shop.

Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations on your fun award! And how lucky with the fabrics -- they're all so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the cacophony of colour on the quilt you make with those wonderful fabrics!

Ali Honey said...

Yeah! Do have fun with that fabric. I love it when nice things happen.

Pear tree cottage! said...

That fabric looks like a rainbow of happiness on your bench.

"happy sewing' my friend, enjoy the direction it takes you.

lovely to be visitng you today not as often as I want but lovely when I can.


Ian Lidster said...

You are a busy girl, aren't you. Congratulations on the award.

Tanya said...

Gorgeous is right! What a great friend to have! That's like going to heaven without dying!

smilnsigh said...

So happy you got "yummy" things!


Tanya Brown said...

I'm ooohing and ahing over your fabrics as well - such a treat! Thank for sharing them.