Monday, December 18

A Matter of Waiting/Weighting.

Last week we were invited for some drinks, & delicious food, with friends. It was a lovely evening, & the food was delicious. I always tend to eat more when I am feeling happy. I wonder does this happen to others?

Had some friends over yesterday, for a get-together, & it was really nice.

The weather played the game, was not too hot, nor too cool, & even the flies were not TOO persistant.

We had food, some wine, & some beer, & some of us had neither. But it was so nice to get together with good company, & just laugh & relax.

But now, I think it might be time to bite the bullet, & admit, my "days of wine & roses" should really end!

I think I gained about a stone- in the old money- while on holiday in NZ.
I cant really afford to gain weight. There is Type 2 Diabetes in my family, & at the rate I am going, I will be a candidate.

Due to my arthritis I tend to avoid exercise. My hobbies of choice dont involve exercise as such. (Quilting can be quite strenuous to the shoulders! but doesnt really count?!)

Of late I have tended to think, 'Never mind, when all else fails, there is always food! '
And I do love food.
Not so much the sweet things, & I dont crave chocolate, wouldnt care if I never had any.
But I love pastry, & savoury things, vegetables, fish & most shellfish. And living here in Australia, I love the fresh prawns! Also love the fruit.

GOM likes his food, but not nearly as much as I do.
When we were younger, GOM was always the plump one.
I seemed to manage to stay reasonably slim, & burned up all my calories.
Now, as we age, GOM is about the same as he has always been.

But, BUT, ....I have gained such a lot of weight, I am appalled! I suppose it is not till I saw the photographs of myself, that I realised how large I have become.
My bum seems to have become a positve cake tray! (Not that I eat cake very often!)
Surgery has ensured I have a very odd shaped barrel for a middle body.
My ankles tend to swell monstrously, & at the end of the day, I resemble the Michelin man!

I really must try to get myself onto some sort of eating regime where I can cut down, & lose a bit of weight. I did have my blood tested for insulin resistance, & took a drug to reduce it.
I dont think I lost much weight, but it did greatly curb my appetite.
I find if I get too hungry I start to shake, & am told that runs in the family.

My mother was a very small, mostly thin, woman, who never seemed to have to worry over her weight. My sister seems to have the same, 'small', genes.
I used to tell my mother she was an unnatural grandmother- she was so small, & thin, & my nephew once told her that her skin was too big for her!
And once, when she was crocheting a shawl, my son looked at the picture, & looked at Mum, then asked her if she was making it for herself.
When she replies "Yes" he said, "But it wont fit you, you're not as big as a woman!"

My maternal grandmother was a plump woman, so squashy & comfortable to cuddle into. I am told I resemble her very strongly. I guess I do have the 'squashy comfortable' body!

Perhaps I had better get downstairs, & exercise on my daughter's exercycle!
Before the heat of the day takes over!


Nadine said...

Aaah, yes my friend, we're living on the same planet, you and I
I'm an "emotional eater", food is always connected to my feelings : am I happy ? >>> let's celebrate ! Do I feel down ? >>>>
what's in the fridge ?, etc.... Not that I eat all the time, no, but I'm what they call "an epicurian", I enjoy all the pleasures of life... I had no weight problems until I was 40, and could eat anything without taking an ounce, but things changed slowly and surely, without my noticing it..... Now I've got 30 pounds to lose, and swear I will, from 1st January on... as I do each year ! I tell you my friend : you're not alone !... What's on the menu, today ? (LOL)

Hugs & smiles,

nutmeg said...

There is arthritis on both sides of my family too and I already have it in the big toe joint on my left foot so exercise has to be a little less strenuous for me as well. I have read a number of articles about how aqua-aerobics is good in this situation, so too yoga and pilates.

Your previous post was a little disturbing! If your kiddie doesn't want a photo with Santa you've really got to give it up, don't you? Daughter #1 asked to see Santa at DJ's but once we went inside she changed her mind. I thanked the Santa and his helper and left. They still gave her a hat and goody bag and she was happy with that. Like you said, doing otherwise is a recipe for trauma!

aunty evil said...

Well, all this diet talk just makes me hungry!

Ali Honey said...

Hi Meggie,
Great to meet an ex BOP girl.Thanks for the email too. I will reply in more length when I get a chance. I have just spent some time going back through your blogs ( haven't read all of them yet )and realised I had read some at some stage before when I came across the Grandson / toilet roll /mummy part. Also with your permission I am now going to call my vacuum cleaner by his name!Will add you to my list to read.

joyce said...

My problem is that I love baking and cooking but my husband is not a big eater so I have to eat the left overs so they won't spoil. I am still in the habit of cooking for 6 or more so there tend to be a lot of leftovers. I do pack up and freeze a lot of them for my Dad but he is diabetic so that still leaves all the sweets... Like you, I used to be able to eat anything and not gain. I can't believe that all changed at 40. I have no excuse like arthritis -just laziness. I'd say Yoga or Pilates with a good instructor is a very good bet.

meggie said...

I think my weight gains started around 48-50, so perhaps I was lucky!
My blood pressure went on rocketing up & up, long before I started to gain weight, & I have been told with the meds I take, it would be hard for me to lose weight. No Dr seemed to know why my blood pressure just kept climbing.