Saturday, December 9

Still Searching...

I think I have found the picture of the Modern Xmas Spirit.
It is a Xmas bloom, with some glistening sparkly parts, just laid on the top, in the modern deceitful way.
The colour is right, & bright.
The glitter is certainly lovely & clear & magical.
But, see the little patch of rot peeping out?
I will probably get hate mail for being so cynical about Xmas.
I AM cyinical about Xmas.
I have no religious belief left, ( if I ever really had any.)
I have to thank BFJ for this photo. She did not intend it to mean so much to me, but we did discuss what I felt it signified.
I hypocritically celebrate Xmas- as a family ritual, tradition, with my family.
I do believe in the love, & the concept of peace & joy to all.
But I get increasingly infuriated by the rampant, care-less attitude of greed, material 'things' & the lack of thought for less fortunate folk.
I dont put my money where my mouth is, in refusing to take part, so perhaps I dont have the right to make any criticism. I am not trying to offend anyone, but I do hope people think a little more about the less fortunate, in our world.
Also, I dont wish to denigrate anyone else's beliefs. I do try to give gifts for the less fortunate. And in the past we have opened our doors & hearts to less fortunate folk.
But we should do that every day, we possibly can. And I have put my money where my mouth is, in that regard.

Here are some Orchids just to soothe my crabby soul.
I have not been too keen on orchids in the past, but I found myself drawn to the pure beauty of these beautiful blooms of my Sister-in-law's.
She has had a death in her family, so I wish her & her family well, & send thoughts of sympathy for them all.


Finn said...

Hi Meggie, thank you so much for coming over to my blog and leaving such nice comments..*VBS* I'm so happy that you enjoy my writing.
I think you are being too hard on yourself about the uncoming holiday. The presence of that particular spirit goes way back. It seems it has always been a case of the "haves" and the "have nots". They certainly weren't kind back in Scrooge's time. It's ok to feel however you want or need to feel.
Maybe with the structure of what you object to, you can find a seed of what would make this time of year better for you. There is always so much that is needed by so many. A ride to the grocery store, a small remembrance for an older person. I know our nursing home has residents that have no family, and it's possible to leave a small gift for them. The causes that scream the loudest aren't the ones that get my attention. Maybe it's dog or cat food for the animal many little things.
I totally see your point about the beauty of the pointsetta. So bright and attractive, but still mortal, and suject to rot. Supposedly it keeps us humble..*S*
The orchids are some of the most beautiful I've seen. I especially like the second one. Glad you included them. Take care of you...*VBS* Hugs, Finn

joyce said...

I too am bothered by the over-commercialism of Christmas. In our family we try to keep it to a minimum not always successfully.

nutmeg said...

I think Christmas day (and the presents) can be built up into some high unattainable/unscalable mountain. When the day falls short of expectation all are glum! I agree, it's a time for family to come together and really enjoy the simple things - each other's company. It's a bonus when something simple turns out to be a great day. Presents are a small part of it. I know where you're coming from Meggie :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog.
I enjoyed seeing the pics of NZ on your blog, it's my DH dream to visit NZ one day.
Your Aunties garden is verY beautiful..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog.
I enjoyed seeing the pics of NZ on your blog, it's my DH dream to visit NZ one day.
Your Aunties garden is verY beautiful..

h&b said...

I made a similar, cynical post and expected people to rant at me, to walk away in droves.

People are horrified at my R/L Xmas Cynicism ( Seriously, do you think Jesus wanted the latest i-pod ? .. anyway .. )

But my blog comments fortified me. I am not weird in thinking giving to charity is not a good gift. The only gift that ever moved me was from the Worldvision "Smiles" catalogue.

I was moved to tears, and I kept that card long after all others were recycled. I had paid for a child's education for a year ( courtesy of my sister ). I thought it was brilliant.

It's a pity most other people 'want stuff' for Xmas .. rather than wanting to 'care more'.

Anyway ...

meggie said...

Bllody Blogger!! how dare you ask me for indetification on my own bloG!!!GRRRR!!
Thank your for words of support.
I did enjoy my SIL's orchids, & amire her awesome skill with all things growing.

Jusrt listening to TV... will they ever let poor "Princess Dianna' rest. She died just after my mother-- it is forever linked in our memory.

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. i must say I buy all of my 12 grandchildren a small gift.
I just love those Orchids the Purple one is my favorite.I posted my Orchids in October. And love your SILs garden. Hope you Return again Take Care

Henri said...

Meggie ,Just being with all the family at Xmas is gift enough - Enjoying spending precious time together & remembering ' absent friends 'and family and happy times . We had such wonderful Xmas times together when we were young ,( and even older ) I still believe in magic and grown up or not the family still like to get a small gift or two from " Santa" even if the card is in my handwriting !

meggie said...

Atrocious spelling last night- yes a wine/whine or two. Red mists of rage also descending, haha.
Yes, I still do the 'Santa' thing for my adult children- also now, the dogs! I am a old silly!

Thnakyou for all your kind thoughts. I know I will be just happy to have my family about me for Xmas.
However I do get saddened to see money 'wasted' when so many are left in need!

aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie,

Like you, I am not a huge fan of orchids, but also like you, I can still admire the beauty in some of them, and the rich, beautiful colours they have.

The pink one here is divine.

I agree with you about Christmas, in fact, your picture and description of the Christmas flower sums it up perfectly!

Christmas brings out the best and the worst in people, that's for sure!