Friday, December 15


These beautiful pics are of one of my girlfriend's gorgeous twin granddaughters. Arent they just lovely looking girls!

They look so happy & healthy! As you can see they are identical, & must be a joy to have.
This pic is an old one of twin dolls I made. I accidentally uploaded it, & dont know how to delete it! how pitiful is that.

Yesterday we had SG for the morning, while his mother & sister dashed off to do some shopping. He made 'cubbies' with the quilts, & tried to convince Leo that he would be happy to share in the cubby. Leo sat on it, & collapsed it, so he wasnt the most popular little dog in town!
Once more, I missed getting photos of SG. I cant believe I didnt get any, but time just seems to rush past while he is here.
My brother made a comment about time seemingly vanishing, & I am sure it is stolen somehow by 'time bandits'. When I stop to think about it, it frightens me to realise how much time has passed since I was young... and there are 'holes' in each day, where I find myself thinking 'How did an hour just vanish?'
If I am sewing, whole days seem to be swallowed up, & I have no memory of them.
I have always done some sort of craft, it seems. When my children were small, I knitted their warm jumpers & cardigans, & also crocheted items. I made most of their clothes, until they grew older, & 'homemade' was not so fashionable. The time spent knitting sewing or crocheting, seemed to fly past. And still does, if I am busy.
I cant really understand it when people seem to find time sits heavy on their hands.
But I think some days GOM finds it that way. He has no hobbies, apart from reading, & often sits staring into space.
When he was young he loved to play sport, but is not interested in bowls or golf, so he doesnt have any sport either.
He is not really the handy man type either.
He tried to fit a new water saving shower head yesterday... to SG's delight & full interest.
Alas, it seems to be leaking this morning, so he will have to re-do it. I can see frustration ahead...
But I am sure a whole chunk of time will be stolen, while he works on fixing it!
On a completely different 'note'. I have Bob Dylan's new CD, 'Modern Times', & there is a track on it titled "Beyond The Horizon".
To my ears it sounds suspiciously like an old song called "Red Sails in the Sunset". Just wonder does anyone remember the old song, & have they heard the Bob Dylan song??


joyce said...

THe twins are so cute.I have a soft spot for identical twins because of my twin grandsons. THey were so cute as babies (still are in my opinion but I wouldn't embarass them by saying it out loud). I can't imagine being retired and having no hobbies. Luckily, my husband is an artist and has more ideas than time, just like me.

Molly said...

I remember Red Sails in the Sunset, but haven't heard a Dylan version...As for hobbies, now that our children are grown we all have time to do those things we didn't have time for when we were in the childrearing trenches...I pity people who never develop interests outside of how clean their house is or how much cleaner than so-and so's it is.I think, for instance, that I am a clean and reasonably tidy person, but by my MIL's impossible standards I live in squalor! I'm with the woman who wrote that poem about how she's going to wear purple and learn to spit when she grows old!

aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie,

Your GOM sounds like my dad, he has spent most of his retirement sitting on the lounge staring into space. He's ok if the cricket is on, he can watch that for hours on end.

My mum, on the other hand, can't keep still for a minute. She is always racing out somewhere, usually to dad's disgust. He used to play lawn bowls, but has very bad emphasema (sp?) now so is unable to go anymore. Even so, when he wasn't bowling, he was just sitting...

Stompergirl said...

Maybe GOM should take up blogging to fill the hours? Although this could lead to fights over whose turn it is to use the computer.

I see you have gone beta, which means I have to comment anonymously. Google/Blogger won't recognise me. I suppose I'll have to take the plunge...


meggie said...

Hi everyone,
just cooking a cake- will blog about it tomorrow.
My mother had emphysema, a terrible disease, & very enervating. She could not bear anything remotely 'fitting', & even her socks were too tight in the end.
You came through Stomper.. but I have found it easier to post pics on Beta, & seem to be ok otherwise too.
Molly, my house is an utter nightmare, as to tidyness. I have ceased to worry. My friends dont come to visit a 'house'- they come to see us!
Undfortunately, GOM's job was his hobby, so he was never happier than when he was working.

Henri said...

Meggie ,
Are you enjoying Dylan's Modern Times anyway ? Beyond the Horizon is reminiscent of the tune to Red Sails in the Sunset , perhaps , but the lyrics are totally different ? --- Good Luck to GOM with his plumbing efforts .

meggie said...

Oh yes!! I am surely enjoying the Bob Dylan. Besides it reminds me of times past, & also or recent times passed!!