Thursday, December 27

Yuletide Treats, & Surprises.

Well, all the painted ponies have danced their dances, & perhaps given their dances, or rides. We are told an Elephant, Arna, has crushed her trainer in Adelaide.
We actually took our Granddaughter to see this Elephant in a Circus. It was years since we had been to a Circus, & I dislike the idea of them, entirely.
It was a 40 + degree day, & we cooked in the Big Top. But, I was amazed at the animals, the acts, & the whole show, which did seem magical. The animals did seem happy. But how does one judge happiness with an animal.??

There had been a lot of controversy about Arna, being on her own, & how she was suspected of having gone insane. So they got her a companion. I dont know how that worked out, but apparently it was deemed to be a success.

I do find the whole concept of animals in captivity against my basic believes, & instincts.

The Tiger story has upset me. I dont believe she did any thing unprovoked.

I find often these news stories leave more questions unanswered than they pose?? Or is this just me??


Moving right along. Wonderful friends knew just what was required in the Christmas Gift line.

This is the label of one of the 'Perfect Gifts'. I mean, could anything be more perfect??

And here, is a picture of ther Perfect Gift'. some tool guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of Meggie!!
Meggie's present was guaranteed to bring delight, & raptures!

Herbs!!! in wonderful Terracotta pots. With huge invisible signs of DONT F%$&ing TOUCH!!!! all over them.
Who can resist that Basil? those Chives? or the Orgeno? Parsley?Thank You, my Wonderful, Thoughtful Friends!!
Such a perfect present only comes from perfect friends, who think about what we love, & what goes on in our lives.
Thankyou, thankyou, Great Friends!!

This was my Christmas Day visitor.
A beautiful Moth came to visit at our Daughter' house. SG was really not happy to welcome the 'moth'- we think- into our gathering. Son B & I loved it, & so did Daughter J. Everyone else seemed to think it should be elsewhere. But when we photographed it, sitting on a dark speaker, we were amazed at the beauty. And the warning!
See the fierce 'eyes' displayed on the top of the wing markings? And, when we took enlarged pics, we were suriprised at how brilliant the colourings were.

A truly beautiful creature. How lovely.
We dont know where it ended up. I suspect it hid itself behind DJ's wall unit. I hope it finds it's light.
We had a wonderful day with Daughter & Family.
We have had a love following days of pleasure, & family enjoyment. Our son has gone home to his city life.
Our little dogs have sunk back into 'home mode'.
Overseas calls to family & friends would seem to be complete.
Now I wish you all a Joyous New Year!


fifi said...

lovely herbs, and a beautiful moth, I love it.

Hope you cook up something fabulous with the herbs!

happy noo year.

Mike said...

There was a news story here that said the kid that was killed by the tiger had been taunting it. That's never a smart move.

That "tool" looks lethal.

sheoflittlebrain said...

What lovely pots of fresh herbs.. Good friends who know you are the best!

Eeyore has named your moth the peacock's amazing and beautiful.

Molly said...

It does look like a peacock---some of my favourite colours! Glad you had such a lovely Christmas time meggie. Onwards to the New Year!

Anonymous said...

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Bren said...

So glad you had a wonderful holiday with your children. The moth is beautiful.
I too believe the tiger was provoked and the authorities are now believing that also.

Ian Lidster said...

Sorry I haven't been around for a few days but have been down with a sinus infection that I think (hope) is now on the wane.
The SF tiger story really distressed me because they shot it. It had committed no crime. The only crime there in my esteem was the tiger being in captivity. Humans can truly disgust me.
Love the 9th by the way.

Lee said...

oooo....basil! If tehre is no basil in heaven, I am not going. That's it. Trip cancelled.

jellyhead said...

I'm glad you 'scored' well with the presents! Best wishes to you for the coming year, Meggie.


Tanya said...

Your moth looks jeweled!
You're right. Animals need to be free. Of course the ones that happen to be my pets should not be free because I know what's best for them, but they still think they should join the free animal world at least for a couple of hours. Still chasing Choco regularly.

joyce said...

Herbs have to be the best gift! Just keep that weed thingy away from it. Lol.

Sheila said...

Zoos and circuses bother me too.
I don't even like to see budgies in a cage.
Glad your Christmas with family was good.
Now you have two garden 'vandals'...LOL
All the best for 2008..

Joni said...

I howled when I saw GOM's gift. Maybe it would be best if you show him how to use such a thing in the neighbor's yard? LOL. I loved your gift too.

The moth is beautiful. I have never seen one like that.

Glad things are back to normal at your home. It makes the dogs happy doesn't it?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy New Year to you, dear Meggie. I am wishing you much garden success in 2008 plus the special blessings that all of God's wild and free creatures bring into our daily lives. Enjoy!

Josie said...

Meggie, that moth is exquisite. I have never seen anything like it, and the eyes are amazing!

I'm glad you had a great Christmas. So did I, except for being sick in bed with a cold *cough*

Happy New Year!


Tanya Brown said...

The "Garden Vandal" tag is a classic. It looks like one could do almost anything with that tool; I'm envisioning GOM smacking his lips and rubbing his hands together with glee. Lovely herbs, too.

An additional thing which upset me about the tiger was hearing the zoo director referring to her (or her pen) as "an exhibit". I suppose technically this is correct, but the phrase makes me think more of a diorama a school child might put together, not an appropriate home for a large wild animal. Frankly, my tiny parakeets have a large fraction of the amount of room to roam around that Tatiana did, and I'm sure they'd like more themselves. Poor Tatiana.

May you have a lovely new year -

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I so agree with you about zoos and circuses and the abuse of animals therein.

It is past time for our species to finally understand that we are not the only living beings that count, and that it is terribly wrong to imprison wild animals.

I grow herbs too, and yours look so healthy and beautiful. Where can I get those invisible signs for mine?

The moth looks like an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Mary said...

I grew a few herbs at one time when we lived in Florida and I loved going out to the back porch and snipping off what I needed. These look wonderful.

Thimbleanna said...

I'm finally catching up a bit Meggie! I love the quilt you posted that you made for your son -- so pretty! Your herbs look beautiful -- I've been thinking I should get some in pots -- I have them outside, but they die during the winter and I miss them. I haven't heard the tiger story yet, but I caught a glimpse of it on the news tonight -- must go read it! A Very Happy New Year to You and your family!!!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Christmas Meggie. A pot of herbs is such a great Christmas gift!

mjd said...

I am not sure about zoos. Unfortunately, a zoo may be the only haven left for some species. Mankind has busily destroyed many real life animal homes. Circuses, on the other hand, use animals for solely human's entertainment. I really do not care for circuses.

A pot of herbs is a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog; it was good to hear from you again.

Isabelle said...

The moth is indeed lovely. Happy New Year when it comes.