Tuesday, December 12


This is Leo's "Happy Xmas" pic. He doesnt look very festive, does he?
Honey is unwell, has been to visit the Vet, & she has possibly 'popped' a disc in her spine, so she has to rest & really get pampered. She has had a needle to help the pain factor, & has some anti-inflammatory drug to help her heal.

We had a huge thunderstorm here last evening, & big woossy Leo does not like thunder at all! He came & sat right on my knee, & tried to hide.
Honey was resting beside me, & so I was the flavour of the evening. Most unusual, the dogs both seem to prefer GOM in the evening.

This is beautiful Beau, who belongs to Nice Neighbour. He has just had a haircut, & he looks so gorgeous!

Nice Neighbour tells me she has lost her sense of humour. I seem to have misplaced mine too, & so I told her I think perhaps they are off somewhere having a bloody great time without us!!

We had a brief thresh about at the shops yesterday, & visited 2 shopping Malls. We noticed there seemed to be 10,000 cars in the parking lots, but not that many people in the actual shops. Curious.

It was a hideously hot day, & perhaps the cool malls were havens from the heat, but I dont know where the people were actually hiding.

I can see the attraction to those lovely snowy Xmas cards. They seem so inviting when it is pushing 40 degrees celcius here, & we are swimming in perspiration, & itching, & our brains are frying in our head!

I feel sorry for mothers who have little ones, that they have to take shopping with them. I have heard harsh criticism about mothers taking the toddlers out, but we dont all have the luxury of relatives or friends to Care for the children, & the shopping, for whatever reason, still has to be done.

When my children were small, I had to lug them about with me, & must admit I totally lost my sense of humour when the weather was hot, & they were grizzling, or nagging about things. One old 'Lizzie' earned my wrath one day, by berating me for having 'tired children' out with me. I screeched at her to mind her own business, she knew NOTHING about my life,or children, & was not likely to!

BFJ & I used to sometimes meet for small shopping expeditions with our young ones, & I remember vividly one day, when we were both vastly pregnant, & had a toddler each in tow, her daughter decided to 'stack on a turn' in a crowded lift. BFJ just quietly said, "Stop that K, or I will have to beat you". K immdiately stopped & there were shocked gasps in the lift. I dont think BFJ ever even smacked her children, & goodness knows, K treated her to some scary behaviour. Once she rushed out of a crowded shop, onto a busy road in the city before we could stop her- try lunging for a determined, fleet-footed toddler when you are 8 heavy months pregnant!!
K also once told a bus full of passengers almost every swear word she had ever heard her father say. BFJ just pretended to be deaf, & looked out the window. And K once told the school 'Dental Nurse' who tried to look at her teeth, just where to go, & what to do. The Nurse was shocked & BFJ just slunk away, quietly saying 'Perhaps another day?' -& wisely, never did return!!

K now has beautiful girls of her own, who seem to be very well behaved children, lucky girl.

Yippee! We are having SG today. His father will be at work, & his mother will be at work all morning, so we are going to collect SG & I am sure he will be fun to have.
AGG has offered to have him until 10am, & then she is off to her parttime work also.
I had better get off this & onto the day.
All you young mothers out there, you have my sympathy if you have to take toddlers shopping!


joyce said...

I had four kids in six years so I can totally relate to shopping with toddlers. It can be horrendous. But they do grow up into decent adults. At least mine did so I must have done something right. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Leo does not look happy with his hat. How is Honey doing with the anti-inflammatory? We had a dog who had back problems and the shot helped her. Our dog Summer hate storms and thunder and like to hide on my lap.

aunty evil said...

2 incredibly cute faces, one sad, one happy. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Leo looks perfectly gorgeous! So sorry to hear about Honey's popped disk - Ouch!

I take for granted our cold (or at least cool) weather at Christmastime. So hard for me to imagine HOT weather this time of year... Hope you have a cool turn soon.