Monday, December 3

Happy Birthday SIL.

We have had SG here for half our day. He arrived early, with his mother, all ready for his day, & his breakfast. He was greeting by an enthusiastic Leo, & a not quite so enthusiastic Honey.
He watched some of the new Santa movie, that his Grandfather got for him, & then decided to go out to help in the garden with Gom. Hm, least said the better about that little jaunt.

It is very hot & the sun was streaming relentlessly down, around the time they were in the garden. I dont understand why Gom chooses the hottest of days to 'do the garden'.

It is SG's father's birthday today. He is 39. He had to work, so he was away at 6am, & wont be home until after 6pm. I made him a Chocolate Souffle Roll, which he had hinted broadly & loudly that he would really like, for his birthday. SG supervised the making of the cake, then we went to the shop to get some cream to fill it, & so SG had to supervise that, then the making of the icing, & he was so excited, he felt it needed wrapping, but I managed to convince him that is not an option.

After the cake production there was some hanging out in the Cubby in the lounge, & quilts were draped everywhere. He has got very good about putting them all away when he has finished. Though Gom found his undies left in the toilet after he had gone home! He forgets to put them on again, sometimes!

We had visitors yesterday, & it was a nice afternoon, sitting out in the green garden, even if the green was from weeds! At least they give the illusion of cool! Most of them have been uprooted & now there is bare earth, & it will just dry out, & go hard, I suppose.

SG planted some seeds, & gave them some water, so I hope they grow.

This was the sky's little promise this morning, at 5.20am. It is amazing how quickly the colour changes.

Yesterday looked quite different, & had a mellow pink glow, & the small smudge higher up.

The mist was a forewarning of the humidity to come, though it cleared for a little & I think the wind changed. The mist lies across the valley.

I will be glad when Gom gets his new hearing aids. At present we have some loud Televisual experiences. Not to mention the slightly frustrated repeated remarks of conversation.
We have just watched American Gangster & for entertainment I rate it high. I dont care what opinions are about Russell Crowe, I think he is a really good actor, & of course, I am secretly in love with Denzel Washington.
We also watched Rescue Dawn, & though it had aspects which spoilt it, to our Kiwi eyes, I did find most of it engrossing.
Hairspray... what were they thinking?? We didnt bother to watch it all the way through.
Now we are having rolling thunder. Leo was very frightened earlier, & would not leave my side, but now he is keeping close to Gom. I dont think we are going to get any rain out of the black thunderheads, it is all roar & no rain.
Joe Cocker, Dear Landlord


bluemountainsmary said...

We have had thunder , lightening, blackouts and rain.

Feel like I am back in Brisbane!

meggie said...

I was just thinking of you, Mary. We saw the news on TV & they said you had the 'works'! We had the thunder, & not one drop of rain!! Newcastle copped it too.

Anonymous said...

Your sky photos are really very good. That is a very interesting picture with the dark smudge in the middle.
We are also getting a lot of thunder but sadly hardly any rain.
Thanks for stopping by and to tell me that my furniture has been returned! LOL

joyce said...

What's better than grandchildren? I love the quilt he's hiding under. We could use a bit of heat and humidity here. It's -27 with the wind chill and there's a winter storm warning out. Brrr..

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday to your son-in-law! Is this the son-in-law that has been ill? I hope so. I hope he will enjoy his Chicolate Souffle Roll!

CONNIE W said...

December 3 is a great day for a birthday. SIL has another birthday twin here. You have hot weather now and ours is turning colder. This morning is the first time I could see my breath when I went outside for the newspaper. Grandson is a sweetie-pie! I'n a non-fan of Hairspray too...too much for me.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy day to your SIL! I just love to read about your adventures with SG, never a dull moment with that little one around; you are making such treasured memories for/with him. I don't think you're alone with your "secret" crush on Denzel.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Happy Birthday to your SIL!
I always love hearing about that darling, your small gs, and I too, noticed the beautiful quilt.
I really love the third picture of the new day and enlarged it to get the full effect of the misty morning with the lights still glowing in the valley...

Joni said...

It never fails, you always make me laugh. You reminded me of the old couple I once knew. He was deaf and blind she was not. She would ask him something and he would reply "What?" So she would yell her request and he would reply, "Well you don't have to yell!" LOL.

Pauline said...

lovely photos. My mother used to call that color sky-blue pink.

I love coming here to read about your daily life - wish I had my grandbabies more often!

tracey petersen said...

happy birthday to the man of the hour. My kids used to love making cubby houses from blankets and chairs. They'd sit under it for hours!

fifi said...

I always like your sky photos.

If I am a very, very good girl, when it is my birthday,will you make me one of those cakes? The little guy can can both help me eat it.

meggie said...

I would gladly make a cake for anyone!
I would not help you eat it though. I dont like fresh cream!

Bren said...

What a sweetie!! A day with SG is a day well spent! (((hugs)))

teodo said...

Happy Birthday.........
ciao ciao