Tuesday, December 5

Little Pipi.

Isnt this the most gorgeous tree. I took this pic up at the Whangarei Falls, & just loved it. I had forgotten how different the NZ bush looks to the Australian bush, apart from the greens.
I am ashamed to say, I dont know what the tree is- I had thought it to be a Totara, but Pa-Bu says not. It is a native to NZ though.

I am late getting on here today. Still seem to feel tired, & we have been out trying to do a little Xmas shopping.
I cant seem to get enthused about it at all. I would just like to buy some little gifts for the children in need, & have a very simple meal with my family. I guess we will do our usual overindulgence, re food, & it will be lovely to have family around, regardless of the food or the gifts.
I do feel a hypocrite about Xmas really, since I have become convinced I am an Atheist these days, but I do believe in the message of love & peace for all.

I heard some children singing songs in a Mall today, & they sounded so pure & sweet.

These next pics are of Little Pipi, a little bear given to me by my talented cousin, who makes lovely bears. I fell in love with Pipi, who was named after the pipis that are found on the beach at Papamoa, in New Zealand. (Pipis are a type of shellfish, & we used to dig them up & cook them on pieces of tin, over a fire, at the beach when we were older. I dont suppose it would be allowed these days!) Papamoa Beach is where my cousin used to live, & we used to play at the beach when we were children.
Pipi is a very adventurous little bear, & she got up to all sorts of tricks.
She was sitting on top of the stairwell at my brother's house, in this pic.

And in this one she climbed into the pot with my SIL's beautiful orchid for a closer look at the gorgeous flowers.

Then she gave a comforting hand & hug to poor Blind Ted, who has been blind since my brother was a very little boy. Blind Ted had those glass eyes, that were pushed into his head, on very long sharp & rusty bits of wire! Our Grandmother took the eyes out, so that there would be no danger to our little eyes, & where the Ted's eyes went, we have no idea. I did try to get some new ones for him, while I was in NZ, but alas, the ones I bought were too large, so he remains blind.
As he is 60 also, perhaps he doesnt mind. He is a really lovely old chap, & relatively well kept, as my brother never allowed his sons to play with him.
I like to think, that although Ted is blind, he 'sees' all, anyway.

I hope others are having better luck with Xmas preparations!


meggie said...

Just a thought for BB.

"You dont like crazy music,
You dont like rock & roll bands,
You just want to go, to a movie show.
And sit there holding hands,
You're so square...
Baby I dont care."

My float said...

That bear's a bit freaky Meggie! If I wake up with nightmares, I'll be sure to let you know.

And nice to have you back!

Henri said...

Meggie , both the older fellows had & still have , I think , the lovely bears made by you for them and No 3 son still has the very nice one you bought for him , -- somewhere in the shattered ruins of his room.
The pipi limit is 150 per person per day I think - Who could manage to eat that many
I don't know !?

joyce said...

I'm with you on the Christmas preparations. I just can't seem to get into it this year. Maybe I need little excited kids around.