Thursday, December 21

A Meme

I cannot be bothered thinking today.
Something hurts, so thinking is not a good plan.

I have decided to go with the 4 things meme from Stomper Girl.

4 Jobs I have had
1. Nurse
2. Receptionist
3. Apple picker
4. Hotelier

4 Movies I could watch again
1. The Deerhunter
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Things to Do When you Are Dead in Denver
4. Shawshank Redemption

4 Places I have lived
1. The small town I was born in- for 18 years!
2. Auckland
3. Christchurch
4. Sydney

4 TV shows I love
1. As Time Goes By
2. Life Begins
3. Morse
4. Almost anything English, but also love Sopranos, & NYPD

4 Places I have been for Holidays.
1. Gold Coast
2. Thailand
3. New Zealand North Island
4. New Zealand South Island

4 Websites I visit Daily
1. My blog.
2. My email
3. Favourite Blogsites
4. Antiques or just Google something to learn about.

4 Favourite Foods.
1. Fish
2. Vegetables- raw or cooked
3. Prawns, oysters, scallops.- I know that is cheating, but hey, they are so small.
4. Mangoes

4 Places I would rather be.
1. Somewhere cool
2. A great deal thinner!!
3. In my cousin's lovely home, sharing laughs.
4. In my brother's lovley home, sharing laughs.


Stomper Girl said...

Well done Meggie.

I loved Morse too. John Thaw was just fabulous. And id you see Lewis as the crazed headmaster in New Tricks in the final episode?

Hope whatever it is that is hurting you stops soon.

nutmeg said...

Ditto As Time Goes By and Sopranos! Over the past year I have collected the entire As Time Goes By series and I watched them one after the other. I LOVE Judi Dench.

Well, thank you for visiting this year Meggie. I have very much enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you have "a few laughs" over the holiday period with your family and friends. Take care and I'll "read" you in 2007!

slap me happy said...

Merry christ mas and happy new year I hope you have a greeat one, will catch up in the new year, till then

joyce said...

Some days it's better just to not think, especially near Christmas! I enjoyed your meme. I was going to do one but it would require some thinking so...

aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie,

I hope what hurts has gone away by now. I enjoyed your meme, but I am very disappointed in your favourite foods list, you have actually listed my 4 least favourite foods! :)

I won't be coming for Christmas after all, sorry for any inconvenience. :)

Helen said...

Hi Meggie - just read meme - we have quite a few more things in common eg:- prawns,mangos,scallops - also movies "The deer hunter" & Shawshank Redemption - loved that too..I too hope your hurting goes away...

meggie said...

Thankyou for all your kind words & wishes.
Sorry about the foods Aunty Evil, but we are not actually having any of them for Xmas!

I also loved New Tricks & Black Books. Also tend to really like the grizzly murder mysteries, & the Prime Suspect series. Admire Helen Mirren's acting.
Thank you for the meme Stomper Girl, I enjoyed it.
And thankyou to you other faithful readers.