Thursday, December 20


Do you ever get that nebulous feeling that something is about to come down on your head? Some hidden disaster about to leap out of the shadows of your life?

I get that feeling every now & then. My daughter is much the same, in that regard. We often know who is on the phone, or when we are about to call each other.

Not that I have any premonitions at present. But we both had a similar feeling about someone's reaction to an event. It was not exactly a good reaction. It was odd to us, but, somehow predictable.

This premonition feeling became more & more urgent when it was SG's birthday. I kept saying I had the feeling we would get the same thing for his birthday. My daughter scoffed, & said she was sure we wouldn't. We got our gift early, & the feeling persisted. Daughter bought their gift, & the feeling got worse. Finally I told her I felt so strongly, that we had got the same gift. She likes surprises too, & so I usually don't tell her what we have got for any of the family.

Finally I told her what we had got... & bingo! She had got the exact same gift. From the same shop. She went to the trouble of changing hers.

I didn't want to risk it over Christmas gifts, so there are few surprises for the children this time!


We had a visit from the Groom. I swear he has reduced in stature since the Bride died. He looks a lot more tired, his shoulders sag a little more, & he admitted he has had a hard time of it.

Of course it is still raw, & too soon for him to be over the many stages of grieving. He is working, & has that to occupy his time. He must be almost 80 I think, but says he can't imagine not working, as he doesn't have hobbies, & though he suffers aches & pains, he is healthy in the main. Certainly all the marbles are present!!

I cannot imagine spending 50+ years married, & then my husband being gone. I know there are times when Gom drives me nuts. But he is a habit, & I do still love the old GOM.

Dogs to the vet today. Both have ear problems. One is an infection, one is a fungal condition. The Vet said it is very common at this time of year, & particularly this year, since it is soooo humid every day, & so hot.

I am using the asterisks because %&*@# blogger will not always publish them in the paragraph format I typed.

We have purchased a new computer. I have the feeling I am about to embark on a steep learning curve! I will wait for friends to help with the setting up, & the saving of data.

Haha, I hope I don't lose my blog!

We are off to a Christmas party/farewell for our Grandson this evening. Next year he is off to 'Big School'. He will miss his lovely teachers from Pre School. He has loved them all, & they have been wonderful.

Joni Mitchell, Little Green.


Lee said...

I just KNEW you were going to talk about premonitions!

joyce said...

My MIL used to have premonitions sometimes, usually about bad things. Not sure I'd want to be like that. Over gifts it could be a good thing!

Mike said...

I do get premonitions. They are never about anything specific but are usually vague and sometimes they happen just seconds before an actual event.

A few years ago I was driving along and had this notion that it would be awful to be thrown through a sun roof in your car if you had an accident. I reached up and closed the sun roof. A few seconds later, I was in a terrible crash.

Helen Burton said...

What a beautiful and soothing site. Isn't it amazing how sometimes we know exactly what is going to happen. Thanks Helne

Molly said...

Funny you should blog about this. I got one of those horrible feelings of imminent doom very recently, just a few hours before the Bean wrecked his car. Fortunately, he walked away unharmed. Which convinces me there IS a God........And I am grateful....

ancient one said...

Yep, it just happened to me... I said out loud "Why don't you call me -----?" and immediately my phone rang and it was -----!

She was telling me about a play given by school children in a town near her. One of the boy children pushed one of the girl children several times on stage. When they came down the girl's dad asked the boy what was his problem? To make a long story short, on their local tv all day today, they kept showing the brawl that broke out among the grownups...

The rest of the play was performed today in front of the parents allowed.

Hope your party was enjoyable!!

We're all going crazy...LOL

Tanya Brown said...

You and your daughter sound like you are quite in tune. It also sounds like you're a good judge of what SG might want/need. Would that everyone was so perceptive!

Poor Groom. He and the Bride had a beautiful love story, one which makes me tear up when I think about it. What a hard thing, having his beloved gone and trying to find some meaning in what remains. I hope this dear man hangs on through the grieving period and eventually finds some comfort.