Wednesday, December 5

Looking UP!

Ok. If all about you looks dark, look up!
I did for the afternoon's display. I sat & watched as the play of the weather pattern displayed itself in the skies.

Yesterday, we had about 6 season's worth of 'weather'! We had fine blue skies, cloudy skies, with hot temperatures, & high humidity. It seemed very tropical, for our *degree* on the planet.

We had a lot of growly thunder, striking fear of a deep & primitive nature, into the heart of Leo. He really does get upset at the sound of the thunder, & shakes like a very bad case of 'the palsy', as Blackadder might say.

I sat & watched as the panoply of ominous clouds passed. I finally caved in, & went & got the camera, hoping to capture some of the spectacular sights on display.

This appeared to me, as a Flying Dragon, with puffs of smoke! This was taken between bouts of thunder, lightning, hail, & torrential rainfalls.
In between all these extremes of nature, this is what passed overhead. Here, I could see some large dog, tail bobbed, perhaps, & a hunger for the blue patch. A crack into the next, bone filled world?
Deep down on the view of the horizon, was a glimpse of what was to come. We had gathering thunderheads, more torrential rain, hail, thunder, lightning of course, & wild winds, whipping the trees into bows, & frenzied leaf storms.
Today has yielded no such interesting sky scapes. It has remained sullen, & steadily grey, & solidly overcast all day. Amid heavy downpours, & humid showers, with sun shining through the cloud cover to steam it all unbearably!
My lovely Daughter J, came to take me out for fabric treats!! We were also looking at bed linen, but didn't find what we wanted. I did reel, drool, & bemoan the lovely new fabrics I saw. I patted & fondled, & wished. I weakened, & did make a few purchases.
We met a favourite shop assistant, & began to chat. She told us of insults, & rudeness we were shocked about. Customers had been extremely rude, swearing at staff, & abusing them. We could not believe the customers could be so rude!
Please spare a thought for hard working staff in shops of all types, over the "Silly Season". Bear in mind, they are under stress, & pressure too. They dont make the staffing policies of the chain concerned. Or the shop they represent. They are there to serve, with dignity, & politeness, & they don't deserve to be abused, if you have to queue, or wait a little while, it is never their choice, or fault!
Please be kind, & polite, to everyone you are served by, in this Season of Joy, & Peace.


Anonymous said...

That has to be the scariest sky that I have ever seen. I can almost hear the thunder, no wonder poor Leo is shaking. If I was there I would be shaking with him.
You are right too about the shop assistants copping it from customers. I've even had on one occasion to tell a customer not to be so rude to a little girl who was just learning. No patience some people.

Ali Honey said...

Yep I can see the animals in your scary sky. Leo needs ear muffs. I like the sound of the word panoply, but not so keen on the thunder.

joyce said...

Who needs TV when you have skies like that!

Molly said...

If people would only treat others as they'd like to be treated, all, or a lot, would be right with the world

Marja said...

I love pictures of the sky beautiful. Here as you know we also have 4 seasons in a day. Took me a long time to get used to that.
Thamks for your plee Meggie My parents were shopkeepers and so I had to help out a lot. It's hard work and people should have more respect. But usually these people haven't respect in any situation.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The sky shots are unreal. Your pep-talk on behalf of the clerks is well timed, I certainly wouldn't want to be walking in their shoes at this time of year! Merry Christmas to each and every one of them.

Tanya Brown said...

I see the cloud dog too! It must be Leo's doppelganger (or should I say doggelganger?).

Poor shopkeepers.

bluemountainsmary said...

Those sky shots are fantastic Meggie.

And thank you for your beautiful comment about my Joe.

And I hear you loud and clear about treatment of shop staff at this time of year.

Lucy said...

We should never forget to study skies!

riseoutofme said...

Lovely photos Meggie!

I find it hard to be civil to shop assistants here in this country. The majority of them are discourteous, downright rude sometimes, and generally don't give a rat's ass whether you get what you are looking for or not. There are exceptions, of course. For this reason, I do no shopping, if I can help it.

Ian Lidster said...

Wonderful sky-scapes and I could see the dog in the clouds.

corry said...

Beautiful sky pictures! This time of year it must be extra stressful to work in a store!

Mike said...

Love the sky pics Meggie. We have actually had a bit of sun here today, which is really nice considering we have had several days of snow and wind. Of course we will only get this one day of sun because tomorrow another snowstorm blows in.

ancient one said...

Back in the day (Way Back..LOL) when I worked the holiday season, I never remember anyone being rude. I feel sorry for the ones having to work today.

Your cloud's were very interesting. I could see the dog clearly.

Enjoy your rain!! We're still needing some. The burning bans are still up!

Fairlie said...

Some folks get ridiculously rude at this time of year. It's the time of peace and joy, people!

Lovely sky photos. We're having extreme weather here in Melbourne at the moment too.