Monday, December 10

Bird On a Wire

After last evening's huge noisy thunderstorms, with the lightning, & hail & torential rain, this was the sunset sky. Amazing. I tried to capture the rays of the sun, coming up through the clouds, & though friends lent me their camera, that they gave me last year, I couldnt get it to take these pictures in more detail.

This is the Bird on the Wire I managed to get, using my small camera, & I dont know that the rays can be seen in the pic. The Bird can, & I hate to admit, I am uaware what sort of bird it is!! I was not brave enough to do the Letter to my 13 year old self! I find that prospect could be quite frightening.

I found this following Meme on Days Go By, from the lovely Jess.

THE UNCREDITED GOOGLE IMAGE MEME(type the answer to the following questions into Google Image, then pick from the first page.)

1.Age at my next birthday: These are all cryptic, & Jess chose not to disclose.

2. Place I'd like to travel:

3. Places I have been :

4. Favourite food:

5. Place I was born:

6. Place I live:

7. Name of past pet:

8. Best Friend's nickname:

9. My first name:

10, My first job:

This is the evening pic here tonight. Rain & bloody grey skies, which we have had all day.
We had Small Grandson with us for the day, & he was very good really. We took him shopping. An expedition to Bunnings, the huge Warehouse chain for Hardware! He loves that huge barn-ike edifice, & he loves all the tools & wheelbarrows, & pesticide sprays, & hoses, & paints. Garden furniture, a huge garden section, though he didnt get a chance to inspect the plants today. His Grandfather said lots of "Dont touch!" & his Nan said lots of giggles, & side whispers. We had some fun. We sat on the 'rest seat'. SG declared it "OLD" & cracked. It was, but I assured him, it was not cracked enough to break, when we sat on it, for some rest. how large does he percieve me??.
I am quite often shocked, when looking at old photographs of a family group, to see how small my Grandmother looks beside a young adult me! She was always the large woman in our family, as our mother was short & very small of stature, & skeletal structure. I often felt similar to a Great Dane, when standing next to our mother. She, of course, being the small boned, & delicate Chihuahua!
I know that cannot have been always true, as we often shared clothes as I matured, & both seemed to fit them equally as well.
Well, as you can see, I have chickened out on the 13 year old meme. For some reason, I find it oddly challengeing! Well done, those who have been brave enough to face it.
Chopin, Nocturne in F.


Lee said...

That's a different meme! Interesting resulting pics, too!

daysgoby said...

You're welcome up here in Canada anytime, Meggie! Bring GOM with you!

I'll post some answers to mine later.

joyce said...

I like the image meme. I'll be doing it.

Mike said...

I made the mistake of taking my granddaughter to the hardware store with me once.

Never. Again.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Jess has posted her answers, please post yours. Right now you have me thinking that your first name is "dentist".

meggie said...

Ok, here are the answers
age will be 65. I am not sure what that photo is, but it was 65!
Place I'd like to travel is Canada.
Place I have been is Thailand, loved it!
Favourite food is seafood.
Place I was born, BOP New Zealand.
Place I live: Central Coast NSW Aus.
Name of past pet: Katie, but I had cheat to get anything other than girls!
BF's nickname: Jo- I think that is a fountain? She is a fountain of joy as a friend, so it is appropriate!
My first name: Meg- is that a dentist chair, LGS? I wondered what it was!
My first job was telephonist, while I waited to be old enough to begin nursing.

jellyhead said...

Cool meme, Meggie. And now, even better, I have stumbled on the actual answers in the comments section!

Hope you have a happy day, Meggie :)

ancient one said...

Very interesting meme! Now, that's different!

Your gray skies looked like mine... but we only got a few rain to speak of... and it sounds like you had lots of rain.

I'm sure Small Grandson loves hanging out with his grandparents!!

Tanya Brown said...

Fun meme; finding all those photos must have taken some time, though.

Lucky SG. There are few things more wonderful than a trip to the hardware store with the grands.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

You had a beagle, how lovely. My 8yo nephew loves Officeworks. I do too, and I love Bunnings. I can have quite a spiritual experience in Bunnings. I heard a rumour not long ago that the same people owned Bunnings and Officeworks, and they were going to combine both stores - heaven!

h&b said...

what an odd meme !!

I admit, i'd have to tweak,a nd would find it hard to 'lie' if the image 'wasn't me' ;)

h&b said...

oh, DUH ! You type in YOUR answers .. here I am thinking you type in the questions ...

hmm, might do this ...