Saturday, December 30


Sorry, I sneezed as I typed.!!

New Year's is my least favourite time of the year.

"December 31st,
is the very worst time of the year,
Just when your'e having fun,
It's January One,
And you wait for, explanations/expectations to appear"

The words of that Pheobe Snow song have always stuck in my mind. I think of that song every New Year of my life, since I heard it.

When we were 'YP's" - ie Young Publicans- we were always expected to have a really late night, to usher in the New Year... which would include staff, sundry 'regulars', & any 'stray cops' who were without alternative destination.

I remember, one of our customers had a 'wooden foot'. He was a very good looking, & wealthy young man. His wife had just given birth to their first Son.

So, what does a young man do?? He 'shouts' all his mates a few rounds of drinks.

And of course the young mates, who are fully aware of the 'footless' situation, demand that he 'toast the baby with his shoe'.

So, he removes his 'foot' -complete with shoe- & fills it with Chamapgne. He then plants it upon the bar, announcing to all company present, "Here is to my son!!" And proceeds to pass the Boot around the gathered friends to have a drink.

Our little 'barmaid' - which is probably now, un- pc, but was ok in those days- faints behind the bar!! When she awakes she is so shocked to learn that H had a 'false foot' & she really never recovers from that shock!

I think my most miserable gripe about NYE was the fact that strangers felt they had the 'right' to descend upon me, or anyone else, with open mouths & expect to kiss -initmately- any one close. I object. People who invade my space need to be very close, or have earned the right.

I am an old Fuddy Duddy... but I dont care!!


aunty evil said...

OOOoooh Meggie,

I couldn't agree more with your last paragraph. Having some beer stinking, drooling, stumbling lout, young or old, approaching me with their mouth hanging open and their fly undone is not my cup of tea at all!

The only darling I will be kissing this NYE is my very own MDH.

Happy New Year to you as well!

Stomper Girl said...

Hooray for old fuddy-duddies, Meggie. I worked in hospitality too long to be the least bit excited about New Year's Eve. I refuse to go out now. Sometimes I send Fixit out to fly our flag but I'm not rubbing shoulders with the drunk and the disorderly en masse. Nor lips neither.

joyce said...

I'm with you on NYE. Ours is very small with one or two close friends or just ourselves. We've even been known to fall asleep by 10 PM.

Kim said...

Ahhh a fellow NYE disliker. I can't stand it. But it seems my comments of derision are firmly biting me on my arse, as no friends have invited us to even a BBQ.

So instead, I've spent the day in a morbid silence, and am facing an evening with my mother, and my brother (who iritates the living CRAP out of me) and his petulant little girl who he talks baby-talk while she walks all over him. EUGH.

OH - but have a happy new year!