Friday, December 21

Dancing in the Shadows of the Past.

This is a blast from the past. It is a quilt I made for my son SB. I have posted it before... here, Lights of Home.
Our son is coming home to celebrate Chirstmas with the family. It will be lovely to see him, & spend time together.
We had a pleasant evening .. or do I slightly fib... at the Xmas Party for SG.
I have decided I am allergic to small boys around the age of 7-8!
The littlies who were still to 'graduate' from the Pre School were lovely. They danced, sang, & were lovely.
The larger, boys- in particular, who had already joined the ranks of Big School, were something else.!! I could scarcely believe the level of parent 'ignore' when it came to watching the activities of those 'older' siblings.
I watched as icing on Carrot Cakes was massaged in young hands. Small hands reached out, grabbed an item, ...licked it, ...put it back. We decided early on, the sandwiches were unlikely to be touched by small hands... Any item that looked vaguely healthy, was left alone, - so we could have small snack.
Gom did his part - he made Asparagus Rolls, Not everyone is familiar with those, so we had a head start. Someone else discovered their deliciousness, & ate them all!
I watched SG as Santa arrived. I watched him freeze, in terrror. He came racing around to his mother, & then my arms. " I dont want to see Santa!!" When we tried to assure him he was to recieve a 'pressie' from Santa, loud protests followed. "I dont want a pressie. I dont care, I dont like Santa!!!"
His name was called. He suffered. He went with his mother. He thrust the present into his Grandfather's hands & said, "Let's go home!! It is getting dark!"
Little boy, You are not so far from your roots. Your Great Grandmother remained averse to Santa for her whole life! Your Grandmother can understand your fear. We love you, so much. We want you to feel safe, & very happy.
We have been out in the Market Place today, buying sh!t loads of meaty goodies for the "Xmas Day Orgy", as I have come to think of it!
Gom had the hearing aids checked out. They are, apparently, fine.He has several settings. He is remarkably inconsiderate for a deaf man- he keeps talking to me once have left the room. I swear this is a deliberate ploy, to
a) make me believe I am also deaf.
b) make me believe I am a f0ckwit of the first order.
His new spectacles were not in evidence. A hitch in the process. Bugger DAMN & all those enraged expletives. On the strength of it, I got my new nose-piece for my spectacles gratis, in lieu of an apology. I suppose you win some, & you lose some!
I have been checking my posts for a year ago. It seems I displayed a more cheery disposition. Was I lying?? HaHa!
I almost forgot....
the day's preoccupation with
The Pogues, with Kirsty MacColl, singing A Fairytale In New York.
What a great REAL song.


bluemountainsmary said...

I am very glad you will be with loved ones at Christmas and GOM of course.

I feel for the Groom at this time of year - that first Christmas alone is a tough one as I remember for my Mum.

Henri said...

Meggie , I am , as you know , deaf (-ish) haha ! Your SIL , my Beloved often walks off and leaves me talking to fresh air & / or amused / bemused passersby .She is almost as deaf as I am though I do believe !

joyce said...

I think guys dressed up as Santa scare most kids. And the older ones don't believe it, so why do we do it?
I just love that song, A Fairytale in New York. I saw a bio of Sean McGowan and there was a clip of them singing it. Wonderful.

teodo said...

I'm happy you will celebrate Christmas with your son.....
FELICE 2008 Happy 2008

ciao ciao

Catalyst said...

We were watching teevee yesterday and there was a clip of a boy (2-3 years old) sitting on Santa's lap, staring at the big white bearded face and crying his eyes out. SWMBO commented "why do they put small kids through this?"
I was just thinking . . you will be through the horrors of Christmas before we get started. Such a deal!

Mike said...

There's another version of Fairy Tale In New York where Shane sings the song with his mother. Kind of weird, but also very good.

I was also afraid of Santa as a kid. Still don't trust him much.

Isabelle said...

Yes, it's a funny wee world, as my granny used to say.

What a lovely cloudscape in the previous post.

Happy Christmas, Santa or no Santa.

Angie said...

You never fail to delight me, Meggie!! ROFL Sometimes I just sit here cackling like a crazed person at the antics going on 'over there'!!! :D I do hope you, GOM, Honey and Leo, along with 'the son' have a wonderful Christmas and may our New Year be the best one yet!! Dewey and Badger are doing great...anxiously awaiting Santa with their stockings...they send wishes for Honey and Leo to get doggie bones and toys and NOT brushes and clothes. :D

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Meggie, nice of you to stop by my blog, hope you have a Merry Christmas,

Bren said...

Oh that sweet little guy so scared of Santa! I am glad you understood his fear and hugged him, not making him feel foolish. Santa can be a scary guy to a little own GS included!
Those 7-8 yo boys KNEW they would be ignored so that is why they acted out! Smart buggers!

Helen Burton said...

Hi Meggie:

I am so happy to have found your blog. I remember when my children were little and one of the neighbors dressed as Santa would deliever that special present to each child on Christmas Eve. My daughters were so frightened and still took the presents.

I would love for you to visit my blog at

Nadine said...

Oh, Meggie, how I love your posts ! They're always a delightful, funny reading, and I'm always learning something...
For instance : I absolutely don't know that song "A Fairy Tale in New York", neither the singer Kirsty MacColl.... so I'll quickly browse through the web, as now I WANT to hear it !
I'll also quickly pay a visit to "Patchwork & Stitching" back issues, and check if they still have that one for me, as now I WANT to make that beautiful quilt !

I just hope your next post won't be about oysters, as I don't know their taste and absolutely DON'T WANT TO... NO WAY!

Smiles !.....
(and big HUGS of course !)

ancient one said...

Glad you and grandson survived the party...We were told that Santa would put sand in your eyes and if you were naughty you'd get no presents...we all knew we'd been naughty... no wonder we were afraid! LOL

I can't help you with the youtube problem. I still have a lot to learn. I want a new computer too. Maybe Santa will bring me one...NOT!!

Tanya Brown said...

I'm glad you're going to get to see your son. They grow up, but somehow I imagine one of the hardest things must be letting go.

Little boys with icing - oy vey!

Bless little SG. A lot of people don't care for Santa. That's probably why so many of them wet their pants when they sit on his lap.

Christine Thresh said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months and you seem very cheery to me.
Hug the little guy and GOM again.