Friday, December 29

It's a Dog's Life- & sometimes it Smells!

This pic is of Honey sitting in my computer chair, this morning.
She doesn't exactly look relaxed, but that is because she was barking at some other dogs, & making a real racket. And once she starts, Leo joins in. And here is Leo in his favourite chair. His morning has been spent 'throwing' his treat ball down the stairs. SB is sleeping downstairs, so I am sure the hard ball sounds like thunder going down the stairs, & then clattering on the tiles in the foyer. Leo races down to get the ball, races back to the top, & repeats the process.
This is the treat ball, & it is quite large. It was to be a shared gift for Honey & Leo, but it is a bit too large for Honey. Leo has learnt to pick it up in his mouth, & so he races about with it, even when it hasnt got any treats left inside. It 'giggles' occasionally too, so is quite funny to see & hear- though I am sure SB is not really amused about the stairs at 7am, when he is trying to get a few more zzzz's.

An unexpected Chrissy 'gift' for the dogs is fleas. We dont normally have trouble here with fleas. I use the antiflea treatments regularly, but they seem to be getting less effective, or perhaps the fleas are getting immune. Where the dogs got the fleas, will be from the grassy back lawn at DJ's. Oscar has the same problem, poor little chap, & he gets dermatitis from the fleas, plus the Buffalo grass. Every time we take our dogs to visit, they come home with another set of fleas . Luckily the fleas dont seem to like us humans, but they do make the dogs life a misery.
So today, I will be trying to get them clipped a bit more, & then give them baths tomorrow. Leo has become very wary of me, since he had his last vaccination, & has become a 'Daddy's boy'.
SIL P takes SG fishing quite often & they take Oscar along. Apparently he has a such a good time...but they always have to bath him when they get hi home, as he rolls about in the mud, & finds horse manure, & dead birds & all sorts of unspeakable stinky things.
You can see why I am very reluctant about the idea of taking our dogs there! I dont mind taking them to swim down at the waterfront/harbour here- sand is messy, but 'clean'.
Speaking of 'stinks'... I ran out of my usual washing powder, & only had some liquid detergent to do the wash yesterday. As soon as I poured it into the machine I remembered why it has sat in the cupboard for months, unused.
The smell of it makes me feel quite ill.
I wonder why manufacturers keep using strong odours for washing powders?
(And yes, I am aware of the so called 'non perfumed' variety- but why should they cost more??)
I regard the smell of fresh washing dried on the line, as a 'free treat'.
But not when it is so overpowered with 'perfume'!
Is it because I am getting older or what?? I find I give all shampoos, & conditioners, soaps, detergents etc, the 'sniff test' - I can be found lurking about the shelves of the Supermarket taking the tops off things to sniff them!
I have been known to complain to the manufacturers of a certain hair product- they sent me free replacements- but they smelled the same!
All these things are not cheap, & the last thing you want is to find youve laid out good $$$ only to find you cant use the product, because of an overwhelming urge to vomit or sneeze every time you smell it!
And as to that 'Calvin Klein'... all those products should be banned from the planet!! grrrrr.
A little post Chrissy grouch!!


joyce said...

I totally agree with you about the smells on washing products. I got "aromatherapy" dishwashing liquid soap and the smell stayed on the cups so our coffee smelled like lavendar or rather fake lavendar. With shampoo I only want the smell of soap. If I want to wear purfume I will buy perfume.

Angie said...

OMG, no fleas please! LOL I'm telling you, Megs, those two pups are just too cute!! Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. I plan to do more of it. *G* I always read your posts with great delight, and most of the time with lots of laughter. You make my days so much brighter! Happy New Year!

aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie,

I love the smell of soap, shampoo or whatever. We use Dove soap, MDH doesn't like the perfumed variety, he reckons it makes him stink like a girl.

All of my products, by good luck or design, not sure which, actually have quite subtle smells, and smells I have come to love.

I hate it when they come up with a "new improved" version, it usually just means they have made the perfume stronger! Ugh.

My float said...

I love the smell of soap. I hate those cheap and nasty perfumed ones that you get in a chemist gift pack but the Doves and the white Sunlights - YUM. My son smells like an angel after a bath with this kind of soap.

For hand soap, though, I love the perfumed hand pump variety. You know, the camomile and honey or sea ones. LOVE the smell of clean!