Sunday, December 10

Undisguised Angels

These two little Angels may be the 'Spirit of Christmas'... what do you think??
The gorgeous little girl on the right is BFJ's Gorgeous Granddaughter S. Thanks BFJ for another lovely photo for my blog!

I have just been outside reading Sunday papers.. not very inspiring.

Got almost eaten alive by huge helicopter sized mosquitoes!
Came inside to slather myself with Tee Tree Oil to stop the itches.
What with the drought, you would think the mosquito population would die off!

I have bromeliads in the garden, & suspect the mosquitoes breed in the water, that lies in the top of them. I leave the bromeliads to give shelter to the Blue Tongue lizard, who usually comes to live for the summer in our garden. He/she hides under the concrete near our back door, & we try to ensure the dogs dont get near- hence the bromeliads.I have been trying to get the Bluetongue on camera, but it has been very elusive this year. I think one year there was a baby & there seemed to be several lizards. We have lived here for 8 years, & the lizards have returned every year.

We like them, though they do resemble snakes, until you notice the little legs. I found one in the rumpus room downstairs, so took it outside & let it go. The one on our path this year looked enourmous, about 12-14 inches long, & very fat. I like the touch of them, & actually like the feel of snakes too! Of course I wouldnt dream of touching one, unless I was sure of what type it was!


Stomper Girl said...

How cool! A blue-tongued lizard in your yard?
I was kept half awake for an hour this morning by a stupid mozzie. I was totally covered up to my ears in a sheet, while Fixit is sprawled out naked like an absolute mosquito banquet next to me, and the stupid critter still keeps buzzing in my ear.

meggie said...

I laughed out loud, at the description of Mr Fixit!!
Yes, the same thing seems to happen to me, GOM sits there reading away, & boasting about not being bitten.
GOM also sleeps naked like a banquet for all comers (haha, sorry about that!) but he never seems to get 'taken'.

joyce said...

That's one thing about winter. No mosquitoes here right now. No blue tongue lizards either though. Not that we ever have them. Lol. The two little girls look like angels indeed.

My float said...

Darn mossies. They're driving me crazy. It's almost bad enough to propel me to smoking. Just kidding.

Those little girls are truly gorgeous. The spirit of Christmas no doubt.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Blue tongues and water dragons are the only lizards I can cope with. Aren't blue tongues great? They're so solid!