Tuesday, December 18

I Just Want to Cry...

I heard a 'news' item, that made me want to cry.
A policeman was convicted over the death of a colleague's Sniffer Dog. He had been asked to check the lame dog into the kennel, as the handler was going on leave.
"Yes", he promised.

The dog died a terrible, lonely, painful, death, shut in a vehicle, where the temperature reached 50 degrees Centigrade. The dog had tried to dig it's way out of the vehicle.

I just want that man to fry in Hell for his neglect.

I can hear you all saying, "If she doesnt believe in Religion, how come she believes in Hell?"

I agree.

I just hope there is some accounting somewhere in the universe, or whatever.

How can a human be so uncaring - so unaware- about an animal?

Here is a pic of our Leo. He is such a naughty boy, sometimes. We could never hurt him. He is so loyal, so loving.
Here he is, out on the arm of Gom's chair. Safe. Secure. Knowing he is adored, I would suspect.
Here is my little girl, Honey. She is so small & sweet, & anassuming.
She has a dislocated kneecap on one of her back legs. A fault of her breed, the vet tells us. She is dearer to me than life. I could not bear to think of her in pain.
I would walk over hot coals for her. Or spend my last few cents, to see that she was comfortable.


We have had major garden upheavals.
Some of the removal of plants was a protest. My protest. I really think it was a waste of time. Gom seemed delighted. He likes to just see bare earth, sans vegetation. He just doesn't know how lucky he is.

Had I been born of murderous stock, he would have been dispatched, one way or another.

We were given a quite rare, & lovely vine, by a friend. A friend, primarily, of Gom. The vine had died down over the winter, but sprang back to life, with vigour, & soon-to-be-realised, glory. I was thrilled, as I get over 'mere plants'.

Imagine my shock, when I went out to peg clothes on the line, to see slaughtered, & hacked, vine leaves. In fact the whole vine had been decimated. Not a trace remained, apart from the slashed & withered remains.

So, I determined he would murder no further. I did it for him! I ripped every remaining green plant from the garden bed. As I say, it back fired. He thinks it is lovely.

It is the 6th precious plant he has killed on that very site. I can only conclude he suffers some madness, or disease, that compels him to return, time & again, with no regard, or sense of reality, to the scene of the mulptiple crimes.

There is a sea of weeds, available for his ruinous advances. But NO. He never even looks in their direction.

We watched a very good DVD called the Strong One. Jodi Foster. Very powerful. I dont know the lead male's name, but OMG. To die for! Almost as gorgeous as Denzel Washington.

I hope all your Chrissy plans are proceeding as planned...

Ben E King, This Magic Moment.


Lee said...

Christmas? What Christmas? Oh!

Tanya said...

I feel exactly like you do about animal abuse. To be honest, I almost scanned your post just because I knew what you were leading up to and even the thought haunts me! What can one do but love our own as much as we can? I don't know what to do about the other hurting animals in the world.

joyce said...

Maybe you should do what one of our neighbours when we lived in the city did. They had lots of kids and the grass didn't seem to grow properly so they cemented their entire front yard and put out patio furniture. They spent hours enjoying that cement and never had to mow or weed or yell at the kids to keep off the grass.

Bren said...

I can believe in Hell for both of us Meggie...hopefully that dog owner will suffer some hell right here with the image of what they did to their loyal animal.

Sheila said...

I would like to think that man forgot about the dog, but the fact that he has been convicted tells me that wasn't so. I share your feelings. My Dad and Gom might be related, but there is hope. Dad would go into my mother's precious garden and prune things down to a single stem...!
Then he discovered he liked roses and grew them quite successfully. Maybe you could finds a plant that GOM likes and plant a few..?
Then when they grow he could enjoy them..
and then YOU could rip them out?

Catalyst said...

Actually, Meggie, it's "The Brave One" and the male co-star is Terrence Howard.

I should think Jodi would have had a way to take care of the police officer.

Ragged Roses said...

I never can understand animal cruelty or neglect. As for plant neglect ... is GOM still with us?!

meggie said...

Hi All. The dog that died was handled by a woman police officer. She broke down & cried in court when the colleague was found guilty. The colleague claimed he had just forgotten the dog was in the vehicle. I hope he had, & it was not deliberate. That doesnt bear thinking about.

I am like Lee, & often avoid all news, but Gom still watches, & I hear it, from another room.

Thanks Cat, for the correction! You are perfectly right. It is rather sad that I have been finding revenge films rather enjoyable!

Joni said...

Wow that is sad. I can't imagine especially looking at little Cooper today. That kind of love is unconditional like you say.

I too wonder if GOM is going to be banned from the garden at some point. He sure does a lot of whacking and clearing.

CONNIE W said...

Leo reminds me of our Maltese, Caesar, who was our pet for a number of years until he became ill. He was a gentle little dog with a good nature.

Anonymous said...

I avoid the news for the same reasons - people can be sosososo stupid.

My Pete has been known to be rather ruthless in the garden too...

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Animal neglect and abuse deserves only the worst of punishments as far as I'm concerned. I have the same feelings as you in that regard...

Thimbleanna said...

I would want to cry too Meggie -- that's an awful story! Your pups are adorable -- dogs are the best. We really liked Jodi Foster's movie too when we saw it -- quite something to think about!

Mike said...

Every year I read stories about people leaving kids and/or dogs in locked cars in the summer time. I have to wonder what is wrong with people that do this. In my mind, Hell is not good enough for these people. There needs to be something much worse than Hell for them.

fifi said...

I heard that very report - honestly, I just couldn't understand it, he was even reminded to get the dog, but "forgot"!
So dreadful. It was a border collie.

My son cried for half an hour over a lorikeet yesterday, it had been run over.

I don't know what the deal is, with these GOMS. My dad does the very same thing, hacks all the plants up. It must be some personality disorder, I've decided.

Katie said...

The poor vine suffered too! I heard it screaming all the way over here!

Christine Thresh said...

I know there must be a Hell for people who are mean to animals.

bluemountainsmary said...

I started to read that story and had to stop.

I think GOM needs a plant identification book /course for Christmas!

Leanne said...

I'm with you there on the dog front we love our 2 very naughty Jack Russells sometimes I think I would prefer them to some humans I know.

Tanya Brown said...

Poor, poor dog. I agree with you on all counts. I have something very akin to hatred for animal abusers. They don't seem quite human to me.

I don't understand GOM's inclinations toward planticide. The only thing I have by way of comparison is my husband's yanking out a perfectly good nasturtium which had grown out of the compost pile. It was pretty and flowering and whimsical. There were piles of weeds in the garden, within an arm's length. Why not pull out the weeds instead? But no, he had it in for the nasturtium. He couldn't explain why to me exactly, just something about the way it was dangling there and he couldn't bear it.

!#$%$@$%. Males. It must be the testosterone or something.