Wednesday, December 27

Aren't Families Hilarious?

Last evening was a long one.

Not feeling well for the whole of the day, I just felt like an old wornout dishrag. I would have just liked to hide away & lick my 'wounds' quietly.

When Leo woke early I snarled at him to go back to sleep- & he did! I wanted to just lie there & die. No coughing- agony. No nose blowing- pain.

But my body is a fool, & once I have been woken I usually have to rise fairly soon after.

And so began a day of very mixed feelings. Post Xmas Blues, blended with a snakey infection make for one pretty grumpy Meggie.

We usually have a tradition of all getting together again as a family to eat leftovers & rejoice in each other's company. And, apart from my being rather unwell, I am not sure why this didnt really happen.

DJ came with SIL,P & SG & AAG who had to leave to go off to work. We didnt partake of food, all claiming to still be 'too full'.

Drinks came out later, & were consumed slowly, -no one really 'in the mood'. We were expecting some friends to call later in the evening, & so DJ & P left with SG, who was still incredibly on fire. His favourite gift was a 'Light Sabre' which strikes fear & loathing in the dogs hearts, & some trepidation in the grandparents hearts. Also, as his Uncle pointed out, it has some strange warnings printed on the side.
'Do not try to insert this object as it will become hard & could inflict injury' WTF?? ( I suspect it could be made by the same manufacturers of the infamous Punisher??)

However in the lull, I decided to have a glass or two of wine. Felt a little better. Friends arrived, a little wine with them. More laughs, night picking up, jokes flying. Debates starting.

Son B getting on incredibly well with friends. Hilarious discussions. GOM (& here I reveal, what SB & I regard as his 'ugly bits) saying he agreed with the Mayor of Tamworth & Somalians shouldnt be invited or welcome to live in said City.
"I dont see why we should have refugees here" he declared. " They wont assimilate or mix with us"
SB & I shouting with laughter at this ludicrous statement, & reminding him they cant mix or assimilate- they are stuck in camps!! And spend bloody months there, without human thought or care- ("the bastards, they need flogging! How dare they?" we shout) haha. GOM fails to see the irony in this. It really is no laughing matter, & we shouldn't try to make jokes to make him see our point of view, but isnt that what families do? We do.

Our friends have other things to fume about, & we have very lively discussions.

I absolutely refuse to discuss politics- they are all tarred with the same brush to me! And after listening to my grandparents futile arguments for 2 opposing sides, I cannot see the point.
And watching my mother have almost apoplectic arguments with BFJ's HYTB, about opposing sides- though they always remained friends!

And I refuse to discuss religion, though I will agree with anyone who disagrees with any & all forms of it! (Which view our friends happen to share).

We had a very late, fun filled night. One of our friend's had to go to work this morning- early. I hope she survived her day.

We had SG here for the morning, as DJ & SIL both had to work this morning. SG brought his Light Sabre, & it remained in his hand or by his side for the whole of the morning. And DAMN! I forgot to get a pic of it! We are having him again tomorrow morning, so hopefully I will remember then.

I have lain about 'resting' & feeling really lousy, & though 90% of it is due to the infection, I suspect the remainder is from the wine?

SB has gone off to play cards & games with his sister & BIL & says there will be no alcohol in his plans. Better not be, - he has our car.


h&b said...

I too am suffering post-Xmas blues.

I fed my blues today with leftover ham, and no-one was around to see my multiple helpings. It was delicious.

And mine aren't even that bad.
I guess....


Stomper Girl said...

Glad to hear that some wine and good company was able to lift you temporarily from the sickbed. Hope your germs go soon.

Molly said...

If you don't discuss politics and you don't, or won't, discuss religion Meggie must be the quietest one at your family gatherings.......Hope you kick that infection and arrive in the new year kickin' and rarin' to go!

My float said...

Post Christmas was hideous at our end as well. Sigh. I was sick and a bit deranged with fever and my family crammed 30 odd people in one small room (including kids) and then the adults shouted at teh kids because they were a. running b. shouting c. noisy. Go figure.

I hope you are feeling better soon!